How To Measure Effectiveness Of Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is something that includes the activities, processes, or actions designed to achieve your business’s goals. It can be an activity such as advertising or publishing an article, process like gathering data for making decisions, or actioning steps in this plan (for example, organizing a meeting).

A good way to determine whether your current strategies are working is by measuring the effectiveness of each one. This could be done through qualitative means, such as asking if you feel your efforts are paying off and listening to what others have to say about you, but also quantitative measures, such as calculating return on investment (ROI) or tracking viewer interest using statistics.

This article will go into more detail about how to measure the success of your marketing strategies and some examples of different types of strategies.

Provide customer feedback

how to measure effectiveness of marketing strategy

As we mentioned before, you cannot measure effectiveness if you do not have an adequate measurement tool. The best way to determine how successful your marketing strategies are is by providing direct feedback from customers!

Ask your audience what they think about your company, its products, and the services that it offers. Ask them directly whether or not they use your product, whether they like working with you, and what changes they would recommend. The more input you get, the better!

You can also ask for their opinions online through forums, blogs, and social media sites. By using these resources, you will be able to find out what types of content people are talking about, as well as get some great tips and tricks.

Use a customer journey map

how to measure effectiveness of marketing strategy

A way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies is by looking at the whole picture, not just a snapshot in time. What we refer to as a “customer journey” is made up of several different stages that customers go through when buying or trying out a product or service.

The first stage is deciding if you want to buy the product or service. If you do, then the next step is finding it and learning how to use it effectively. Once you have done this, the third stage is using the product or service and getting the most value from it.

At this stage, you will have completed part of the customer journey. The final stage is keeping yourself motivated to use the product or service on a consistent basis. This is where you lose some people because they stop using the product or give up on it.

If you are able to keep them engaged longer than anyone else, then you win.

Measure social media site engagement

One of the most important things to measure in marketing is effectiveness. This includes measuring how well your advertising or messaging campaigns are doing, as well as determining if what you’re offering is meeting need.

Measuring marketing effectiveness means looking at metrics such as website visits, sales, feedback, and other forms of communication. However, one that is often overlooked is the amount of time people spend on each site.

This is referred to as engagement. The longer people stay on a given site, the more invested they become in the content which can lead to them buying something or giving kudos to the company for good information.

By tracking this data, we are able to determine just how much influence our sites have and whether those sites are needed anymore.

Measure ad recall

how to measure effectiveness of marketing strategy

Ad recall is one way to measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies. This is done by having test audiences watch advertisements or view ads online, then answering questions about the advertisement or product.

The answers to these questions can be subjective, but there are some universal ones that you can use to determine whether the advertisement worked well or not.

Ask how likely it was to make them buy the product, if they wanted to get the same product, if the advertiser’s brand is known for its quality products, and if they thought the advertisement conveyed the message effectively.

You may also ask if the audience members could relate to the product or if they think the seller is trustworthy. All of these questions apply to determining the success of an advertising campaign promotionally.

These types of surveys should be given to people who watched the advertised item or service in the past as well as those who have not yet seen it.

As with any survey question, personal biases will influence what type of responses are given. You must account for this when interpreting the results.

Set marketing benchmarks

how to measure effectiveness of marketing strategy

A good way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy is to set internal or external benchmark levels for important metrics such as revenue, customer satisfaction, feedback, market share, etc.

You can compare how well you are doing against these benchmarks at any given time to determine if your strategies are working. If they are, keep up the current level of performance, add new strategies to promote more sales, increase outreach efforts, etc., otherwise drop ineffective tactics and try something else!

By having clear milestones in place, you’ll know when you need to shift course and start planning to meet them, giving yourself some slack to succeed. Don’t expect perfection immediately but aim to improve every month.

This will help prevent you from being too hard on yourself and may give you enough leeway to achieve your goals. It also helps us stay motivated since we’re constantly looking at what we have to work with until we reach our next goal.

Create a marketing strategy

how to measure effectiveness of marketing strategy

A successful marketing strategy is one that produces results!

There are many ways to measure the effectiveness of your current strategies as well as new strategies you want to implement. Some of the most common metrics include: sales, website visits, page views, email messages opened or interacted with, feedback from customers, and engagement with social media.

By gathering this information, you can determine whether your strategies are working and how to make them more effective. Take some time every week to review the success of your recent strategies so that you can keep moving forward with confidence.

Distribute content

how to measure effectiveness of marketing strategy

As mentioned before, your marketing strategy should be to distribute content or messages about your company and products. This can range from advertising in the media, posting blogs and articles on social media sites, creating free material such as whitepapers and newsletters, holding product launch events, and establishing an interactive presence on websites and forums.

Distributing content is important for two reasons. First, it creates exposure for you and your business! By no means does this mean dropping sales or shutting down operations, but having exposure is still very valuable.

Second, distributing content gives other companies and businesses opportunities to read your materials and learn from them. This grows your online reputation and fan base, which are both worthy goals.

Interactive resources like YouTube and Facebook allow your business to have more active ways to spread its message.

Distribute promotional materials

how to measure effectiveness of marketing strategy

A well-designed marketing strategy includes distributing appropriate promotional material to the right people at the right time. This is crucial to effectively promoting your company, brand, or product!

As we discussed earlier in this article, keeping up with trends and technologies can be expensive and overwhelming for most businesses that are not technology savvy.

So how do you know if your current strategies are working?

You cannot measure effectiveness via return on investment (ROI). Because ROI measures whether or not what you’re doing is paying off by comparing cost against benefit, it misses the point of what should be measured when assessing marketing strategies.

What should be measured is impact. How much influence your marketing has on your business and its success. Technology makes it easy to track some quantitative data points such as visits, engagement, conversions, etc., but nothing can tell you how effective your campaign was except for yourself and your own personal feelings about it.

That is why trying to measure marketing effectiveness directly isn’t very successful. It may give you an indication, but it won’t always be accurate because people’s opinions vary so much.

Instead, use and apply the concepts from this article to determine if your current strategies are working. Then, evaluate new strategies using the same framework to ensure they make a difference for your business.

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