How To Measure Search Engine Marketing

Make sure you have clear goals and specific benchmarks

how to measure search engine marketing

There are so many different things that can be done to market a business online, it’s hard to know where to start. But starting with measuring your search engine marketing (SEM) efforts would be a good idea.

You need to make sure you have clear goals and specific benchmarks for your SEM to work.

There are two types of campaigns that most companies run – paid advertising like pay-per-click (PPC) ads or organic searches by using keywords. You can measure any successful ad runs in detail, but it is difficult to evaluate overall success from that single data point.

A better way to do it is with detailed analytics, which allow you to track user behavior after they click on an advertisement. This tells you if the customer ultimately bought what they wanted or not.

Analytics also reveal whether or not the user left the website without buying anything. It also shows you how much money you spent on each advertising effort. With this information, you can make more informed decisions about next year’s budget.

Write unique content

Writing unique content is of utmost importance

Even if you’re using your site as an advertising platform, you still need to put in work. Content marketing is when you create quality content that may be consumed both online and off (if you have a distribution channel).

This way you can promote your business model, service or product among people who are already aware of you.

The goal is to increase awareness of your brand, service or product, so they become part of your audience. Over time, this creates more traffic for your website, which means more visibility and opportunities to sell your products.

Content marketing includes blogging, vlogging, speaking at events, creating videos, and other forms of media production. You can also include photos in your content package.

Photography is a very popular form of content marketing these days. It’s free and almost any business has something that could be photographed.

Businesses use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get their message out through images and short paragraphs. By posting pictures relevant to your business, you can attract interested customers.

Host infographics in your blogs

how to measure search engine marketing

Using gifs or charts can make your content more interesting. If you have stock photos, videos or graphs that you use for blogging, putting them into infographics is an excellent way to add visual interest to your content.

When people visit your blog they want information via text or otherwise. However, most people don’t read website pages only using words.

A significant part of getting information from a page is understanding what the message being sent to you is and how it relates to you. Visual messages are much easier to understand than textual ones.

If you create graphics, animations or images with texts, it is called annotative media. The idea is to combine both methods – writing and visuals - inside one article or page to let users navigate easily and quickly through meaningful data.

You can put relevant keywords in their line of sight as they browse your site, making search engine marketing easy and cost-effective.

Use video

how to measure search engine marketing

More than ever, people use videos to learn about products and services. From YouTube to Facebook, users turn to videos for fun as well as educational purposes.

If you want your business to be seen by more customers, create helpful, entertaining videos that get people talking. People love sharing videos that have meaningful lessons in them.

In fact, according to a study done by Zynga, 95% of social media interactions start with a shareable video. So, if you are trying to expand your audience, this is a great way to reach people.

However, building a brand through videos takes time. It’s not enough just to have a video now and then. You need to put effort into making new videos whenever there is a topic that needs to be covered.

People don’t watch videos often – every few months at most. Within those times, they will probably wish someone would make a video explaining how things work or what should happen next.

If you do a good job describing the process and any risks, people will trust you to handle it properly. And they will feel comfortable asking questions like “is it safe to take my kids here?” or “do I really need to worry about gas prices?”

Share organic content

how to measure search engine marketing

Social media is an incredible way to get your name out there, to connect with other people, and to receive feedback about what you’re doing right and where you could do better.

But it’s important to remember that your followers are people too, with their own preferences, needs, and ideas.

People want to follow others who they think will make them feel good or successful – so making sure that you share things that speak to the values of your audience is crucial.

You can build rapport with your fans by sharing posts that resonate with them, rather than sticking to posts that appeal to you.

This way you’ll be able to gain their trust and keep them coming back for more.

Use keywords

how to measure search engine marketing

There are many ways to gain more traffic from search engines, but one of the most important is by using relevant keyword phrases in your content.

If you want to rank high in search results for certain keywords, use some combination of these techniques :

Focus on specific words or phrases that appear in your article or topic. This keeps your content focused and helps it stand out among others with only keywords.

Use headlines, subheads, and bold tags that contain those terms along with an abbreviation if available. If there’s no tag, just create your own headline.

Include those keywords in your URL (if possible), as well as in all your links, including your homepage url. More often than not, clicks from search engine results page (serp) will be left-handed, so depending on the algorithm, you may have less control over how readers find your articles.

By having quality content, you open up the possibility of higher ranking in search results.

Set up social media profiles

how to measure search engine marketing

Now that you’ve created valuable content, promoted it via Twitter and Facebook, and got some traffic from these platforms, you will need to measure your return on investment (ROI).

Facebook measures how much engagement your posts get plus helps you identify areas of improvement. You can use the same metric to see what works for your business and what doesn’t.

You can also look at Instagram as another way to engage customers. This platform is more geared toward aesthetics than ratings, though.

Twitter offers limited ways to measure success. If you have an account targeting multiple audiences, however, you can track how many people follow you versus those lists.

Your goal is to spend as little time engaging with followers as possible. Then try working on increasing your following to make them come after you.

Do keyword research

how to measure search engine marketing

Without keywords, search engine marketing would be like shooting without a target. Keywords are the ammo you use to fire off bullets that lead to clicks of your website’s url and page views.

Without analysis, it is hard to know where the traffic coming from (the keywords) should go. You want to have one or more pieces of content people are searching for with enough frequency that someone else has already created the content and published their version of the article/blog post.

That way, you can compete for the customer share by being more comprehensive than others. What works best is when you give things value.

Therefore, do not focus on making sales, instead focus on giving potential customers what they need at top of the list. Then offer solutions around issues then problems then help to improve.

You will gain trust over time and people will continue to buy from you. It takes awhile to build genuine relationships.

Optimize website

This includes site architecture, web design, colors, fonts, and other visual elements. All of these things affect the way a person feels about your brand when they first see it.

Your business name and webpage address are also forms of SEO that can help people find you online.

You should also follow all of the guidelines suggested for style and format by your website’s code editor (if you use one). These include writing consistent metadata and titles with keywords, and using synonyms and similar phrases to enhance search results.

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