How To Name A Marketing Blog

A marketing blog is an online journal or diary that your business creates to communicate ideas, promote products, find new clients, and strengthen relationships with existing customers. Yours can be free or paid depending on your goals.

Naming your own marketing blog is an important step in creating a successful site. You will use this name for both read and write access so it must be unique and descriptive!

This article will help you choose a strong brand name by looking at some common types of blogs and then brainstorming potential names using an easy tool. Keep reading until the end where you will learn two smart ways to pick the best blog title for your business.

Name type #1: Description

Description is the most basic type of blog name. It sounds simple, but it is very powerful! A description should describe what the content of the blog will typically look like. For example, if your blog covers how to do yoga, then “Yoga Tips” would be a good choice as a domain.

However, if your blog was about dog training, then “Training Tips” would not make much sense because it would imply that the blog would teach people how to train dogs instead of just teaching one specific topic.

Names like “Life Hacks” or “Work Habits” are not really descriptions since they don't tell readers anything about the genre of the blog.

Avoid clichés

how to name a marketing blog

A little wordy or clichéd is okay, but make sure your readers can relate to it! “Recipe Tips for Vegans” might sound boring to someone who doesn’t eat vegan foods.

It could also seem like you are trying too hard to be unique by using jargon that only other people know. The goal of having a successful marketing blog isn’t to become a famous blogger, but rather to create content your audience will read and connect with.

Names such as “How to Bake the Best Snickerdoodle Cookies” or “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes” may appeal to some cookie lovers, but they won’t attract anyone else. If there’s already a lot of similar content out there, what makes your content special enough to share?

Pick a style and theme you love and then add new touches to match your current projects or campaigns. For example, if your product line includes lots of chocolate, use that knowledge to develop an entertaining recipe for something that uses both ingredients.

Make it catchy

how to name a marketing blog

The first thing you must do when naming your marketing blog is make sure that it is engaging! If you have a really boring or clichéd name, no one will want to read anything off of it.

Your readers will subconsciously put more effort into reading if the site’s name is interesting. They will try harder to find what you have written since it is so enticing.

Try coming up with some fun alternative names and see how well they stick. You can use our link above to look up some popular blogging sites and see their beautiful new monikers.

Blogs are a way to spread important messages, so choose your moniker carefully.

Use your company name

how to name a marketing blog

Naming your marketing blog is an important step in establishing it as part of your brand. If you have a business, use your organizational or branding name to create your new marketing channel.

If your business has a catchy slogan or tagline, use that! We’ve seen blogs with names like “The Best Life I Can Absolutely Guarantee You Will Have After Reading This Page” and “Willpower Theory: Why You Keep Breaking Your Resolutions and What To Do About It.”

A word of warning: do not use the words ‘marketing’ or ‘blogging’ in your blog title. These are already popular terms which may be plagiarized or taken advantage of by others.

We recommend using your main website domain or FQSUK (Find Queue-Stalking Us) to come up with a good name. Make sure it is clear what content this site will contain and is descriptive.

Appeal to your audience

how to name a marketing blog

Names like “Business Tips” or even just using the word “Tips” can get kind of boring for readers. If you want people to actually read your content, then try finding ways to draw their attention.

You could use pictures or illustrations – that is if there are appropriate ones. Or you can take inspiration from other marketing blogs and see what they called theirs.

Try brainstorming different names and see which one seems most inspiring to you.

Think about the theme of your blog

how to name a marketing blog

The first thing you should do is think about the them, what it intends to achieve for your business and how you can use that idea as a way to name your new marketing channel.

A great example of this is the YouTube channel named “How To Save Money” – why would anyone want to watch someone tell you how to spend money? If you are selling products or services, then the name gives clear indication of what your content will be about!

You could also make your new channel more descriptive by adding the keyword in there somewhere - like “Best Ways To Increase Sales���” or something along those lines.

Give yourself time to brainstorm before choosing a final option. You may find that you need to re-think your initial choice.

Make it consistent

how to name a marketing blog

The first thing you must do is make your marketing blog name consistency! This could be done by using the same domain, word type (utility versus consumer), style, and length.

Domain – Make sure it is accessible and easy to recall.

Word type – Pick one that will help people recognize what kind of content you have and are looking to promote.

Style - Yours can’t use slang or anything too creative as those might get confused with yours. Keep it simple and classic.

Use your brand identity

how to name a marketing blog

Names for marketing blogs vary, but they all share one thing: They are not interesting!

That’s why people can’t seem to find yours. Yours is probably bland and unmemorable!

Don’t use words that have already been used as a domain name or that sound too close to another site’s branding. Choose something unique that sets your content apart from others.

Take some time to research your options before picking one. You will want to be able to easily access it through Google, and you don’t want to pay too much to get it.

You wanna go hard or what? 💁‍♂️ Read our article here: https://www.seotoolkit.

Come up with a good URL

how to name a marketing blog

The name of your marketing blog should be easy to type or say, and tell people something about your business! If you have a really long domain name that is difficult to spell or write down quickly, then it will probably not get used often.

You do not want your readers to struggle to find your content! This could hurt your blogging success.

It’s also important to consider how other blogs in your genre are naming their sites.

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