How To Name Your Copywriting Business

Consider your market and their names

You’ve probably spent hours thinking about the name of your business, whether it is for your brand or writing service.

For this reason, you need to understand the power of a good name. Even if you plan to do marketing alone (which is an excellent idea), you should devote time to coming up with a great name.

There are many different ways to go by naming your business. Let’s look at some common ones and how you might choose one.

Consider these tips before deciding to use any type of naming.

$$$ The Million Dollar Headline

This is a very popular title in the publishing industry. It gets used quite often in books, blogs, ebooks, and online courses.

It works well because it tells readers that the content inside will be worth paying money for. “The secret to success” or “how to make millions” can definitely get someone’s attention.

By putting the price tag on everything, even without reading the content within, it draws people into checking out what you have to offer.

Think about you can add rhyme or double entendre in the name

When people say your name they are implying that you work really hard.

That’s because your name is what makes you stand out as a person. What makes you unique takes effort to achieve.

If your name is generic, it will limit yourself before you have built a business.

Keep it short and sweet

When you launch your copywriting business, people will be trying to name your brand. You need to have a great original name that speaks directly to the heart of what you want to do with your life and what you are passionate about.

This is how you should try to mount your branding campaign. Be creative, yet come up with something sensible.

Don’t blow all your money just for a logo or domain name. A simple name change might be all you need to start earning more profits from your writing career.

Make it memorable

When someone says your name, they are telling people about what you have created. Create a brand for yourself so people remember how great you are at what you do.

People don’t want to work with anyone who is just in it to make money. At least not if you want them to stay around long-term.

Your reputation is one of your most valuable assets. Keep it protected by being consistent in both your branding and your message.

Don’t go after the low-hanging fruit. Go after the harder names. The ones that need more effort to achieve results.

You won’t attract high-level salespeople or executives if you aren’t recognized as an expert in your field. But there’s a difference between no love and hate.

Hate is when you connect with a certain type of person. You don’t feel connected to them, which means you don’t like or trust them.

Love is when you feel disconnected from someone but still feel something for them. It makes you care less about their success. And you want to help them succeed.

Does its job well

Now, let’s talk about why it is important to name your business. Here are some reasons why you should be sure that you name your business:

Your business name must be unique

How will people know who you are if you don’t have a brand? You want people to understand what your business is and makes so that they can find time to do this at the end of a shopping trip or social hour. A business name needs to be crisp and concise, but not too short that it doesn’t tell people everything they need to know to choose your product.

A trademark name is required in order for someone else to use it

If you go into business with someone else, they must agree to work with you under your name. It also protects you from being sold to another business by identifying their products as yours.

Having a label helps when looking back at older copies of books you've written, for example. ),and helps when searching online), since other people may already have names for things.

Naming yourself takes professionalism. It shows that you are serious about what you do and that you are prepared to invest time and money in your business.

Tell all your friends about it

Word of mouth is what helps customers find you. If they see others using your services and love them, they'll tell their friends who will also use your service and love it.

Of course, there's no way anyone can guarantee that word of mouth will happen. People don't always want to share things or with people they know--that's why advertising is needed.

You can advertise all you like, but nothing replaces good old-fashioned word of mouth. So how do you create an atmosphere where people are willing to share their stuff? You develop relationships and give away pieces of content for free so people feel comfortable offering you other content or products.

See what other businesses have done with similar names

Even if you’re not sure about your name, you can look at other brands that use it. Find out if they had any associations or connections when they were choosing it.

For example, are people more inclined to think their brand is “professional” or “common”?

Are there particular words that come to mind when someone hears your business name (e.g., creative, unique, professional)? Or does it break down into easy-to-pronounce cuds (like carwash and laundry detergent)?

You also want to see how others address your target market. For instance, IKEA starts with I – even with the spelling of its home product line.

Google “your” name to see how others spell it — and whether variations exist. There may be several different versions, depending on region or sector.

Do strings like nz or org play differently in various markets?

Run some Google searches

Now that you have a business name, run your original business name and product through If you already have a website for your business, link it here.

This is how other businesses in your area will find you. People who are searching words such as “health care” or “doctor” will be presented with your site (or one of your sites) along with the information they are looking for.

By having a web presence, customers can connect with you beyond just using your phone service. They can do things like send flowers to their loved ones or take them out to dinner.

Having a web page also helps you get listed in online directories for free. These are ranked by search engines, so people who are researching doctors might pick your doctor based on what she has posted about herself.

Directory listings help your clients find you. Once they buy from you, they’ll continue coming to you because of the brand you built up in the directory.

Websites such as google don’t cost anything, but if you put money into advertising, you’ll reach more people. Traditional ways to advertise include paid ads, newspapers, and radio stations. More recent methods include facebook pages, twitter feeds, blogs, and youtube channels.

Try adding hyphens (e.g., howabout--breakfast)

It’s all about personality. The name of your business should be something that people can relate to.

It needs to tell readers what you offer, but it also has to tell readers who you are.

Your website is your voice, so choose a name that was made for social media or good copy.

Don’t worry if you have never designed a web page before; there are many great tools that don’t require deep programming knowledge.

The more concise you are, the better. Give yourself somewhere between 8-12 words to capture someone’s attention.

That means no branding names like “the” or “co” - use instead the name of a product or service. Avoid word play or cute spelling tricks.

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