How To Open A Handyman Business

As seen with most businesses, there are many ways to go about opening up your own handyman business. Some people start their own business by buying a service that already has proof of success in the market and then improving upon it or adding additional services to make it theirs.

The problem with this approach is that someone else has paid for these initial services and now you have to pay them to add onto what you want to offer. By and large, people do not open new restaurants without going through a process where they assess if they can run a restaurant first before starting.

By being aware of how other professionals manage their business and how successful they were, you will know how to begin yours.

There are several different types of businesses that can be opened as a professional handyperson including plumbing, HVAC, electrical, carpentry, and others. Each one requires its own amount of equipment and supplies so making sure you have enough money set aside to buy those is an important part of opening your business.

Getting started is the hardest part! Once you have done that, the rest falls into place easily.

Apply for licenses and permits

how to open handyman business

It’s totally okay to start business-ing from home, but before you can actually do anything, you have to apply for some licenses and permits. In fact, most small businesses require several of these services so it is best to get organized early!

Most municipalities offer at least one license or permit service that covers everything you need to run your business. This could include things like a seller’s agent license, tax identification number, vendor registration, etc. Some cities even offer a free first-time business license as part of their “kick off” events for entrepreneurs.

While many of these services are paid utilities, others are free — and some even give you credit towards your next purchase.

Choose a location

how to open handyman business

Finding a good area to open up your handyman business depends mostly on whether you are planning to do major or minor repairs, as well as how much money you have for investing in equipment and supplies.

If you have limited funds but still want to start offering professional quality services, then it’s better to look for a less expensive area with easy access to public transportation.

Alternatively, if you have enough cash to invest in high-quality tools and materials, you can find more affluent areas that offer comfortable surroundings.

Such environments make it easier to motivate yourself to work hard during business hours, when most people would be looking for help.

Choose your business name

how to open handyman business

Now that you have identified a niche, it is time to choose your business name! This will be your professional title for when people contact you about work. For example, if you decide to do house cleaning, then your business name can include “house cleaner” or even just “cleaner”.

If you pick an overly long name, you may run out of room in the short term, but you risk being limited in how quickly you can grow your business down the road.

You don’t want to overdo it by using too many syllables, though, as this could become difficult to say and remember. Try our tips below for some easy ways to find the perfect handle for your handy career!

Topic and Bullet Point Sequence

As you think of potential names, try to focus on ones that are catchy, interesting, and concise. Also keep an eye out for duplication of other brands’ names. People often get creative when trying to describe their own services, so admire those talents!

After you have gathered a few good possibilities, take them one at a time and see which ones sound the best and feel the most comfortable to you.

Register your business

how to open handyman business

The next step in launching your handyman business is registering with your state or local government as well as creating an online profile for your business.

Registering your business means documenting your services, offering professional pictures of you and your work, listing specializations such as drywall repair or plumbing service, and establishing client reviews and testimonials. This gives potential customers confidence that you will be reliable and quality work done professionally.

By having your own website and social media accounts, you can easily spread the word about your business and connect with other businesses like yours to create a wider network.

It also helps when looking for jobs! Most employers require proof of registration and licensees are usually required to display this while performing work. Make sure to check out our article: Tips For Starting A Interior Design Career From Scratch for more tips on how to start a career in interior design.

Get insurance

how to open handyman business

It is very important to have adequate liability coverage. This can be in the form of personal injury or property damage, both are typically referred to as auto insurance.

It is also important to have business insurance. This can cover you if something happens to your shop or yourself!

Both types of insurance are essential for opening a handyman business. Luckily, most companies offer limited health benefits as well as liability insurance, so it does not cost too much to start up.


Running a successful handyperson business requires careful planning and management. Starting off with less than ideal resources can sometimes prevent success.

By being aware of the needs of your potential customers, you will know what products and services you need to develop your business.

This article will discuss some ways to get started as a beginner handyman.

Prepare your business plan

how to open handyman business

Before you even begin looking for open handermen businesses, you must first create a business plan. This will be used to evaluate if this is the right business model for you and to determine what kind of market it can target.

You should know yourself well before opening up shop as an entrepreneur so that you are sure this is something that fits you. Your personal life outside of work will play a big part in how successful your business becomes!

Running a small business takes a lot of time, energy and money so make sure you’re ready by creating a solid business plan first. You can start with some free templates online or through the Library system at your local library.

Also, don’t forget to look into all the regulations related to running a business! There could be rules about advertising, licensing, etc. That would not only apply to employees but also to you as the owner.

Buy equipment

how to open handyman business

One of the best ways to get started as a handyman is to start buying all the necessary tools. There are many online resources that can help you find everything you need!

Many people begin doing home improvement by buying simple supplies like brushes, screw drivers, or power washers, but it is very expensive to do so.

It is much better to invest in your beginner gear at low prices before moving up. However, don’t forget to look for quality merchandise that will last!

Yourself and others will admire your new found skill if they see how well organized your work area is. Having easy access to your tools makes doing jobs faster and easier!

General tools such as hammers, putty knives, and measuring tapes should always be within reach.

Start a business bank account

how to open handyman business

After you have determined that handyman services are a viable way to make money, your next step will be to open up a business banking account. This is an easy process that most banks make simple to keep things running smoothly.

Most lenders require you to put in some sort of proof of income, as well as a business license or statement. They also ask about the other businesses you own, so be prepared for those questions!

Once everything is verified, then they'll give you a small business loan or credit card to start your company. Many even let you use the service as a customer which is very helpful since you’ll need someone to back you when you're run out of materials or equipment.

A lot of people begin their search for a business lender by looking at our list here at Bplans. You can read more about why being organized is important and how to pick a budgeted amount needed for your business here.

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