How To Plan A Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is always evolving, so it’s important to be clear on what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there. You don’t need to have every tool in the book, but it helps to know at least the basics of everything.

Here are some helpful tips for developing your own strategic approach. You can start by reading through these ideas and then picking and choosing which ones make sense for you or your business.

Structure of a Strategic Approach

Your strategic approach will depend on two things: What products and services your business offers and how you measure success.

You should think about both areas before deciding where to focus your energy. For example, if your business offers writing services, that’s a great product you can advertise, so why not create an advertising website first and see whether people are interested in your service? If they are, you could begin offering writing services via that site.

However, most businesses fail because they overestimate their potential revenue and underestimate the effort needed to draw in new clients. This can put them under pressure, which sometimes leads to poor performance.

It’s best to consider this kind of thing as a risk — something that may cost you money, but that also has a chance of helping you succeed. It’s just a matter of determining which risks are worth taking.

Make a list of your resources

how to plan a digital marketing strategy

Now that you have an idea of what areas of digital marketing you want to focus on, it’s time to figure out how to implement them. First off, make a list of all the tools and equipment you currently own or have access to.

This includes things like laptops, smartphones, tablets, software (for example, if you use Google Suite for business, then include that), and anything else you can think of that may help you in your job. It’s also good to note whether there is free trial software available so you don’t need to invest money up front.

Now, go through this list and see which ones you could upgrade or get new licenses for to better fulfill your responsibilities as a marketer. If nothing calls for an investment, evaluate whether these apps are totally necessary to do your jobs effectively.

Make a list of your targeted markets

Now that you have identified your target market, it’s time to think about what kind of content you want to create and how you will promote this content.

You need to consider two things: What type of content do you want to produce and where do you want to distribute this content.

Your distribution channel can include social media sites, YouTube, blogs, or even printed publications.

Produce different types of content

There are several ways to develop your digital marketing strategy. You can choose between creating informative articles, engaging videos, or interactive graphics. All of these styles of content can be spread through various channels so they don’t matter which one you pick.

What does matter is how well each content style benefits your business and then determine if there are any special tools or strategies for producing that content.

For example, if you plan to write an article, make sure you have taken good notes during meetings and conferences. If you plan to film a video, find out if anyone else is doing similar projects and see if you can get some tips.

If you plan to design an infographic, look into the functions of free software like Photoshop and InDesign.

Brainstorm different marketing strategies

how to plan a digital marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to approach digital marketing. Some of these include: social media advertising, SEO (search engine optimization) practices, website design and development, paid advertisement sites or apps, influencer marketing, and more.

All of these strategies have differing costs attached to them, depending on how much money you have to spend on ads and/or websites. It is very important that you do not go into digital marketing with no idea what tools are available to you!

There are plenty of free resources online that can help get your start in digital marketing. Many big companies like Google and Facebook offer easy-to-access educational materials for new users.

Create a marketing plan

how to plan a digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy is an overall approach to achieving your business’s goals through online media. It is not about having lots of different types of content or engaging in all the right social media platforms, but rather creating strategies that work for you.

Your strategic approach should be based on what areas of the internet are most effective for your business and how you can use this information to promote your company and products.

For example, if your business sells workout equipment, then posting fitness tips and recipes is a good way to gain attention and increase engagement. If your business manufactures other items, offering coupons and discounts on them is a great way to draw new customers.

You get out what you put into it!

Heck, even just keeping the place neat and organized looks attractive because it makes it easy for people to find their things. The more time and effort you invest into developing your site, the better it will perform. And since performance matters, you want to make it as efficient as possible.

That means figuring out which tools are best to rely on and staying within your budget, but also making sure you are getting the best results. There are many free resources out there, so do not hesitate to try those first before investing in others.

Once everything is set up, have a test run! Do some quick research projects to see how well your website works and if its effectiveness changes depending on the context.

Do market research

how to plan a digital marketing strategy

A strong digital marketing strategy is not something that just happens overnight. It takes time to plan, test, and implement it. Before you start trying to strategize your business’s online presence, you must do some preliminary work.

Do market research by talking to people about their experiences with similar businesses or products. Listen to what they have to say and compare those comments to yours to get tips for how to position yourself as a better company than before.

By doing this research first, you will know if there are already too many competitors in your field or if no one seems to be paying attention to detail when it comes to product quality.

With all of these questions answered, now is a good time to do some basic web design. Creating an attractive website that catches the eye can help promote your business.

After your site is complete, it’s time to begin thinking about your messaging and branding! What messages about your business do you want to send?

You should also think about which brands look most trustworthy and professional. Finding ways to include references to these brands can strengthen your image. For example, many companies use logos and fonts that are well-known and reputable.

Once everything has been put together, it’s important to make sure that your digital strategies are straightforward and easy to understand. People who visit your site will want to feel confident that they will learn something new every time they browse around.

Develop your website

how to plan a digital marketing strategy

After you have done some research and determined what kind of business you want to run, then it is time to start developing your site!

Your website is an important piece of real estate that will get people’s attention and may even make or break your business. It is therefore very important that you give it adequate consideration.

It is not enough just to create a web page and put content on it. You must develop your website into a powerful tool that attracts new visitors, keeps existing ones coming back, and achieves your digital marketing goals.

You should spend at least two hours creating your website. The first hour should be spent choosing a template that fits your brand and messaging and experimenting with different layouts and features.

The second hour can be used for adding content, linking to other pages, and configuring settings.

After that, it is good to take a few days to tweak the design and layout and add more content to respond to at least one of your old posts. Then it is time to test out your website!

Plan to invest around a month in making sure your website is perfect before going live. There are many ways to do this including using free trial websites, private blogs, and testing it on various devices and browsers.

Create your blog

how to plan a digital marketing strategy

Starting a new site from scratch is a good way to get rid of past stress! Before you start writing, you’ll need to pick yourself a domain name and destination website for your newly-created account.

You can use our link to create an Unlimited Free Blog Hosting Account. This will give you all the space you need to test out your blogging skills!

Now that you have your domain and hosting, it’s time to choose a platform to build your blog on. There are several free options (like WordPress) as well as paid ones (like Squarespace).

We recommend starting with one of the free platforms first to see how people are doing in the community before investing in another app. Many people begin using WordPress because it is easy to set up and find help anywhere.

After you are comfortable setting up your blog, it is time to decide what kind of content you want to write. You should consider whether you would like to do written or spoken content, or both.

Spoken content means talking off the top of your head while writing, whereas written content requires you to put more effort into producing quality material.

Both types of content are important to have on your blog, but if you are not confident in putting in the effort to produce solid written content, then starting with speech content may be better.

Start a social media presence

how to plan a digital marketing strategy

Having a social media profile is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner or entrepreneur. With the explosion of digital technology, there are now many ways to connect with other people and create an audience for your products or services.

Most people begin by creating a personal Facebook account and then eventually expand that to include Twitter, Instagram, and sometimes YouTube.

By having these accounts, you get the chance to promote yourself, your product or service, and spread your message to others. Others will find you through those connections and channels and look up to you as someone who knows what you're talking about!

It's not always easy to put in the time needed to develop these networks, but they are so essential to success in marketing online that it's worth the effort.

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