How To Plan Viral Marketing Strategy

As seen with most industries, the internet has made it possible for small businesses to have an easy way to reach more people. With the right marketing strategies, you can create an online presence that attracts new viewers.

By using tools like social media, YouTube, and blogs, your business will get found by potential customers who are looking to learn more about you or find helpful information.

The tricky part is figuring out how to push these browsers to action. That’s where we come in!

In this article, we'll go over some ways to handle viral marketing for your business.

Break down the process of viral marketing

how to plan viral marketing strategy

As we have discussed, creating engaging content is an integral part of most successful viral campaigns. But how you organize that content and promote it is just as important.

When it comes to organizing your content, there are two main types: promotional and informational. Promotional videos and blogs with cleverly crafted headlines are designed to get people to buy a product or service. Informational posts focus more on improving your lifestyle or educating readers about a topic.

There are several good ways to use both types of content in our digital world. However, when it comes to promoting those products, developing a strategy can be tricky. That’s why it is so important to break down the process of viral marketing and figure out which strategies work for you and your business.

Brainstorm ideas for content

how to plan viral marketing strategy

Ideas for viral marketing videos can come from anywhere. You do not have to make a movie or video per this article’s guidelines, but you will need to create content that people are likely to share online.

Your potential audience is waiting for your next inspiration! Start looking through YouTube and other sites for inspiring material. You may also be able to find something free online that you can expand upon or improve.

Alternatively, if you're very creative, you could start creating content by yourself! Hire someone to review your work and then just use it as a source of motivation and encouragement.

You never know when an inspired idea might strike and help spread your message. Plus, being more self-reliant comes with lots of rewards!.

Create a website

how to plan viral marketing strategy

Before you start trying to brainstorm ways to promote your business via social media, you first need to create an online presence for your company. This can be done through one of two routes: You can hire someone else to do it for you or you can do it yourself. The second option is much more affordable!

The best way to begin is by creating a free profile on either Facebook or Twitter. More powerful accounts are then able to connect these profiles together, which helps spread your brand’s name even further.

Next comes designing your site and picking your platform. These will determine how many people can view your content since not everyone has access to the same features. Make sure to pick a medium that appeals to your audience so they continue to visit it.

Some examples of popular sites include YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Create videos

how to plan viral marketing strategy

A video is one of the most effective way to promote your business or product. People love watching movies, so why not use that to spread knowledge or information about your products and services?

You can make a movie for free using YouTube or another platform. Then, you can choose to pay to make it more professional looking.

By creating your own content, you will be helping yourself as well as your company. Your followers and fans will like what you have to say and may even share your video with their friends.

Your online presence will grow through viral marketing when people find and talk about your videos via social media sites and forums.

Distribute videos

A very popular way to promote your business is by creating engaging, entertaining YouTube videos that appeal to your audience. You can pick any number of topics or you can create an event-driven video marketing campaign where you announce something and then talk about products and services related to the announcement.

With over 70 billion views per month, it’s clear that making videos is a powerful tool for exposure. According to Buffer, one of the top social media management apps, there are two main reasons people don’t use video as a content type more often: “Not enough time” and “Too complicated.

Offer a giveaway

how to plan viral marketing strategy

One of the most effective ways to gain new followers is by offering them something valuable or interesting for free. You can do this via an eBook, a course, a paper copy of a book, or even a lunch time talk.

By giving away your content, you’re creating exposure for yourself while also strengthening relationships with others. Your audience will feel special if you invite them into your space and offer what you have to share.

Your potential new followers may not want your product yet, but they might like the person behind it. People are drawn to those who seem genuine and self-confident, so being confident in the value of your products and services can help attract attention.

If someone else gave away their own information, people would probably follow through on the promise and read it, right? So don't hold back when offering yours! - Suzan


Host a party

how to plan viral marketing strategy

A viral marketing event is when your company does something fun that gets people talking about you. This can be as simple as hosting an open house or as complex as holding a grand launch party.

Companies have done this for years by giving away free items or services, having giveaways, offering discount coupons, or celebrating an anniversary.

By doing these things, they’re letting others know what they have to offer and creating buzz around their products/services.

Hosting an open house is one of the best ways to do this. When potential customers are invited into your business to see how it operates, word will spread quickly!

Making friends in the community is another great way to gain exposure while promoting your business at the same time. By going out and meeting new people, your chances of finding more clients increase.

Running a competition or giveaway is also a very popular way to draw attention to yourself and your product. Companies like Amazon and Best Buy use giveaways frequently to promote themselves.

Having a party isn’t just for businesses anymore! People hire DJs to play music during parties and musicians organize contests and give-aways to get more followers.

Encourage social media sharing

how to plan viral marketing strategy

A viral marketing strategy does not work if you do not have enough engagement or interest in your product or service. This includes engaging with others on social media, posting content that people are already sharing, and creating interactive experiences that appeal to them.

If there is no activity around your offering, then nobody will know it exists and thus nobody will interact with it. Instead of trying to force feed information onto the audience, focus more on providing resources and opportunities for the community to connect and share.

By giving away free content, encouraging conversations, and hosting events, your followers and users will take care of the rest.

Your company will also get exposure through these interactions, which can lead to new business relationships and revenues. Influencers are integral parts of this equation since they may promote your product or service via their channel of choice- whether that be YouTube, Snapchat, or whatever else.

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