How To Put Shopify Store On Vacation

Design your store

Having an attractive storefront is essential as it gives customers something to click onto. You can create one using several tools, all of which are free.

For those with a less-technical eye, apps like Visually will help you design the look of your shop without having coding knowledge.

It’s also important to put effort into the layout of your page. Try reaching out to people and businesses that have signed up for the Shopify newsletter or those that are already registered in your platform and asking if they would be interested in selling products on your site.

By creating a special deal or promotion to encourage them to buy from your website. You can also advertise current sales or discounts below where you’re taking orders.

This way you’ll earn some trust and keep coming back for more customers. Product photos are key to getting visitors entering your e-commerce site. Make sure you invest time in this aspect because it plays a critical role in moving people towards buying when they see what things cost.

Choose your theme and color scheme

Choose your theme and color scheme

Once you’ve created a store from scratch, populated it with products and uploaded photos, you can choose the template that goes with your brand.

You can follow any custom design you want, but there are also pre-made themes you can use.

Most bloggers prefer the straight-forward look of the default dark style, with hints of red or blue depending on the app used to view your site.

If you want something more colorful, however, go for it. More and more people are becoming everyday consumers and they appreciate the ease of access this way.

Blogging helps you build a community of loyal fans who will help spread the word about your business and new projects. It also helps your website stand out among the growing crowd of online businesses.

Create content

Create content

In order to attract people to your store, you’ll need to give them reasons to visit it.

People who are not in the market to buy anything can still spend time browsing your online store. Giving people something to look at is the first step to boosting traffic that will lead them to making a purchase.

There are several ways to get people interested in what you have to sell. You can use social media posts, banners, and advertisements to promote your store. Then, there are special apps like Facebook Messenger or Slack that allow you to send products directly to your customers.

Finally, one of the most popular methods is reviewing videos. People love watching short videos that tell us how to use products or provide helpful information. Providing incentives to take surveys after viewing videos helps too.

Find customers

There are several ways you can attract new shoppers to your store. You can advertise in local newspapers, like the ads that run at the bottom of pages.

You can promote events held in your area that draw people from all over, such as summer concerts or winter festivals.

You can put up posters for sidewalk sales, which are often permitted by city governments. Just make sure these signs follow regulations regarding size and lighting.

News organizations may also be interested in carrying articles about shopping online, helping they get name recognition. Many consumers use the internet to buy products shortly after reading an article about it.

The website itself could help readers find something they were looking for. They might click on a link to another product if they found what they were searching for. More likely than not, they’ll decide they need something else just through browsing the site.

Promote sales

Promote sales

There are lots of ways to promote your store through social media, flyers, blogs, and other methods. If you have an online presence, customers will find you much easier than if you don’t.

Social media is very popular these days. Most people use one or more social networks to connect with friends and share information. Your potential customers may be members of one or more of those groups, and they will be sharing their purchases with each other.

That is why it is important to put up promotional posts about your products and services. People expect promotions every day from brands they like so it is not enough just to have a banner advertisement telling them to come buy something.

You can strengthen that invitation by offering discounts or deals for making purchases – try giving things away as incentives to purchase.

Likewise, you can advertise special events or offers where you give gifts or credit towards items when customers make a purchase. The possibilities are endless!


Giveaways are good funnels to go through, but they require a lot of work to monitor and maintain. A better option would be to run a promotion featuring a set of themes or design templates that let you choose additional features or items.

These could be artwork files that you offer for free or down load, but they need to be useful and functional.

People tend to spend money quickly (before taking time to think), which means there is a short window of time between finding out about a giveaway and wanting to take action to enter it.

When you plan a sale or a promo, keep this in mind. You want people to feel comfortable bringing ideas up and purchasing then.


If you have a mailing list, send out regular emails filled with discount codes and announcements. Build trust among your email list and entice others to join using emails.


Tell everyone you meet how great you are and listen to what they say. They can help you improve yourself.


Follow companies and businesses you admire and enjoy looking at everything they do. By doing this you should get inspiration for new ideas and ways to market stuff too.


Take care of yourself first. If you look and feel healthy, you'll feel healthier and happier overall. It's a fact-people who look fit actually feel and act more physically and emotionally confident, leading to greater happiness.


Look into alternative ways to grow your business. You can build any relationship you desire by having quality conversations and being consistent, therefore growing your business.


Live a balanced life. Work hard, play hard, learn some skills, talk about art, watch TV, read a book, walk around the block, etc.


Know your strengths and weaknesses, and recognize that things change over time. Keep learning and try new things, you might lose some things, but you might also gain something else.


Everyone has a role to play in society. Sometimes we forget that. We live in a society where everyone works hard and contributes.

We all have jobs to perform in order to survive and remain independent. That includes you, the author.


The most successful people understand this concept, and apply it to their lives. Being well-rounded and having multiple talents helps you succeed in whatever you decide to do, and gives you opportunities to explore things you might not otherwise consider.


Keep seeking out knowledge and developing your repertoire of abilities because nothing makes you stronger than being able to perform unexpected tasks. Then once you know how to deal with them, ability to handle any situation comes easy.


Like professional athletes, you have to practice everyday to stay in shape, and avoid habits that hurt your health.

Practicing mental agility today pays off tomorrow when you need it to survive. Any type of fitness improves brain function.


Take advantage of coupons

As mentioned above, one of the easiest ways to earn money during vacation is by using promotional codes. These can be used either when customers buy products or when they subscribe to online courses.

There are several websites that offer coupon packages for things like sales leads, website traffic, Facebook advertising, Twitter marketing, etc.

It’s easier to set up an affiliate program than it is to setup a store in Shopify. And your expenses will go down because you have all those promotional items ready to use.

You could also promote physical goods or tools with specific discounts or promotions. Everything from discount types such as ‘member’ vs. ‘non-member’ pricing, to special offers for people who refer other members.

Use Facebook promotions

Use Facebook promotions

With every purchase you make from your Shopify store, you can promote your product through Facebook ads. These are targeted towards people who may be interested in what you sell. You can choose specific days of the week to promote your item, choosing different targets.

For instance, if you have an electronics item, you could promote it for day one, two or three. People might see it and want to buy it immediately without having to search for it or know more about it.

You can also set a price limit, which will prevent people from buying your item at any cost.

Host giveaways

Host giveaways

A very popular way to attract customers is to host a giveaway. This gives people something for free in exchange for their email address or name and contact information.

You can give things away throughout your online store, either by offering them as prizes or giving them out for no reason at all. People will want to know where they can find you so they can keep using your services, and this is your chance to let them know!

Promoting yourself through giveaways is a good way to gain followers and establish interest in what you have to sell. It’s also a fun way to make sure everyone knows about your shop.

When hosting a giveaway, there are several things you can do to improve conversion rates. You can offer multiple chances to win, send reminders, attach a business card, banner, or company info, and use a high-converting style of invitation.

The more opportunities you provide to get involved, the better. They say that participation is almost as important as selling products, and getting people engaged is half of the work done.

Learn how Google Play works

Learn how Google Play works

Google Play has a feature that allows you to put your store onto vacation mode. This way, people can’t access your store, but they can access the apps of your competitors who are also using Google Play.

When customers try to open a page with your brand in it, they get sent to one of your competitor’s pages instead. They see errors when they try to open a page or take an error screen instead.

This is a good thing! It saves confusion for the customer and breaks the loop of asking questions like “are they not going to have sales?” or “what if there’s an emergency?” You don’t want these things popping into someone’s head while they’re trying to order stuff or pay for it.

By putting yourself out of business, people will know right away that no one should be ordering from you. People won’t just go back to your website after seeing your competition pop up on Google Search.

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