How To Reach Out To Old Customers

Revisit your customers

Revisit your customers

Even if you’re not in the habit of doing that, it’s an excellent practice to perform once per year. Why? Because this is when most businesses think about their marketing efforts and find out which projects worked and which didn’t.

You can track all of these performances down through social media; many companies have developed team accounts for this purpose.

But even without using social media to do so, you can still revisit your past posts and try to make better ones next time around. That way you’ll be prepared instead focusing on what people are saying and how you should address those comments.

And of course, coming up with more content is always a good idea. But investing time in reaching back into previous years' work will help you get closer to perfection.

Re-establish yourself

We’ve all been hurt by change before. If you made changes due to those injuries, then you are ready to re-connect with old fans and friends.

You want your business to be about more than money; it should be about quality of life and how you feel about what you do.

If you don’t love what you do, why would anyone else? It is hard work selling, but if you have a good team and are rewarded for doing right things, people will continue to come back to you.

The next time you think you need someone to tell you that you can or cannot, try thinking of one reason only – will this help me in my goal to reach perfection?

Some people ask me (and myself) questions such as “Why shouldn’t I be able to do something?” or “Why wouldn’t I deserve it?”

I once heard it said that everyone needs to understand that anything is possible, but only some take that message to heart.

It takes an incredibly strong person to make the choice to pursue their dreams. It takes even stronger people to convince others to follow them.

Don’t waste your energy trying to talk someone out of belief systems. Instead, focus on giving them reasons to believe in themselves.


Provide valuable products

Provide valuable products

Even if you’re in a low-cost category, quality products can still be compelling. People are always looking for unique solutions or ways to improve their lifestyle, and they will pay money for premium brands as well as familiar names.

Consider an industry where consumers love that things made of metal “really work”. Email templates asking what people want and how to fix broken relationships may sound like something out of a playbook, but throwing down some buzz words may get you more sales.

The truth is there are few tricks to fixing a bad relationship. It happens slowly as we spend time away from each other.

By the time we realize our relationships have changed, it’s too late. So your goal should be to find ways to rekindle the fire every day.

Put yourself in his shoes. If you were him, what would you need to do to rebuild your trust? Would there even be a way to bring back the old you? Is there a chance he might try again? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before sending another email.

Don’t worry about what you could say next; focus on what you should say after your email. That way you can avoid starting with question two and end up losing sleep over why it didn’t work.

The answer lies in knowing your worth and how much you value your relationship with this person. Look at past relationships and decide what worked and what did not. Most important, know when to let go.

Recognize customer concerns

Recognize customer concerns

Beyond providing good service, another way to keep customers is by listening to what they say. You can do this with a few simple strategies.

First, you can simply ask them about their experience with your business. What could be more fun than giving people an opportunity to share how you have helped or hurt them?

Next, you can watch for warning signs of future issues and help them before it’s too late. Finally, you can take action and try to fix the issue before it gets worse.

By doing these things, you will find that you are keeping your customers happier and having a positive impact on their lives. I know from personal experience!

Communicate with your clients

Communicate with your clients

Even if you’re not using a customer management system, you should still be reaching out to your old customers to keep in touch.

You can send them an email; some people find this easier than speaking with someone by phone. You can leave a voice mail for them after hearing from their call; others have used this method to learn that they were already aware of going offline or to get more information.

It’s okay to text message or speak with them over chat. People enjoy communicating in ways other than through plain language.

People are growing habits around how they want to communicate – make sure you are one of them.

Find out what they want

Find out what they want

Since you’ve already done your research, find out what people are looking for who their current customers are. Are there any categories of customer that need special attention?

For example, if you have service business such as a landscaping company, then maybe you should focus on reaching out to older homeowners with reviews online.

Or perhaps you offer expert advice on education or parenting, and you plan to write a book about teaching methods.

Focus on what people are looking for and go after it; you can also try speaking with previous clients to learn more about their needs.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before trying to reach out. If I were seeking help from a professional, like you, what would I be looking for? What questions would I be asking? Use these questions to put together an outreach strategy.

Do not let up on quality

Do not let up on quality

Even if you’re running a small business, there are always going to be people that you reach out to who don’t take action or give feedback. You must understand that they may have moved or cancelled their service, so it’s difficult for them to return or make payment, etc.

However, one of your main reasons for reaching out to past customers is to verify that they received the products that they bought. In most states, businesses can collect past-due debt as long as it was issued by a court.

Also, creditors often require proof that someone received money from the customer; this comes in the form of a receipt or invoice. Creditors might also ask for receipts when debts remain unpaid.

Keep adding new content

Keep adding new content

There’s a reason most people return to your business again and again: because you offer something that helps them accomplish their goals.

Your customers may have changed, but what hasn’t changed is your ability to help them. Content marketing focuses on creating quality work that addresses interested audiences and encourages sharing.

This way, more and more people find out about your company and start talking about you. Let’s say you sell homes. You can focus your content strategy on home ownership or maybe home maintenance, but regardless of which topic you write about, you share tips and advice with other homeowners.

More often than not, these are topics that are relevant to older adults. Heading down this route means having knowledge of older adults plus being able to relate to them.

You also want to cover unexpected things, like keeping up with trends and innovations in the industry. These ways allow for some fun creative freedom while still focusing on helping others.

Respond consistently

Respond consistently

Even if you’re not an expert at social media, there are still ways to connect with your customers through posts, tweets, messages, and comments.

If you have a website, make it easy for people to reach out to you. Set up a forum where people can ask questions or leave feedback. If you use email, make sure it is clear and useful and offers people a way to contact you.

Whatever form of communication you choose, keep its frequency reasonable. People may start to expect more from you then, so try to give them what they want while also being willing to take the time to talk to them.

The best way to develop a relationship is by asking people about their needs and how you can help. More than anything, people want to be engaged and understood.

People will trust you more quickly and feel like you care about them once you’ve demonstrated this quality.

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