How To Reach Rich Customers

Become exclusive

Become exclusive

There’s a reason that very, very few businesses in the world are willing to pay top dollar for what they get.

It has more to do with the service or product you are offering and less to do with your price.

If you can provide an experience that others cannot then people will travel long distances to buy from you. You want customers to feel happy when they purchase from you.

There is one way to achieve this and it starts with having great customer service.

People have different ways of being treated with respect and appreciation. The more you learn about how to treat people well, the better you will become at interacting with them, and vice versa.

The best way to serve people who spend money in your store is to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Give friendly staff, good music, clean bathrooms, clear prices, and all things necessary for someone to be able to shop—these are all elements that bring value to the customer.


Price your product or service extremely high

Price your product or service extremely high

It’s hard, we get it. But there are few things you can do to help make the price easier to accept. First, create a one-time offer. Make this deal exclusive so that people have only once chance to buy from you.

Also, tell customers why the price is low. For example, add delivery charge or additional expenses. By explaining these extra costs, you will also avoid having them ask around asking how much your products cost.

Finally, ensure that the payment method is safe. Let customers use pay via debit card as they normally would. However, make sure that they need to put in two credit cards before leaving payment. This way, nobody gets hurt if someone decides not to.

Provide incredible customer service

Provide incredible customer service

There’s an old saying, “You can have quality or you can have quantity, but you cannot have both.” What this means is that if you want to offer rich customers who are looking for top-notch services your business’s level of excellence, then you need to make sure you have enough staff to provide exceptional service.

However, if you try to give great service while also having large quantities of products or too many employees, they will leave over time as their experience with your brand becomes more negative.

The goal should be to achieve greatness, not perfection. If you strive to put out a great product using poor practices, your consumers will find ways to tell you about it.

They will either stop buying from you or report you to regulatory agencies such as the FDA. This happens because companies focus on marketing their products but forget to promote good customer service.

As a result, customers are spending most of their time complaining about problems they had with your company or its products when they could have been doing something else. Service includes things like arriving at a destination on time, being able to wait in line, getting fast assistance when needed and even paying extra for extras such as beverages and food.

All of these things contribute to the overall feeling people have toward your company. If you feel that way, you would probably think twice before going any further.

Don’t worry about making big sales initially; instead, work hard on putting a great face behind your business. That way, people will continue to buy from you.

Be local

People nowadays are more likely to do business with someone who knows their neighborhood, city or area code. If you work in a community, join clubs and organizations that promote it. You can also create social groups for your neighbors so they know one another and can get together.

People want to deal with other people; you just have to make them feel comfortable. Knowing about their problems will build a strong bond between you. More often than not, customer service issues are the cause of any complaints they may have.

You can solve this problem by being local. Help locals as much as possible and they will help you out when needed. This is called "word-of-mouth" advertising. It helps everyone else new around here (and everywhere).

Local businesses depend on customers for their success. Why would they let anyone into their organization if they don't need them? No one gets hired unless he meets a company's needs. And nobody keeps his job unless he does well at it.

So start meeting the needs of those trying to reach you through phone, email and web site. Know what you offer and how you could help them. Then show them that your skills, tools and techniques are good ones to meet life's challenges.

Help others to achieve things for themselves. That is where true happiness comes from. Solutions are better than prescriptions. Doctors sometimes give patients pills and doctors tell them to come back in three days.

But solutions really change lives because people understand why something happened and they learn to prevent it from happening again. Solve every problem yourself before asking others for help.

Tell all users about rich mktplaces

Tell all users about rich mktplaces

One of the biggest reasons that people don’t know how to start marketing for wealth building is because they don’t realize the importance of targeting high-end customers.

Everyone wants to sell to the general population, but it is hard to get results from advertising to people who have zero money.

A better route is to target affluent individuals and families already. Affluent people are more likely to buy what you offer them, believe in your product and be willing to pay a higher price.

Furthermore, these are usually well-educated and do not hesitate to speak their mind. It is easier to convince them that you deserve a try before they finally say “yes”.

Take Gary Vickrey’s experience with Vitasoy. He had difficulty getting people to try his products despite its healthy nature.

He tried many times to introduce his products to different audiences, but always ended up failing. That was until he read an article that told him to change his ad strategy.

The reason? Most consumers didn’t think his products were worth the extra effort. This changed when he released a series of health articles, which explained why this soy sauce tasted so good.

Since then, sales have doubled every year. Now, there’s plenty of evidence that further demonstrates the power of awareness by creating a sense of hope for something people want or need.

Accept that some customers are going to do business with our competitors

Accept that some customers are going to do business with our competitors

There’s no reason for them to buy from us instead of our competition. In fact, it’s best if we acknowledge up front that people may want to buy from someone else.

What matters is how we handle this situation. Just because we offer quality products at good prices doesn’t mean everyone will feel compelled to purchase from us.

There’s a difference between pricing to win and losing sight of who you are in your quest to please all parties.

Take time to learn more about your customers and their needs. Then, consider ways to move forward with them without making meaningless sales or providing unnecessary service.

Letting go of pride sometimes means recognizing that you’re not as qualified to work with certain clients as you might believe. It can also mean re-evaluating your resources to make sure you have enough tools and programs to meet your client’s needs.

In short, don’t get locked into battle mode just because there are kryptonite brands out there willing to take on anyone who questions their integrity.

Stay consistent

Stay consistent

Believe it or not, most people’s opinions of your business are based on its first impression only. On average, customers remember the first moment they ever spent time with your company – whether that was the initial conversation they had with you or when they made their purchase; this impression will shape how they think about your company and product.

Most people don’t like shopping for things is there’s a good reason why they can’t find what they want. It’s just a fact of life.

However, as consumers, we feel something should change. With better customer service, more companies are learning how to communicate deeper sense of purpose in order to keep customers loyal.

This goes beyond telling someone once what they want to hear; it involves keeping conversations around the place customers spend their lives spends every day. This may be at work, at home, or sometimes both.

Keeping messages concise and giving clients options so they feel informed and satisfied is key to retain customers. Overcoming language barriers has become another useful tool for communication.

Invest in marketing

Invest in marketing

If you want to reach rich customers, you’re going to have to invest in marketing. Yes, having a great product is important, but it isn’t enough to get noticed.

If you are a small business with only one or two products, investing in advertising may be your best option. However, if you have several products and resources that need promotion, there are some other options you can try.

These include social media campaign, promoted tweets, posts, and blogs, trade shows, third party referral programs, and targeted email campaigns.

Each of these services costs money, so don’t make the mistake of paying for every last one. You should have a budget for your marketing efforts, and stick to it.

Read reviews

Read reviews

Are your customers satisfied with what you do? Apparent from customer comments posted online is that they are, but don’t rely only on these for accuracy.

Customer comments can be written lies, fake accounts, or paid promotional posts. They can also be inaccurate due to lack of context.

That is why I recommend reading several reviews together to form a better idea of how good your service is and how likely people would be to pay more for your quality.

Reviews can also help you learn about your clients so that you know where to improve your services. That way, you can then go after richer customers.

The trick here will be to identify which reviews reflect the overall satisfaction of your client base and which ones are no-shows trying to get a slice of the pie.

Consider asking past customers questions such as “Why did we stay at this place” or “What made me choose their business over others like it?”

These questions can give you a look into reasons they may not be loyal patrons once you hire them.


For example, if you have a restaurant review site and there are five stars all over your logo, you might want to think twice before assuming every single person who visits your page is hungry and wants to buy food. People love to rate things they enjoy


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