How To Run A Marketing Strategy Workshop

Running a marketing strategy workshop is one of the most powerful ways you can use your time as a business leader. It’s also an easy way to boost engagement and productivity in your team, and keep them motivated.

By running a workshop, you will be teaching others how to perform their jobs. This gives them the understanding they need to succeed at the job, while establishing you as a leadership expert who knows what works.

Here are some more reasons why running a marketing strategy workshop is worth it:

It builds teamwork and communication skills

As a marketer, you’ll spend a lot of time talking about products and services. That’s fine when you're the only person involved in that process, but once you get into a team setting?

Talking about brands and strategies isn't very productive for people outside of your department. When this happens, important conversations get overlooked or even ignored.

Running a workshop allows other departments to contribute and connect with each other. This creates better relationships and flow of information across teams, which is crucial for success.

It increases employee satisfaction and motivation

Research has shown that happier employees produce higher quality work. They’re also less likely to put in lower quality efforts or even leave the organization completely.

Provide a framework for marketing strategies

how to run a marketing strategy workshop

As discussed, creating a business requires a lot of different things; you need to have a vision, determine your market, find sources of income, develop products or services, etc.

Running a workshop is an excellent way to teach others how to do the same thing you are doing! This can be done through giving talks in other people’s businesses, teaching beginner classes at a local studio, hosting free events, or running paid programs.

The key ingredient here is educating others on what you know and helping them achieve their goal of becoming professional photographers, designers, or marketers.

By providing them with a framework of well-defined steps, they will be able to more easily implement these into their own business. You could even help them take it one step further by sharing your hard-earned lessons so that they can keep moving forward as professionals.

Identify your target market

how to run a marketing strategy workshop

The first step in running any type of workshop or event is defining your target audience. You will want to make sure that you clearly describe what kind of people this instruction applies to. This could be general types of people, such as all those who are interested in learning how to do something, or it could be more specific like beginner students or professional experts.

It’s very important to define your target audience properly so that no one is left out! If there are people outside your target audience group, then you may have to rethink your plan to focus more on teaching rather than motivating them.

Your goal should be to draw in as many members of your target audience as possible, not just those who already agree with you. Create an environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their knowledge and experiences, and you will get lots of insights and ideas.

Also, remember that not everyone has the same amount of time they can devote to improving themselves, so please consider this when planning your events. Some people may need to work during the day while others may only have limited free time, so invite only at times that are most suitable for each person.

Create a marketing plan

how to run a marketing strategy workshop

After you have determined your audience, what messages will appeal to them, and how you can use social media to promote your business, it is time to create a full-fledged marketing strategy!

A marketing strategy includes all of the little ways that your business will spend money to achieve its goals. These include advertisements in print and online publications, creating content for websites and blogs with the help of others, spending money on advertising on other mediums like YouTube, and more.

Your marketing strategy should be focused on getting new customers or re-entering the market after yours has closed. Who you are trying to reach and what you want to get out of these people is important to determine which strategies you use.

There are several different types of strategies, such as branding, promotional, direct sale, indirect sales, and influence marketing.

Conduct market research

how to run a marketing strategy workshop

The first step in running any type of workshop is conducting market research or investigation. This can be done by talking to people about the services you offer and what they think of them, reading review sites and comments for their products and services, and looking at their competition’s websites to see how they manage their business.

By being aware of your competitors, you will get some great ideas on ways to improve your own business. You can even look into what works for them and what doesn’t to determine if there are any tips and tricks that have worked for them that you could use too!

By having a clear picture of the competition, you will know what areas to focus on to win competitions from them. This way you don’t need to worry about doing things directly like they do because you have already determined what needs to be changed in order to make your product more effective.

Develop your brand

how to run a marketing strategy workshop

As mentioned before, your business is only as strong as its weakest link. This goes beyond just having a great looking website but also includes how you present yourself online and in person. Your marketing strategy depends heavily on your personal branding so make sure you’re creating an honest image of yourself!

If you’ve been thinking about running a workshop or course for your business then do it! The most important thing to consider is if you are truly passionate about what you offer and if you have enough confidence in your own skills to teach them.

Your potential students will probably want to know whether you're qualified so make sure you're confident in proving that you can run such a class. And don't be afraid to ask people to review your qualification certificates!

Running a workshop is a great way to improve your own professional skills and grow your business.

Create your website

how to run a marketing strategy workshop

Now that you have your destination, you need to make sure you have proper transportation to get there! That means creating an online presence or investing in some sprucing up of yours.

There are two main ways to do this. You can either use one of the many free web hosting services out there or you can purchase your own domain name and hosting package from a reputable company.

We will talk more about the benefits of each later but for now just pick one and go with it 🙂

Good luck getting people to visit you though! That is going to take effort so don’t hesitate to pull out all of the stops! 😉 Make sure to create content they want to read, connect with others, and be yourself.

That way they will come! And if they're not then you'll know why before too long.

Create your promotional materials

how to run a marketing strategy workshop

After you have gathered all of your resources, it is time to create some promotional material to use for your workshop.
You can choose to make your presentation PowerPoint or PDF, write up a short article that people can read before or after the event, and/or produce some social media posts to promote the event.

Whatever form your promotional content takes, it must be clear and consistent! Make sure everything looks like it belongs in together, and emphasize the importance of the event by emphasizing the title and describing the benefits.

After having done this several times, I have created my own pattern where I start with listing the dates and times then adding the main topic followed by the call to action (i.e., click here to learn more).

Distribute your materials

how to run a marketing strategy workshop

After you have gathered all of your supplies, it is time to distribute them! You will want to make sure that everyone has everything they need before starting the workshop. This includes taking notes, doing presentations, or creating diagrams.

Some people may already have some of these tools so they can use those while you are teaching others how to use them. That is totally fine!

If someone does not have what you provided, be kind and offer to help them out. Sometimes people do not join groups until months later so there is no way of knowing if this person is going to come back in the future.

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