How To Set A Simple Business Goal

Setting a goal is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner or entrepreneur. A goal should be clearly defined, actionable, measurable, and re-focused throughout time.

Your first goal should be setting yourself a simple goal. This could be like creating your own website, launching a product, or buying equipment. These are all good, basic goals that anyone in the internet marketing field can accomplish!

The hard part comes next – how to set a goal that is achievable. If you have a really big goal, it may not seem feasible at first. That’s why the second step is coming up with a more modest goal that has a better chance of being accomplished.

By doing this, you will give yourself some slack if you don’t succeed with the bigger goal right away. You also get to feel successful for having tried, which helps motivate you to keep going.

There’s an old saying that says “failure isn’t an event, it's omission.” By failing to try something, you deny yourself success. So by trying, you're already winning.

Develop a plan to achieve your goal

how to set a simple business goal

Now that you have got his or her attention, set an actual deadline for when you want to see progress towards your goal. A good time frame is one month as this gives people enough time to make changes needed to facilitate success.

Once you have determined what you want and how much effort it will take, then you can begin setting goals. To keep things simple, start with creating a process or system to help you meet your goal.

You can use your own method or look up tips online to learn more about achieving your goal.

Make it specific

A goal is not worth its salt if you don’t know what you want to achieve with it, so make your goal very clear!

It should be easy to identify as it and/or yourself from that product or service. Your goal shouldn’t depend on something outside of you – this could include financial resources, availability of people, etc.

Your goal can be as simple as wanting to learn how to bake delicious cakes every week, or wishing for a house full of children. Both are worthy goals!

Setting a long-term goal takes away some of the pressure because you have time to really focus on just doing the work without worrying about whether it will succeed or fail in the future.

You may also find that setting a short term goal makes you feel pressured as you keep thinking about when you’ll reach your target date. Setting a longer deadline gives you more room to take your own sweet time in achieving your goal.

Specificity is the key here. Make sure your goal contains enough information to connect with your subconscious mind.

Measure your progress

how to set a simple business goal

The second part of defining a goal is figuring out what you will use to measure it. You can choose to measure your goal by how much money you make, how many customers you have, or even whether someone else judged you to be successful.

But none of these are the most important measures. What really matters is whether you feel happy and fulfilled when you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night.

If you are not sure if your job makes you happy, ask yourself this question: Would I do this for myself? If yes, then it’s a good job!

Your personal happiness is the only true metric that matter. It's also one of the key factors in determining your overall health and wellness. So, take some time to think about whether you're making enough money, have enough clients, and receive enough positive feedback from others. If you don’t, maybe it's time to look into changing jobs so you can live more easily.

On the other hand, if you already work for a company that gives you satisfying experiences every day, then why would you want to change anything about that? Just because another person could do your job better doesn't mean you shouldn’t enjoy yours, especially if there's no chance you'd get paid as well.

It may sound crazy, but success isn’t measured in dollars and cents, nor is it an ego boost.

Track your progress

how to set a simple business goal

The first step towards achieving any goal is to know what you want! If you don’t, then it’s impossible to track your success.

So how do you know if you’re successful? You can’t – unless you set a clear, measurable goal.

That means telling yourself that you’ve succeeded when you've completed something or when you hit a target.

For example, let's say your goal is to read two books per month. When you meet this monthly target, you could tell yourself that you’ve successfully finished your goal.

But here’s the thing about setting a goal like this - it doesn't make much sense does it? Why would reading one book every other week be considered successful reading?

You’d probably agree though that reading half a book isn’t exactly meaningful, is it? So instead of saying “I read a book” or “I read my goal,” try choosing a more specific goal.

If you're ever struggling to remember what you were doing last night, why not just aim to do something productive with your time? Similarly, if you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning, choose to wake up earlier rather than staying awake later.

Tracking your efforts is an essential part of keeping tabs on whether you’re succeeding at your goals.

Celebrate when you reach your goal

how to set a simple business goal

When you achieve a goal, it is important to celebrate that success!

It is great to recognize an achievement once done, but never before people realize their dreams and goals they have — why not use this opportunity to motivate them to keep achieving more?

By celebrating with friends and family, sharing your accomplishment online, and telling others about your new goal, you will help spread motivation and inspiration for yourself.

Some tips if you are having trouble celebrating: ask yourself what you can do today or tomorrow to work on your goal; make changes to ensure continued progress; and organize events and activities to coincide with your celebration.

Commit to next steps

how to set a simple business goal

The first step in setting an effective business goal is to understand what kind of goal you want to have. You can do this by thinking about your goals for this week, the month, the year, or longer-term.

It’s very common to start with the easy ones — like wanting more customers or earning more money – but investing time in things that are not as quick a payoff is still just as important. This allows you to achieve bigger dreams later.

Setting a long term goal requires more work at the beginning, but it is so much easier once you have done it before.

You get a lot of initial momentum when you connect all the dots and keep going because you set these goals yourself. But staying motivated day after day takes effort too!

Planning ahead also gives you time to think through how to accomplish your goal, which helps prevent distractions.

Create a plan for long-term goals

how to set a simple business goal

A goal is not worth anything unless you know what you will do with it once you have it. Setting a simple business goal, such as “to make sales” or “to get more customers”, can be tricky because it does not specify how you want to achieve that end state.

It may sound vague, but this kind of goal has built in momentum due to the nature of success. When someone wants something very badly, they often have to work hard to accomplish their goal, which helps them feel motivated to keep trying.

By creating a goal like “to increase customer base�” or “to generate more revenue�”, you are giving yourself some instructions for what needs to be done next. This makes it easier to identify potential opportunities and ways to implement into your routine.

Your goal should describe a direction, not a destination. For example, your goal could be to improve your marketing strategies, not just to find a way to make money online.

Take baby steps

how to set a simple business goal

Setting a business goal is something that should be done slowly so that you do not set a hard deadline for yourself. This can be tough because it takes a little time to know what your goals should be!

It’s best to start with getting familiar with your field or industry. What are some of the important things you have to focus on? What types of resources are needed to succeed? Getting these first thoughts written down helps you stay focused longer term.

From there, determine if you want to launch an online store, begin offering services, increase marketing efforts, find new sources of clients, or all of the above.

Once you have determined which area you would like to focus in, choose one thing you could work on each day. For example, if your main goal is to launch an e-store, choosing one item such as pricing and inventory control will help you track your progress more easily.

At the end of every week, evaluate how well you met your daily goal by looking at whether you completed your project. If you did, reward yourself by giving yourself 2 days off from your next goal.

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