How To Set Up Email Marketing On Shopify

Log in to your shopify account with your given email address and password

Log in to your shopify account with your given email address and password

If you have already created an online store using Shopify, then this may be one of the easiest things you do. You can use your account’s web interface to create a page where you promote your product line and provide customer service.

If you haven’t yet created an online store using Shopify, you can sign up for an account here: https://shopify.com/signup?id=1088.

When creating an account, make sure you choose a suitable name for your business and set yourself as the contact person. Your website will also come up quickly when customers search for it.

You will need to enter all relevant information about you, including your legal name, phone number, and mailing address. Then you can start adding products to your store.

Once you join, you can add your products, pages, categories and tags. Next, you can send emails to your subscribers and followers via their email addresses. They will not see each other unless they follow your directions.

To update them or keep them current, go to My Account and click “Edit Page” under “My Products” from the left menu panel. To upload files, click on the arrow next to “Upload Files” at the top right portion of the screen. Choose the files you want to accompany your content, and press save.

Go to “help” –> “about us”

That is your first step after signing up for Shopify

That way, you can make an intro on your about page (your home page) that will help people understand who you are and what you have to offer. You want to let them know where they can find you if you're not already working with them. [substeps] Don't worry about fancy -- keep it simple.

For example, you could write something like this:

Click on " create an account" under the blog section

Click on " create an account" under the blog section

In order to set up email marketing you will need a few things, go ahead and get started!

First thing first, click on ‘create new blog’ for creating your blog. You will then be asked to give your blog a name and platform.

Once that is done, it is time to choose a theme or edit the existing one. Then start building posts by adding content such as pictures and videos using your keyboard.

When you are ready to publish, login into your dashboard (your site) and navigate to where you were heading by clicking on “ edit/submissions,” then choosing either embed or if you used twitter, their embedded tweet function.

Next, choose the type of link you would like to use, follow the steps above, and now you have yourself a pretty robust online business presence.

Enter your name, email address, phone number (land line preferred), and postal code

Enter your name, email address, phone number (land line preferred), and postal code

That way you can have an actual person look up your listing in the local directory, or at least confirm that it’s for the same region as you. This person then will know which apps you use and can help with recommendations.

There are dozens of vendors who offer marketing services. At first glance they seem too good to be true. They provide impressive-looking listings throughout any search engine you want to promote your business on.

They charge thousands of dollars to place an order just for inclusion. Many of these services may not cost much money!

Select a username and password

Your marketing email should have already had this information, but just in case it has not you can use the sign up page of your shop if you want.

It is very important that you set up an account here as it gives you access to all the features of aweber. You can also upload your own logo, add and manage links and menus, fill out details for sending emails, etc.

All of these actions will be performed under the ‘manage’ section of your web admin dashboard.

For some people, one click or action is enough. With others however, there may be several clicks which they are unable to perform. If you ask yourself how you would go about doing this, then you might want to consider another option.

To help with this, we recommend having many tabs open (bookmarks) at once. This makes it much easier to complete each task quickly.

You can close every other tab until you only have the main tab remaining.

This way you will know right away if someone tries to hack your website or not. Having more than one tab helps prevent hacking from occurring.

Check your inbox for confirmation by clicking on the link sent to you

Check your inbox for confirmation by clicking on the link sent to you

Once you’ve confirmed your email address, click on ‘continue’ below

This will take you to an input box that is used to create an account with Aweber. You can also do this through the main screen, however if you have existing contacts in your Yahoo or Gmail account, they will already be connected to your mailing list.

You will need to put in your full name, email address, and unique password. If you don’t have a personal website yet, now is the time to fix that.

Once you log in, you will see options at the top of your homepage entitled ‘portfolio’, ‘about me’, and ‘services’. Below those titles are 2 tab buttons called ‘portfolio’ and ‘blog’. Click on the button titled ‘start project’ next to the portfolio title.

A modal dialog will appear asking you what type of site you would like to create. Choose from different template sites for projects, one call type, or both.

If you want to start a blog, choose the second option. A preview of how it will look is shown with pictures of templates.

By default, your new blog will use the style you selected, but you can change these settings later. By choosing this option, you will receive comments via email about your newly created blog.

Confirm your account

Confirm your account

It’s hard to avoid signing up for emails if you are marketing products online. You will need an email address so that people can contact you, but it is important to also have a clear signup form that gives them permission to send messages.

There are two main ways to get customers into your database: one through social media (if you have it) and one through free forms on the website. It is very rare that someone would actually buy something without going through both of these.

The free form is pretty self-explanatory; just ask some questions about what they want or need. One of the things I like to do is talk more about me and my business. This helps make the conversation feel less robotic and help people understand why they should hire me.

That being said, there are certain expectations regarding communication in a professional relationship. If we don’t connect at a human level, our clients won’t trust us and will find other providers.

Your signup form must state clearly how you intend to communicate with your potential customer. Tell them which channels you’ll use to reach them, what time zone you operate on, and whether your office hours are open.

If you only have phone numbers listed, tell buyers you’ll give them their own number when they purchase something. People may not realize this until they try to call you and then see your recorded message.

In the same way you shouldn’t expect salespeople to fill in all the gaps in your profile, you shouldn’t expect consumers to call you any type of client unless they really need to. Its best to have consistent, easily accessible contact methods.

Go to https://www.shopify.com/account/create?accountType=0

The create account page will ask you some basic questions, such as your name and email address. You can also choose a password for your login details.

Once you have provided an email address, you can go ahead and buy a domain name. Yourdomainname.com is what tells everyone that you are an established business with them.

Next, you get to pick a template or skin for your website. Make sure it’s not too complicated, maybe something like red, white & blue or gold, then we add in extra features like style.

You can also start with a blank canvas by choosing black. This gives you a completely clean look that puts most of your competitors to shame.

Give your product or service a unique title

Give your product or service a unique title

The best way to grab people’s eyes is with a compelling title. Since customers make purchasing decisions subconsciously, you want to offer them something that provokes an emotional response.

That response could be anything from “how exciting this is” or “you should buy it right now!”.

The key is to find out what emotions their are and go for it. If they’re sadness, explain how the product will help fix it. Make it relevant to the customer.

If they’re anger, explain how your product can put it down. Again, make it relevant to the customer. Don’t tag someone onto a computer trying to solve mental illness by buying a tool.

People love competition. Try saying you’re giving away another company’s product. Explain why it’s so great and special too and maybe give a few tips on how to get more mileage out of it.

Maybe one line will do, but try to hook them with just one sentence. Anything longer than that and they start thinking, “he must have a reason for asking me…”

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