How To Start A Business In 8 Simple Steps

Starting your business can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, starting a business from scratch with no connections is one of the best things you can do if you want to succeed.

By going this route, you avoid having to spend money on expensive startup packages that include professional help. This is great because you don’t need to invest in those things unless you really needed them!

And although professional assistance can be helpful at first, it often times comes with large up-front fees that can put off people who are more budget conscious.

If you’re looking for proof that this approach works, look no further than our own experiences as entrepreneurs. We didn’t enjoy spending big sums of cash nor did we feel that we got good value for what we paid, so we never spent much money when investing in startups.

Instead, we invested our hard earned dollars into basic tools and resources that helped us launch and grow our businesses. And now we’ve got a wealth of knowledge and tips left over that other beginners might not have access to. Here are some of our favorite beginner business starter kits.

Write your business plan

how to start a business simple steps

Now that you have determined what type of business idea you want to pursue, it is time to write down the steps for starting your business! Before you get too excited, though, there’s one more important thing you need to do first. You will need to write an effective business plan!

Writing a business plan is a great way to organize all of your ideas and concepts into one document. Your business plan can be broken up into different sections that address various topics such as marketing, logistics, capitalization, etc. Some people even mix and match them so that they include only relevant information in each section.

Some common sections are: company description, mission statement, target market analysis, financial projections, return on investment (ROI), and contingency plans or backup strategies. It totally depends on how your business functions and what kind of results you desire whether these things matter to you or not.

Most entrepreneurs find that organizing their thoughts and writing out the basics in order to form a business plan helps them focus and reminds them of key points. Plus, most businesses start with a basic business plan before advancing onto other ones! So, don’t worry about being “business-plan-y” just yet – start off simple by making a note of everything you wanted to do today and then add the business plan later.

Fund your business

how to start a business simple steps

Now that you have an idea for your business, it is time to start investing in your future company. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most common routes is to launch a business plan or startup with a funding source.

A lot of people begin their journey towards starting a business by gathering as much money as they can from family and friends, investment groups, and micro-loans. While these are all great sources of financing, there’s always someone more experienced than yourself who has access to those resources.

By being proactive about finding external finance, you will save hours upon hours trying to find the right investor match. Hire a freelancer or use online tools to look up potential investors!

There are also a number of crowdfunding platforms where individuals can seek funds for their projects. A popular one is Kickstarter – why not give it a try? By creating a project page, you can start promoting your business and seeking financial support.

Pick your business location

how to start a business simple steps

Choosing your business location is an integral part of starting your business! This article will talk you through all the different factors that determine the success or failure of your business, and what is important for you as a business owner to consider.

The first thing to do when deciding where to open up shop is figuring out if there are already similar businesses in close proximity to yours. If so, see if they’re doing well and what has made them successful? You can learn from their strategies and styles.

You can also check local business directories to see if anyone else is offering the services you want to offer.

A great way to get some inspiration for your own business is by looking at other companies within your field. What products and services have they got going on? What types of customers have they received? You could even take notes and apply those concepts to your own business!

Another good idea would be to visit such places and find out what works and doesn’t work for their current clients. You wouldn’t want to copy everything exactly, but you should definitely be inspired by how they market themselves.

Choose a business structure

how to start a business simple steps

There are several different types of businesses you can start, and what type of business entity you use depends mostly on how much money you have and whether or not your family members will help you run the business.

Business structures include sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs (“limited liability companies”), corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Sole proprietorships are typically used for small businesses that do not need limited liability or government recognition. This is also the most common type of business in America.

Partnerships come with the agreement that both owners hold equal shares in the business, but there is no requirement to report their personal assets.

LLCs offer limited liability through private contracts, so only the other shareholders, creditors, and the IRS can sue you personally for debts incurred by the company.

Corporations give more formal status and protection than an LLC, although they cannot be opened without state authorization and fees. They must be incorporated into either California or Florida as of 2017.

Non-profits are similar to corporations in that they require state certification and income reports, but they are generally funded exclusively through donations or profits instead of loans or investments.

Choose your business name

how to start a business simple steps

Choosing your business’s name is one of the most important steps in starting your business! This article will talk about some helpful tips for choosing a good business name, as well as some things you should consider when deciding what yours is!

I have organized this information into three parts: General rules, special cases, and how to choose best for you. Read them all now!

General rules

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Add an initial or suffix that matches your brand iphone 5 case white color Your initial self-branding statement sets the tone for your company. Make sure it represents who you are and what you stand for! I recommend staying away from long words to keep it simple and straightforward.

Register your business

how to start a business simple steps

The next step in starting your business is registering with either state or federal government agencies as well as creating an LLC, or limited liability company for you to use as your business entity.

You will need this document to do business so make sure to check out the many site recommendation we have linked here! Many of these sites offer free starter packages too.

Most states require business owners to be licensed and certified before they can operate. These licenses vary by field such as engineering or medicine, but all businesses must have at least one professional license.

These documents are not proof that you own the business, only that you are legally able to conduct business under your name. They also show that you are willing to put your credentials behind what you are selling.

Many sellers add “Business Owner” onto their LinkedIn profiles to give off more credibility. However, it is not required to be successful.

Get federal and state tax IDs

how to start a business simple steps

Starting your business requires you to have proper identification! You must have proof of your legal name, proof of business ownership (such as through receipts or documents) and proof of citizenship or residency for both you and your business.

Apply for licenses and permits

how to start a business simple steps

Before you start your business, you’ll need to know what types of licenses and permits you will require. In some cases, you can get permission to run your business without having these, but it is best to be prepared!

Licenses include things like sales licenses, food license, alcohol license, etc. Permits are needed for things such as garbage disposal equipment or nail salons that have extra gloves available.

By being aware of which licenses and permits you will need, you will not waste time looking ahead of time. You can find out if you need them by talking with people in your area who already own similar businesses, see if they had any problems running their business, and reading online reviews.

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