How To Start A Copywriting Side Hustle

Write down your experience and skills

There are few reasons why you would want to start a copywriting side hustle. If you don’t have much experience writing, or if you’re not good at it, it can be a hard road to travel.

You could still do it as a hobby. Profits come from people buying what you sell, so how well you write matters then.

Put yourself out there and practice making presentations. It will help you get over your fear of public speaking. More importantly, it will make you feel more confident selling what you offer.

There are many online tools that allow you to record presentations for free. Plus, most platforms cost around $10 per month to use.

Networking is another must-do action when you're trying to promote your work. Networking comes in handy every step of the way until you reach your goal of finding someone willing to buy what you’re offering.

Finding other writers who share your passion can also be an important asset. They can be your resources for learning techniques, sharing expenses, and helping with marketing.

Think about what you are good at

Even if you aren’t great at writing, there are things that you can do well when it comes to marketing and promotion. You can research topics and write helpful content for others in the same field.

If you’re interested in copywriting, there are also a couple of other ways to go about it. The best way to get into copywriting is to find a trusted friend or colleague who is excellent at writing and ask him or her to review some of your work.

You can also search online for open copywriting jobs and submit samples of your own work to apply for these positions. There are even companies that will hire people to write copy for them if they don’t have any leads themselves.

Come up with several ideas for businesses

Now that you have a business model, come up with several ideas of businesses you could run. Compare them so you can choose which one to focus on.

Try not to get stuck in the idea of having multiple businesses. Instead, think about how you could combine your original business with another area of work.

For example, if you had a restaurant business, look at other types of food establishments and consider what they might need. Maybe try running a coffee shop next door?

Maybe there’s an empty space next to your restaurant that needs improvement? If you have skills related to interior design or building, now is the time to use those services. Or maybe you can do construction work using this same space.

By combining these concepts into one existing business plan, you can move forward with confidence!

Pick one business to start with

Even if you have no experience, there is a way for you to start earning money online – by choosing one product or service to sell in your side hustle.

This can be anything from how to make a book page to to selling health supplements to helping someone out with groceries.

The idea is to choose something that you are interested in and wants to learn more about so that you can build a brand name and customer base over time.

You will also need to take sales considerations into account as well as marketing (including content creation).

Invest in high-quality pictures

Google, along with many other search engines, favors websites that use larger images than those found on social media. If you’re using your own photos, make sure they are of sufficient quality.

Also start building a community of followers who can help get the word out about your business through likes, shares and comments. Those things don’t happen overnight, but growing your Instagram fan base will boost conversions for your blog posts and products.

The more engagement you have with your audience, the better your chances are of keeping them interested. They’ll also feel more compelled to buy once they see what you’ve created.

Put yourself in their shoes before giving up one of their hard-earned dollars. You want to be able to offer great content while still getting people to buy something.

Create great marketing materials

Even if you’re an experienced writer, it’s important to know your market and what they want. If you don’t sell yourself as an expert in the field, people may not buy your product or service.

You can still create brand awareness for your company by being more creative with your marketing files.

These files include logos, banner ads, and other graphics that help tell your story and promote your business.

By creating unique images, customers will feel like they are staying at a home away from home. You also have the ability to change colors, fonts, and pictures easily online, so when clients come to you, these changes may take some time to make.

If you do not have access to original artwork, there are copyright infringement websites that allow you to get arts done by many artists free of charge. Try using deviant art or dA downloads.

Also, you can purchase graphic design software where you can edit images and text together. This is extremely helpful and convenient.

Partner with partners

Now, I’m not saying you should always work alone. You can do this but it may take longer and require more effort. However, if you partner up at the start then your side hustles have better chances of succeeding.

You could find someone who is equally as motivated or passionate about their own idea. Or you could look for people who are willing to work together and offer them parts of what you’re creating.

This way, your business stays personal and professional. Your stress only goes so far because there will be times where both of you need to focus on your projects.

And since you’ll be working together, you’ll need to agree on goals, deadlines and routes to market.

Find customers

If you’re already working as a writer, then there are lots of ways that you can turn your talent into money-making opportunities.

One way is through blogging. You can connect with fans and other writers who want to learn more about their business.

You can also advertise your services and products online through affiliate networks, which pay them for advertising.

Another way to make income from writing comes in the form of “content creation” jobs. These come in the form of ad deals, where companies will hire up your content production team to create ads and emails, or they will contract out custom written articles or blogs.

Also large social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have increased their visibility by offering content creators numerous opportunities to work with brands. Consequently, many top bloggers make their money via sponsored posts.

Produce quality work

Beyond being aware of side hustling best practices, you will need to actually produce high-quality content to share with the world. You want your work to be accessible? Here are some tips for producing accessible copy that flows

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