How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without A Blog

Starting an affiliate marketing business without a website is possible if you are willing to learn new ways to promote products. With the right amount of preparedness, no online presence is not a big deal. Luckily for you, we have compiled some helpful information here that will show you how to start your own internet business!

Many people begin their journey into entrepreneurship by starting an in-house company first. This can be as simple as owning a small business such as a cafe or restaurant where you work part time and earn extra money. However, most do not stay in this position very long before becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

The reason for this is due to the difficult process involved in getting an outside job. You must prove yourself through interviews, references, and more. This takes a lot of effort and isn’t necessarily easy to achieve.

For someone who wants to launch their own business though, there is another way to go about it. They can become an entrepreneur by promoting other people’s services and products. These individuals (or what they call themselves – affiliates) make revenue off of advertisements and promotional materials related to their product.

Becoming an affiliate marketer doesn’t require having your own site either. Some choose to use the popular blogging software to create a free website. Others manage to find a web host that offers affordable plans with lots of features.

There are many different routes to take when beginning your career as an affiliate.

Find a supplier for the product

how to start affiliate marketing without a blog

Finding an area of your life that you are willing to lose money in is important. If you’re passionate about fashion, then starting an affiliate marketing business promoting clothing might be the best fit.

If you love eating meat, opening a butcher shop or restaurant could be more efficient than buying groceries and investing in equipment to make your own meat products.

If you enjoy making things, creating your own merchandise or finding suppliers for existing goods can help you earn extra income.

There are many ways to make money online by doing what you do well and offering it to others.

Start looking into these areas and see which ones appeal to you so that you can get going with solid strategies later.

Create a website

how to start affiliate marketing without a blog

Starting an affiliate marketing business does not require having your own site with a ton of features, nor do you have to create or manage a media presence for it. Many successful brands started their journey as someone else’s before taking off on their own.

You can pick any domain name that fits your brand (yes, even if it is already taken!), and you don’t need hosting to launch. You can use a free web server like Google Sites or Microsoft Office 365 to get up and running quickly.

Google sites allows you to add content and functionality through its interface, and you can easily switch servers later by yourself. For more advanced users, there are many free web hosts that offer similar services to paid ones.

Your website will be where all of your online businesses live, so make sure it is easy to navigate and contains everything you need! From here, you can start building your audience, promoting products, and collecting rewards for your efforts.

Buy advertising space on the website

how to start affiliate marketing without a blog

Starting an affiliate marketing business does not require having your own domain or being able to code, but it will cost you money. You can start off by buying a few advertisements on the site that will take over the content of a page for a short time.

There are many ways to begin this process, some free and others with a small investment. The most common way is going onto one of the websites like Google Ads or Facebook Ads and purchasing a standard ad slot.

This can be done through their platform or via another website’s advertisement section. Once you have this set up, you will need to find a suitable niche to advertise in.

Finding a new niche is hard, so what about creating your own? No, I don't mean writing down random words and seeing what sticks, instead choose a topic that you are very passionate about or that has been proven to make lots of money.

Write content

how to start affiliate marketing without a blog

Starting an affiliate marketing business does not require having your own website nor do you have to have a large budget. All you need is some writing skills and a lot of creativity for marketing strategies.

Writing is one of the most valuable skill sets anyone can have. You will probably write for fun or to improve your writing talent, but either way it helps you market products!

The easiest way to start creating blogs is using free blogging software such as WordPress or Typepad. Both are very accessible and easy to use.

Your blogger profile is used to identify who owns the blog so make sure to pick a unique username that fits you well. It is also important to add yourself to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your new site.

Announcement pages with links to your product or service are another good way to gain exposure. By adding these onto your existing social media profiles, all of your networks can spread the word for you.

Offer the product for sale

how to start affiliate marketing without a blog

Starting an affiliate marketing business does not require having your own website or even have a lot of resources available to you. There are many ways to begin bringing in income as an online seller. One of the easiest is to start off by offering the product yourself while also promoting it through social media, blogs, and advertisements.

The best way to source products that can make money is being aware of what is popular and selling well at present. Online shopping has become commonplace so finding new sellers who are able to capitalize on this market will be easy to do.

Making money online via affiliate marketing isn’t impossible without a website but it does take some work to get going. Many people don’t realize how simple it can be to start earning revenue through this method. In fact, there are several free tools out there that anyone can use to launch their affiliate sales career!

There are plenty of opportunities to earn extra income outside of full time jobs, and most come with little to no startup costs. This is why I believe that starting off as an affiliate merchant is one of the better options. It doesn’t need much investment upfront beyond whatever device you choose to place your ads on.

Encourage visitors to click on your link

how to start affiliate marketing without a blog

Starting an affiliate marketing business does not require having your own website or using of platforms that offer you free pages to start advertising. In fact, many successful affiliates are known for doing things such as promoting products through social media sites like Facebook or posting pictures on Instagram.

There are plenty of ways to begin creating online income without needing your own site! This is definitely good to know since it can be expensive to start out as a rookie entrepreneur.

You do not need to have a large budget to get started either. You can easily earn small amounts of money by investing in third-party services that help promote other people’s products. These are called referral links or sponsored content.

The easiest way to gain access to these resources is to create your own account at (the eCommerce platform) or (the search engine).

Enjoy the money!

how to start affiliate marketing without a blog

Starting an affiliate marketing business does not require having your own website or even owning a computer, there are many ways to get started. You can pick any field you are passionate about and start promoting it as an online seller.

The best way to begin is by reading other people’s successful strategies and then picking one that looks interesting to you. Following through with this new plan will take some time so be prepared for that!

It is totally okay if you need help at first since most people have never done this before. There are plenty of resources available to learn how to do it right.

There are also several free tools you can use to test out your skills as an affiliate marketer without investing in expensive software. Some of these offer very limited functionality but they can give you enough info to know if this is something you would like to pursue.

Promote your website to friends and family

Starting an affiliate marketing business does not require having a pre-existing site. In fact, you can start advertising online while still in the process of deciding what site you want to feature Amazon products on!

There are many ways to promote your site to potential customers. You can do it through social media, word of mouth, or by sending emails to people that may be interested.

By promoting your own website, you create their advertisement for yourself. If there were no “advertorials” for magazine articles, newspapers would cease to exist because people would get their information from nothing but advertisements.

The same goes for websites; people will look at other sites for tips and info. By offering them free content, you increase exposure for both yours and theirs.

And don’t forget about creating a good first impression. Having a pleasant tone and communicating with individuals will help spread your message.

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