How To Test SEO Ranking

The method of having your website show up first when people search for material related to it on search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo is known as search engine optimization, or SEO.

However, it's not only about websites. Videos are another type of material that might benefit from SEO. If you're a content creator, you probably want your videos to show up first when people search for terms relevant to your video on a search engine like YouTube, for instance.

SEO in general dictates where you are in search results and how many people will get to see your content, if not for clicks then for impressions. It's not only about YouTube, Google, Bing & Co. It could be on any platform.

Knowing where you rank right now is helpful if you're attempting to increase traffic to your website and the visibility of your content through keywords and other tools. We'll walk you through how to determine the SEO ranking in this article as it will help you take an informed step next.

Pick a platform

Submit your website to search engine databases

You'll need to use an internet tool to find out where your website is in the search results, including whether it made the first page or whether it is hidden on the second, third, or even fourth pages. There are many different websites that let you check how much traffic you're getting.

Google Search Console is the most used tool, which is unsurprising given that Google is the most used search engine overall. However, there are other ways besides the Google Search Console to examine a website's SEO performance.

Many others exist, including Semrush, Ahrefs, AccuRanker, and others. After showing you how to use Google Search Console to check your SEO ranking, we'll walk you through the settings for these third-party tools, which not only help to check your ranking but have functionalities that get your website more traffic

Google Search Console

Choose your keywords

The Google Search Console tool is quite well-liked, as we just mentioned. It was created by Google. You'll obviously need a Google account to access this tool, which also includes other helpful website-related features in addition to the Search Console.

Once you've signed up, Google will bring you to a dashboard where you must select Search Console from a long list of other apps and tools.

You can use this link to access Search Console if you already have an account. After arriving at the homepage, select the domain or website you want to see the SEO ranking for from the upper left menu, then visit the search results. And you're done. 

You'll see a ton of statistics and figures that indicate your position. There are details on your website's impressions and clicks, average position, and the keywords that helped it rank higher. A few scrolls down will reveal four tabs with the names Queries, Pages, Titles, and Devices.

Simply select the "Queries" tab to see which keywords have been helping you climb the rankings. 

Third party tools

Find your competitors’ keywords

The other third-party rank checking tools use a method that is essentially the same, as we informed you in the tools section.

Semrush is another well-known tool to check SEO ranking besides Google Search Console. But it accomplishes more than just that. It contains features that not only help you gauge how you compare to the competition but also increase traffic, aid in topic research, manage social media, and more.

Similar one-stop shops for everything SEO can be found at Ahrefs, which counts among its clients giant organizations like Netflix, Uber, and Facebook. Naturally, before using either service, you'll need to sign up for it.

Once everything is set up, go to the overview box and enter the website whose ranking you are attempting to find. At the top left of the overview window, there is a search field where you can type the domain name.

All the good stuff, including impressions, clicks, position, and other metrics, will be visible after you click the search button.

Just below the field for the domain name is another search bar. With the use of that search bar, you may look up terms to discover how well the website performed in a corresponding search.

Before we end this article...

It's crucial to be aware of and always keep an eye on your ranking since, as the saying goes, "what gets measured, gets managed."

You can ease off the throttle or keep going at the same rate if you're on the first page and your average position is in the top 5. If you're on the fifth page or lower, it's time to review your SEO approach and make necessary course corrections.

You might be asking at this point if the tools we mentioned are free. Yes and no. While Ahrefs and Semrush require a monthly subscription cost, the Google Search Console is a free tool with no charges.

Be careful to compare other comparable free tools before deciding, then make your choice.
Head over to the linked video for a more detailed and visual explanation of how to check a website's SEO ranking.

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