How To Use Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Without A Blog

A lot of people these days use social media to gain exposure for their business or product. One of the most popular ways to do this is through the platform called Pinterest.

With over 150 million active users, you can definitely find lots of pinners who would like more exposure. With its rise in popularity, there are now a myriad of tools available that allow you to make money via Pinterest.

Most prominently are the so-called affiliate programs where you get paid per click or sale made on the site due to your advertisement.

There are even some companies that will pay you to create and curate new boards for them!

But what if you don’t have a blog? Or at least no one visits it anymore? You probably realize how hard it is to earn a decent income online without having an established website with lots of traffic.

Luckily, this article will show you how to start making money using affiliate marketing on Pinterest. It won’t be easy, but it is totally possible!

Affiliate marketing has many different forms. Some are much better suited than others for starting small and growing bigger. That being said, I will go into detail about one of the best beginner strategies we have seen recently - Amazon Associates.

I will also share my own experience as well as those of other bloggers that have done very well with this method.

Make a Pinterest account

how to use affiliate marketing on pinterest without a blog

Starting at around $10 per month, you can create an easy free account on Pinterest. You can then begin pinning and marketing through affiliate links.

As we mentioned before, the best way to start developing your business acumen is by studying successful people. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to look at their success- how they marketed themselves, what products and services they used to promote their brands, and how they connected with others online.

By using affiliates or referral programs as part of your advertising strategy, you’re not only helping out other businesses, but you’re creating opportunities for new relationships. When you’ve got nothing else to sell, you give something that does!

There are many ways to use affiliate marketing on Pinterest, so don’t feel like you need to have a blog in order to get started. Many things you can advertise include:

Good quality merchandise – clothing, gadgets, etc.

Services such as web design or SEO

Research and reports about related topics

You can also make it personal by linking to something interesting or significant to you.

Create a blog based on the product

how to use affiliate marketing on pinterest without a blog

A lot of people make the mistake thinking that you can use affiliate links for anything. You cannot! Using affiliate links as an advertiser is only allowed for things with a clear market, enough customers, and good profit margins.

Pinterest is not like this. It is very competitive and has little margin for error. If someone else gets more followers than you, they will get credit for your hard work and effort to grow your business!

This can be bad or great depending on how you look at it. It may help you gain popularity quickly, but also expose your business to possible criticism or backlash.

If you are looking to build up your pinning traffic then there are some other ways to go about it. Creating a blog based on your target audience’s products/services is one way to do this.

By creating content targeted towards their products, you will attract new followers who will enjoy your posts and contribute to your growth.

Buy the product using affiliate links

how to use affiliate marketing on pinterest without a blog

A lot of people use affiliate marketing via blogs or website content as their main source of income through advertising. But, not everyone has a blog or wants to commit time to writing new posts every day!

That is why there are other ways to make money with affiliate products. One way is to buy the product yourself then advertise it for profit. This is called sponsored posting.

The hard part about sponsored postings is creating enough interest in the product so that someone will actually purchase it. With that said, here’s how you can start making extra money by sponsoring a pin.

First, search for the item on Amazon. Then, click “buy now with free shipping” or something along those lines. After that, look at the description field and see if there is anything interesting or valuable there.

If there is, write an article based on that information and promote the product. You could even link to the seller directly on Amazon if they have their own site.

This would be very helpful for your business in many different ways. It helps the seller grow his/her brand, you get paid for doing some work, and people may come across the advertisement and purchase the product due to your influence.

Heck, you might even make a little bit of money off all the traffic! The more exposure the better for your business.

Post about the product on Pinterest

how to use affiliate marketing on pinterest without a blog

Even if you do not have your own website, or no money to start a business, you can still use affiliate marketing through pinterest!

There are many ways to make money via pinning. You can create sponsored pins that contain links to products or services for profit, or you can offer your followers direct sales of products by endorsing them or offering discounts as return rewards for buying the product.

By being affiliates for other people’s products, you get credit for bringing in the sale while earning a nice commission or fee for directing customers their way.

There are several good sized income opportunities here depending on what products and brands you choose to promote. Starting off as an individual affiliate is one of the best ways to begin. By having your link displayed as the seller’s account holder, yourself, you gain credibility and recognition which helps your affiliate career grow.

To really take advantage of this site though, you will need to know how to market online. This article will go into more detail on how to be successful with advertising on Pinterest.

Link the blog to your main website

how to use affiliate marketing on pinterest without a blog

After you have gathered enough followers, linked your newly created account to your own domain or website via linking accounts. Now that you know how to use pinterest as an affiliate marketing tool, start promoting products!

Begin by clicking “add a business” under your profile picture. Then, choose whether it is for product sales, giveaways, or both from the drop down menu.

Buy more products based on the content of your blog

how to use affiliate marketing on pinterest without a blog

As mentioned earlier, with affiliate marketing, you do not need to have an online store or a website to begin promoting products.

You can use your own personal style to promote various goods. You can pick items that are related to what you want to write about for your blog.

By buying enough products linked to your site, the software will find a way to advertise them for you!

This is very helpful as you do not have to worry about being creative in designing your site and advertising your product. The system does the hard work for you!

The hardest part will be choosing which products to buy because it will increase their sale volume. Make sure to choose ones that are within your budget but high quality so they don’t feel too expensive later.

Automate your blog

A lot of people make their income online through affiliate marketing, but not all have a blog at this time. Some people start off as affiliates by creating an account on some sites that offer compensation for bringing in new members.

There are many ways to make money with affiliate marketing without having your own website or even posting content consistently. You can pick and choose which companies you want to be an ambassador for and get paid extra for it, or you can create a separate business site full of products you’re promoting.

The best way to begin is to first find a product or service that you enjoy and are familiar with. Then, determine if there are any other ways to promote the product or service. For example, if you like reading books, then how about writing a review? If you know someone who would benefit from the product, tell them about it and get some more exposure for the company!

With enough research, there’s no reason you can’t become a very successful affiliate marketer without owning a blog.

Gain sponsorships or paid advertisements

how to use affiliate marketing on pinterest without a blog

A great way to use affiliate marketing via Pinterest is by creating sponsored pins. This can be done through third-party software, apps, or through your own website or platform!

There are many ways to make money online with Pinterest, but this isn’t one of them.

As you may know, the golden rule in any form of advertising is that it must be targeted. This doesn’t mean that every person viewing the pin gets the advertisement, only people who match the product or service being advertised get it.

However, if you're very careful about which products you promote using affiliate links, then your target audience will give you the exposure that really matters.

Gaining sponsorship for your account

The best way to do this is to create engaging lifestyle content related to fashion or home decoration. Then, start gathering an audience around those posts.

Once you have a large enough community, you'll gain attention from brands that want to be featured on your profile. You would then need to pick one brand as your "sponsor" for the day, and they would handle all of the communication regarding their product.

From there, you could still earn extra revenue per sale, just like normal affiliate programs! Brands pay per click advertisers to feature their products, so you could also receive payment for each referral made.

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