How To Use AoE 4 Content Editor

Do not worry too much about gamification

The AOE 4 content editor is one of the most powerful features in AOE 4. With it, you can create various types of content for your wiki pages or blogs. You can use this tool to produce new content or edit existing content.

There are several different options within the AOE 4 rich text editor that allow you to add additional components to your page. These include media such as pictures and videos, quote notes, bold and italicized fonts, and even interactive components such as quizzes and surveys.

Practice with some sample projects

There are many ways to use the AOE 4 content editor effectively. This article will go into more detail about using it for blogs, websites, and social media accounts.

You can start off simply editing pictures or creating new ones. By starting small, you can slowly add additional features such as an interactive element, videos, or rich articles.

Once these basic components are mastered, then you can begin trying your hand at other types of content. For example, if you have a good eye for color, you could try designing your own logos or picking colors for a website that match your style!

And don’t forget, AOE is a very accessible tool. You do not need any special software or training to contribute. Anyone can make changes and re-format things like photos and fonts.

Learn how to use the different toolbar buttons

Run ads, and test different buttons

The Toolbar is an easy way to add additional features or take control of some settings within Anima. You can access it by going to Settings > User Preferences where you will find the Toolbar section.

From there, you can enable/disable individual toolbars (or remove all toolbars completely), rename them, and organize them in groups.

You will also notice that each button has a drop-down menu which gives you more options for that specific feature. For example, you could choose “Format” from the Organizer toolbar or the “Bold” option from the Text formatting toolbar.

The best part about this editor is that everything is fully customizable! There are no preset styles or templates that come with it by default. You get full freedom to design your style any way you like it.

Create your first project

Now that you have all of the tools, it’s time to start creating! First, you will want to pick an area of your document or web page where you would like to insert some aoef content. I suggest choosing a side or bottom part of your document, as this article has tips for how to use the content tool in that section too!

Once you have selected your destination, it is time to choose what kind of content you want to add. You can choose from three different styles of aoet: bullets, lists, and paragraphs. For our purposes here, we will be adding bullets.

To create your first bullet point, go into the aoe4 content editor and click the dropdown box next to “Add new”. Choose then style as “Custom Bullet Point” and hit Add. Your newly created bullet will now have the ability to contain images, links, and even shapes. All of these can be re-sized, moved around, and edited easily. Let us get started shaping ours already!

General Tips

Now that you are more familiar with the content creator app, here are some general tips. You may have noticed by now that there is no direct way to save changes unless you log out and back in. This is because it uses Google Spreadsheet files to store information so if you were to close the program suddenly, everything you made could be lost.

Link assets together

The next step in optimizing your site’s performance is linking. Links are like conversations that take place around your article or page you want to boost traffic for. People use links to connect with other websites, resources, reading materials, and more.

The number of links related to an article or webpage will determine how highly people regard it. If there are not many links to a piece, people may question its quality or legitimacy.

Luckily, creating high-quality links is a pretty simple process. You can pick from several free link building tools that help you create links easily.

Publish to the web

After you have finished editing your article, it is time to publish it! Simply click where it says Create New Page or Press This Button for quick publishing options.

You can now choose whether you would like to upload your article as an HTML file or as WordPress page content. If you opt to use the second option, then you will need to pick a theme first.

Once you have done that, simply hit Save and Your Article Has Been Published!

Now that you know how to use The AOE 4 Content Editor, let us talk about some of the settings and features. They are very easy to access and understand, so do not worry! There are plenty to explore.


Under Settings you will find General, Robots, Speed Optimization, Comments, Versioning, Live Mode, and Tracking. Let’s go over each one briefly.

General: Here you can change your author name, email address, website link, and description. You also have the ability to disable Cookies and Disqus comments if needed. These are both good ways to protect yourself from spam.

Robots: Under this setting you can tell the editor if you want it to check all robots.txt files in the root directory, only certain pages, or none at all. All of these are helpful in protecting your site's hard work from being stolen.

Speed Optimization: For mobile users, speed is important.

Export content file

Another way to access your AOE4 files is to use the built-in export function. You can do this by clicking Settings in the left sidebar, then click Writing under General. Scroll down and you will see an option for Exporter.

You can now upload or drag and drop any of your AOE4 templates here. When you have everything uploaded, you can hit “Export” at the top and choose which format you would like to download it as –.xml,.mdl, or.tme (all three are just settings).

This method is very useful if you want to easily share your AOE4 template with other people! They can then import these files into their own WordPress site and start writing quickly.

Reorganize folders in the template

Another way to organize your theme is by rearranging the folder structure of the content area. The most common way to do this is to choose which plugins you want to use for content areas and then reorganizing how they are placed in the WordPress admin.

For example, if you would like to have an about page that includes a picture and some paragraphs with bullets and labels, you could go into Settings > Writing and click onto Edit under Pages. You can upload or replace the current “About” page with just pictures and bold/italicized text.

Then, you can add a new column next to it and include a Picture element, HTML element, Status element, etc. To insert a rich media such as YouTube or Vimeo video, you can use the Media element.

You can also add another column next to it and create different elements within those columns (like adding a Product Element).

Edit the HTML code

After editing your site’s look, style, and content in one of the other theme features or tools mentioned above, it is time to take some time to edit the HTML code that supports all of the functionality of your website.

If you are looking to quickly create an Aofollow link or mobile-friendly experience, then this tool can help! You will need to use their software to add links to specific pages or domains for both settings.

There are several ways to do this with the Aoflowle plugin including using the Settings tab to Add Links, Insert External Link, Create Internal Link, or View All Format Options.

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