How To Use Blogs For Marketing

A well-crafted blog can do wonders for your business. It’s an easy way to share valuable information that people will find interesting or helpful, promote products and services you want others to know about, and connect with other businesses and individuals in your field.

Blogs are a powerful tool for marketing because they offer visibility and accessibility. People love reading blogs, so it is a very accessible medium. With the right amount of investment, a good blog can achieve spectacular results in promoting your product and brand.

There are several ways to use blogs for marketing. You can create a free blog using one of the blogging platforms like WordPress, then monetize it through advertisements, affiliate links, paid content, and more. Or, you can start a paid blogger account where you get higher levels of access and additional features.

The best way to use blogs for marketing depends on your goals and budget. There are many strategies you can implement towards that end. This article will talk about some of those strategies.

Choose a topic

how to use blogs for marketing

Starting your blogging career with the right tone is important! If you write about things that are not interesting to your audience, they will not read your blog very often or even lose interest altogether.

Your readers will also feel discouraged when they come across content that seems overly promotional. This can be difficult if you are in the beginning stages of your business or marketing career.

Blogs are a great way to connect with other businesses and professionals. By writing about topics you have a passion for, it becomes easier to promote yourself and what you offer. Your potential clients may benefit from your insights as well.

You should always strive to give valuable information to your followers. Help them by providing tips and tricks or announcing new products and services.

When investing time into creating a successful blog, make sure it serves an educational purpose. You want to create a space where people feel more informed and capable than when they entered your site.

Create engaging content

Writing good blogs is not a quick process. It takes time to hone your writing skills, create interesting content, and promote yourself or your product through blogging. However, it is worth it!

Your success as an entrepreneur depends heavily on how well you market yourself. Starting a business means there’s always something new to do, so don’t shy away from giving up your own time to promote yourself.

Running a successful business also requires lots of networking, so don’t forget to use your personal network to help spread your message.

Blogging is a great way to start promoting yourself and your business because it doesn’t cost anything but your time. Plus, you get to connect with other people and gain knowledge and insights along the way.

Here are some tips to begin blogging and using your blog effectively to promote your business.

Offer a giveaway

how to use blogs for marketing

A way to use blogs as a form of marketing is to hold a giveaway! This can be for anything from an item or service that you sell, to a knowledge product such as a book or course you have designed.

Giveaways are very popular online – people love free things!

Running a giveaway on your website will help drive more traffic to your site. It will also give you the opportunity to connect with other bloggers in your field and create new followers.

Your giveaway should be something meaningful to you and your business. For example, if your main product is baking sheets then you could run a competition to find out which brands make the best looking baking sheets.

Link your blog with other platforms

how to use blogs for marketing

Another way to use blogs as an effective marketing tool is by linking them with other websites or media channels.

Blogs are very versatile tools that can be used in many different ways. They can be linked to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even other sites such as Amazon and Walmart.

By adding links to these various outlets, you’re helping to promote the site along with theirs!

This is especially helpful if they have products or services related to yours. By linking to their website, people will be able to read about what they have to offer and perhaps find something new or useful for yourself.

It also gives them exposure through your link which may win them more followers or business in return. If someone wanted information on the same thing you do, they would go to your site first to see what it is before coming here.

Encourage commenting

how to use blogs for marketing

A lot of people start blogging with no intention of doing anything beyond sharing their thoughts once or twice a week. This is totally fine! If you want to create an audience that stays tuned every day, marketing through blogs isn’t going to happen.

That doesn’t mean you should give up though! You can still contribute content I’m sure, it’s just not your goal immediately.

Your first few months as a blogger will be spent developing your reader base non-promotionally. People will come to your site to read what you have to say because they like what you write and/or you inspired them somehow.

This is important to remember since many bloggers make the mistake of thinking that their target audience is only interested in advertising.

Don’t worry about ads too much at first. Focus more on creating an engaging experience for readers instead.

Interact with other commenters, respond to comments, reward active users – all of these things are great ways to gain attention. But don’t get distracted by them unless they lead to longer term engagement.

Content alone will keep people coming back.

Respond to comments

how to use blogs for marketing

This is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur or business owner. If you are not responding to comments on your social media accounts, then people will stop interacting with you.

You should respond to at least half of all comments. People love to feel like they made a difference by commenting on your posts and leaving their mark.

Your responses don’t have to be long, but make sure to compliment the comment and add value to the conversation.

Your reply might go something like this: “Great tips! I learned a lot about my product from reading that. Thank you for sharing.” Or it could be: “I agree with you completely. Product knowledge is such a powerful tool.”

Interacting makes other people feel acknowledged and appreciated. It creates strong ties between you and others. - Mandy Coleman

It’s hard to remember all of the ways blogs help market your business, so here are our top 10 reasons why blogging is essential to marketing.

Blogging is a low cost way to boost search engine rankings and generate new leads. When done well, blogging builds trust and connects you to the community. Using content designed to connect gives you an edge over competitors who may focus more on advertising. Starting a blog is simple and anyone can pick up the skill quickly. You don’t need special software or equipment to get started.

Link your blog with your website

how to use blogs for marketing

Now that you have a way to update your online presence, use it! Start linking your new blog to your current one or start editing your existing blog and adding content to it.

You can link your blogs using either of two services. You can connect by Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, or you can create an account through WordPress, the popular blogging platform.

Whatever service you choose to use, make sure it is reliable and free to access. By creating an account through an established site like Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, you get additional features such as being able to add photos and videos to posts and spread out social links more easily.

However, if you are not comfortable sharing information about yourself on these sites, then do not worry too much about paying a monthly fee. Some people even host their own wordpress site so all of the settings and files are done automatically.

Segment your blog post topics

how to use blogs for marketing

Starting with an empty slate is always the best way to level up as a blogger. Rather than trying to focus on what content you want to write about, how much content you want to create, and where you want to publish it, start with something that requires less work.

The easiest way to do this is to segue into another topic. By introducing a new subject, your readers will know what to expect!

This can be done through direct comparisons or by asking a question that everyone else seems to have asked before.

For example, if someone else’s article inspired you to begin writing blogs, then why not take their advice and give them testimonials? Or maybe they mentioned some tips that could help you improve your blogging, so add those to your list.

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