How To Use Reddit For Marketing Your Blog

Using social media to promote your business is like running a restaurant. You have to know what types of foods people likes before you can get someone to come eat there.

The same goes for businesses! Before you start promoting anything, you need to make sure their advertising channels are active and functioning properly.

That’s why it is so important to understand how different platforms work- they all work differently!

Reddit is an extremely popular site that has lots of different communities or “subreddits.” These include everything from sports to politics to entertainment to news.

Users in these subreddits create talk topics and comments about the products and services related to the subreddit. By adding a comment or linking to another article or video, other users read the content and contribute to the conversation.

This is very effective way to market because everyone else does it! Creating quality content is the best way to gain attention on Reddit. People will reward you by sharing your message with others.

There are many ways to use Reddit as a marketing tool for your business, but one of our favorite strategies is creating a free webinar or event using Reddit as your launch platform.

We will discuss some examples of this tactic and some reasons why it works well here.

Second, make an account for your business

how to use reddit for marketing blog

Now that you have a handle of what subreddit your target audience is in, it’s time to create an account for your business!

Most people start by creating an account with Reddit as a personal user first. Then they can add another username and password to use for your business.

This way you don’t need to go through the process of linking each account together, which can be tricky at times.

You may also want to consider using Reddit as your company profile or cover photo. This will help promote your brand and give your users some direct links to you!

There are many ways to connect with other users on Reddit so do not fear to try something different.

Third, submit your blog to each subreddit

how to use reddit for marketing blog

Having an active presence in all of the right communities can help promote your business through targeted marketing messages and influencer engagement. As mentioned before, there are thousands of different subreddits with millions of users that focus on various topics.

Some of these topics are very niche or specific, such as “How to Make Your Own Morning Coffee” or “Tipsical Leather Goods,” so they're ideal places to find inspiration and/or potential customers or clients.

By submitting your own content to those markets, you give it more exposure and potentially connect with new people. People who enjoy the content you posted will now be able to add you to their circle or subscribe via RSS feed, making it easier to keep up with your writing.

This is especially important if you want your blogging career to take off because more traffic = more opportunities to make money. The more ways you can spread your message, the better.

Fourth, comment on each blog post

how to use reddit for marketing blog

Whilst commenting on blogs is a great way to connect with other bloggers, doing it as part of your marketing strategy is another way to use reddit as a medium to spread the word about your business or product.

By leaving a thoughtful comment on someone’s blog post you can promote your company, gain valuable insights, strengthen relationships and increase reach!

Blogs are an integral part of most people's online experiences, so taking the time to leave a comment on theirs will reap rewards in terms of exposure and connections.

And by using free tools to moderate comments, you can maximize the influence of your comment without investing in paid software.

Fifth, become a subscriber to each subreddit

how to use reddit for marketing blog

As mentioned earlier, you can use your Reddit account as an audience extension tool by subscribing to individual subreddits. This is very important to know since not doing this could cost you significant exposure or even lose you business!

By becoming a member of these communities, your image gets posted to that specific community’s page where it can be seen by its members only.

This is perfect if you are looking to spread some positive energy or awareness about your product or service. Creating a profile on the site is free, but there is a paid option which gives you additional features.

Sixth, share your blog post on social media

While it may sound weird to use one of the biggest website gathering audiences as an avenue to promote a new product or service, doing so is totally viable!

If you are reading this article then you have done your research already and know that using reddit to boost your marketing efforts is a worthy investment.

By adding resources to facilitate conversations about topics related to your business, you can gain valuable insights from informed individuals. You can also keep up with the latest trends in your field by listening to what people are talking about.

The best way to utilize reddit for your business’s marketing plan is to contribute to the community. By creating and engaging with interesting posts and comments, you will win some praise which could lead to more followers and engagement with your company.

Reddit is a very casual setting, so be yourself! If you would rather stay quiet than speak passionately, then probably not the best place for you.

Seventh, invite people to visit your website

how to use reddit for marketing blog

Now that you have gathered all of your favorite blogs, created an account at reddit and found some interesting subreddits, it is time to start promoting them!

Most large sites offer special tools or services to their users through which users can promote their site for a fee. This is usually done in the form of advertising another site’s content or creating an article or discussion about the product or service being promoted.

By doing this, you get credit for helping someone else gain popularity, and your own reputation is boosted because people read the advertisement. Your affiliation with the advertised site gives it credibility!

There are many ways to advertise on Reddit, such as posting in the comments section of an already established subreddit or making your own subreddit where you can advertise. Either way, be sure to use appropriate keywords so your ad will show up relevant searches.

And just like any other type of marketing, timing is important too, so make sure to stick to good practices when submitting advertisements.

Eighth, try doing a blog post based on the following topic

how to use reddit for marketing blog

Do you love reading blogs but feel like there’s just not enough good content for you? Or maybe you read a lot of blogs, but none of them really appeal to you. You might be thinking – why should I spend my time writing a new blog when someone else can make better use of this space and audience?

Many savvy bloggers have made a career off creating engaging, high-quality content they share on social media and through their own websites and blogs. Others create great content that help other businesses or industries grow.

Some people start their day at work with blogging, and then turn onto their personal life where they write about things that matter to them.

It is totally possible to do what these people do while also putting in some effort into your own business to grow. And it’s easy to understand how valuable having an online presence is.

Ninth, what are the differences between YouTube and TikTok?

how to use reddit for marketing blog

While both of these apps offer great opportunities to create an audience and promote products or services, using them effectively takes time to figure out!

There is no one way to use each app for marketing purposes, but there are some strategies that can be applied across the board. To tell if your account is still in budget mode or not, look at how many views you get per day and whether or not those views increase as the week goes on. If they do, then you have paid for yourself already!

The number of subscribers you have will determine how large your market is. The more people who see your content’s link, the larger your reach becomes.

Overall, creating engaging videos and posting them on Reddit is a versatile way to grow your online presence. People watch too much TV so having a channel on this site makes sense.

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