How To Write A Cover Letter For A Copywriting Job

Try getting your content online

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There are hundreds of writing services that offer freelancer-type jobs. You can submit articles you have written in order to gain experience with these companies.

They’re always looking for talented writers, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get hired. But if they like what they see, then they might give you an assignment.

This could be creating some kind of content or promoting one of their products. Most times, they will pay for what you write; sometimes they compensate you.

But all of these small assignments build up your resume and help prove that you are capable of completing tasks outside of just the copywriting field.

That is until you ask for a job promotion. When someone asks for a promotion, chances are they want something else other than a simple raise.

When employers do this they usually need people who are good at certain things but not others. For example, they may need someone who can create compelling pieces of art but not design them.

Alternatively, they may need someone who can promote a product but not actually sell it. If you can do several of these things, you may deserve a promotion.

Find out what the company does

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You will need to know what type of copy they want written to understand why you are applying for this job. Knowing what kind of business your future employer is in will help you write a cover letter that fits the position.

If you do not have an understanding of the industry, then others shall be able to evaluate your ability to perform as a writer. It is important to note however that regardless of what type of job it is, all writers need to be productive at something.

It can be hard coming up with ideas so try to come up with several concepts and move forward one by one.

Learn some of your customers and their emails

It’s impossible to write a successful cover letter without having a basic understanding of who you are writing to and what they do. You will need to know how they communicate, what interests them, and which products or services they use.

You can find out more about someone by asking questions. You can ask if anyone is known as “x”, whether it’s someone famous or one of his or her roles in society.

Also try to understand why this person is going to hire you (the answer may be totally different from everyone else).

Next, research where your potential employer works and what type of culture they tend to have. There will be certain positions within your industry that fit someone’s definition of success better than others.

Think about starting a website

More and more companies are turning to online channels to communicate with their customers, promote products and services, and advertise new products. As such, you can expect to find some type of web content marketing specialist role at most large corporations.

If you're not experienced in writing web copy, or if you aren't familiar with common web communication tools like headlines, then this may be an option for you.

There are several courses that teach you how to write captivating titles, descriptions, ads, and blogs. There are also many free websites that offer creative ways to present information via headlines and text summaries.

You will need to know what types of writers each job requires and its specific skills and abilities. You will also need to clarify in your own mind what made you choose this profession.

Get started—and keep going

Once you have created your cover letter, edited it, and printed it out, there are several things you can do with it. You can use it as is, or you can edit it again in Word or other word processing software.

You can send it to others to review (remember to be professional). Or you can upload it onto LinkedIn or Facebook pages, or you can print copies and place them in appropriate places (for example, in between current and future copywriting jobs) that you know someone will look at.

Any of these actions could result in an opportunity coming your way!

Prepare to promote yourself

There’s a reason that big companies pay so much money to recruit good copywriters—it is because they can always count on them being able to produce high-quality work. If you are looking to get hired, then you should consider your ability to fulfill an assignment or task well, and how efficient you could be in doing it.

The first step to taking charge of your life and getting ahead is self promotion. By promoting yourself, others will take notice and trust you more.

If you want to earn extra money or new responsibilities, you’ll need to become an expert in your field and keep developing your skills. Self promotion doesn’t mean bragging or telling people what great things you do. It means presenting information about your background and abilities in a clear, forward direction.

Have material ready

Even if you don’t have any writing experience, you can still write a cover letter. You may not be as strong as others, but there are ways to show your ability.

You can include some headlines and sub-headsings in your text, thus showing your ability to organize sentences.

There are many different styles of heads and sub-headers, so choose which one best fits the topic and audience of your work. Then add another one or two that further enhance the effectiveness of the message you are trying to send.

Of course, these things were written with the idea that someone else will read them! 🙂

The most important thing to remember when it comes to drafting a cover letter is to be honest with yourself about what you have written.

Maybe not everything you want to say could fit into a few short paragraphs, but try to focus on building upon certain points made in previous rounds.

Keep all of this in mind while you're writing, and you'll find your letters much more interesting and readable.

They'll also give you an idea of how capable you are at writing unique content.

Be presentable

If you send letters off-platform, your message may be lost due to bad handwriting or poor spelling and grammar. You also should know how to write a letter.

If you are thinking about sending a letter, ask yourself if it would be better written in pencil than on a computer. It’s hard to explain why words are unevenly spaced on a screen.

Also, avoid horizontal lines as much as possible. More often than not, these indicate a lack of attention to what you’re writing.

Finally, choose a font that is easy to read at all sizes. Although some fonts are classics, like Calibri or Arial, try to find one with a variety of styles.

All types have something interesting going on, from bolded texts to small weights (such as Helvetica Neue) and varying widths (such as Cambria). There’s almost always at least one nice looking font for any type of text.

Know your value

Now, you should know what your market is, how much things are worth of money, etc. If you don’t take this into account when you write your cover letter, you could end up destroying your chances at getting the job.

You can tell a lot about someone by looking at their resume. Is the person overqualified for the position? Does he or she seem overwhelmed and stressed out?

This also goes for if the candidate has been in the profession for a long time. There’s a reason people who work in an industry get paid so much more than people who create it.

Time gives quality, and quality makes price go down. Consistency is key to success in copywriting, as well as writing jobs generally. Experience helps you learn how to be consistent, and tools like Google help you keep track of your use of time.

Using computers was more common earlier in life, but technology now makes that not necessary. A computer allows for greater customization of content and ease of editing.

Being able to quickly adapt your content to new situations is one of the most important qualities a writer can have. We all have different tastes, and being aware of others’ opinions of your work is often times the right thing to do.

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