How To Write A Marketing Blog Post

Writing a marketing blog article is not your average task. Luckily, we are giving you some easy tips here for how to write a quality marketing blog article!

Writing an informative marketing blog article takes time. It will probably take you several attempts before you get it right because writing well requires careful proof-reading and editing.

When publishing your articles online, there are two main reasons people lose word count. Either they run out of words or they become too verbose.

If you feel like you’re running out of things to say, try using one of our topic inspiration bullets as a starting point and see what kind of content you can create about that.

Alternatively, use free brainstorming tools to gain new insights into potential topics. You may be surprised at the amount of ideas you generate.

The second reason why people lose momentum in their writing is excessive length. People might cut themselves off talking when they reach the half way point of their goal - to make their target audience read all of their text.

To prevent this, most creative writers use a tool called ‘bullet point mode'. This allows you to quickly organize your thoughts and concepts into logical groups with limited paragraphs.

This article will go more in depth about how to write a marketing blog article by looking at different types of posts and examples.

Develop good writing habits

how to write a marketing blog post

Even if you’re not very creative, even if you don’t have much of an angle or unique perspective, even if you can’t come up with clever adjectives and verbs, you can still write great marketing content!

Writing is like any other skill — practice makes perfect. When it comes to writing for business, there are several easy ways to do that. You can start by reading marketable material and copying what smart people do.

Then, just as important, make sure your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are solid. When you write quickly, without thinking about quality, then chances are your text will lack polish.

Take your time to ensure everything is crisp and professional-looking. After all, your readers will be looking at your work for some value so keep it respectable.

Provide content that your readers want

how to write a marketing blog post

Writing a marketing blog post is not just about telling people what you are selling, it is also about offering value for them. You should be aware of how to write an effective marketing blog post first, before adding link-related material to those posts.

Your initial goal as a blogger is to gain traffic to your site, but once you have done that, you will need to keep yourself focused on providing valuable information to your audience.

You can start by reading our article on ways to improve your writing skills, then move onto linking with relevant blogs and sites or making new online friends who may offer helpful tips or insights.

Last, you can read our list of tips for improving your SEO (search engine optimization) – these apply whether you are working on your own website or someone else’s.

Be consistent

how to write a marketing blog post

Consistency is one of the biggest keys to writing a successful marketing blog article every time you sit down to write, you must do your regular job first. This can be daily tasks such as working or studying, weekly ones like running errands or doing chores, or monthly ones such as paying bills.

When you are able to focus completely on what needs to get done, then you can start thinking about blogging. You may want to consider creating an online journal or a way for others to easily read your thoughts and ideas.

Running out of things to say will keep you from starting each post, so make sure you have enough content ready before you begin. Also, try to aim for at least 1–2 paragraphs per bullet point, add some fluff between the bullets if needed.

Keeping up with a schedule will help in keeping your mind calm and relaxed, which makes writing more possible.

Link to your website

how to write a marketing blog post

A strong link is an important part of writing a marketing blog post because it gives your readers external links for you to check out or use your services/products.

It also helps promote your site by linking to another page on yours. The more links you have, the higher your domain authority (the importance that other websites give you as a brand) will be!

Link back to the main topic or question from the article- this linked text is referred to as a rewording or restating the key point of the article.

Interchangeable with the key point, this section shifts the emphasis away from the link and onto something else. It creates context for the link so people know what it means without having to go looking for it.

This way, your reader does not need to take extra steps to understand the link, making it stronger. Test how well you can do this with some examples before moving forward.

Use social media

how to write a marketing blog post

Social media has become one of the most important tools in any marketer’s toolbox. Not only can it help boost your online presence, but you can also use it to generate new leads, connect with people, and increase traffic to your site or business.

Most people start using social media at work, but there are many times they are not being fully utilized. It is common for marketers to spend time posting content on their website or business’s Facebook page, then sit and do nothing else with their account.

There are several ways you can make more out of your social media accounts. The first step towards achieving this is to know how to write a marketing blog post. Read on to learn some tips!

Budgeting is an excellent way to ensure that you don’t run into money problems. Rather than spending every bit of income on advertising, investing in a good camera so that you aren’t dependent upon others to take pictures and photos of your products will limit how much you spent.

Make it visual

how to write a marketing blog post

A marketing blog post that contains very little content or that is just full of advertisements is not interesting to read. You will lose reader interest quickly.

Too many pictures and/or videos can easily distract readers who are trying to read an article. It may also drown out some of the other components of the post, such as a bold topic and a short summary.

Content should be well-written and engaging! If your writing feels forced, then chances are your audience will feel the same way. Audience members will probably skip over any fluff in order to get to the points you want to make.

Your personal style will influence the tone of your posts. When someone comments about something you said in an online forum, how did they say it? Was it direct and aggressive, or calm and steady? Use this example’s structure and add yours to create an effective post.

Use clickable links

how to write a marketing blog post

Linking out is a great way to get new content or calls to action (CTAs) in your marketing blog. Links are very important because they create references to other sites, resources, reading materials, etc.

Links can be internal or external. Internal linking refers to referencing an article you already have written about off-topic, but related to what you originally wrote. This creates more exposure for your article and site, helping boost traffic.

External linking refers to referring to someone else’s article, research, or study! External links play a large part in creating influence online by drawing attention to different sources.

When writing our own articles, we should include at least one link per 250 words. When it comes to linking away from our website, that ratio drops down to around one link per 500 words.

General guidelines say 1% of each page’s content should be links, which means one link per page entry. The reason why the percentage differs is because people may want to go directly to those links instead of coming back later to read your original article.

Create a blog based on your audience

how to write a marketing blog post

As with any type of writing, there are basic rules that apply to blogging. First, you must know who your readers is before you can start writing!

What makes someone an ideal reader for your site depends on what kind of content you want to provide them. If you’re creating a diary-style website, then talking about daily life may be your best bet.

If you’d like to give advice or tips on certain products or services, then becoming an expert in those areas may help your growth as a blogger.

Your potential readers will also determine how well your blog posts succeed. If your style is very casual, then less formal language can work better.

Generalists will enjoy reading more broadly than people who focus only on academic topics, for example.

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