How To Write A Marketing Strategy Example

Writing a marketing strategy is not an easy task, which is why there are lots of writers out there who have done it before. Luckily for you, we have gathered some helpful tips that can help you take your writing one step closer to having a professional looking piece!

Writing a marketing strategy is different than writing other types of documents because it focuses more on what products or services you want to promote rather than the topic of the document. This article will talk about how to write a marketing strategy for business purposes so that you can hit the ground running when drafting yours.

If you would like to learn more about how to write a marketing plan, read on! We also include links to several free templates at the end of this article.

Include marketing strategies based on your target market

A marketing strategy should be targeted at your specific audience. If your business targets all businesses, then that is a broad way to approach it.

Targeting more narrow markets will give you more focused, effective strategies for growth. For example, if your business focuses on helping people lose weight, then creating an article about why you must do yoga every day is not going to attract much attention.

Instead, write about how yoga can help you achieve your health goals and link these ideas to other articles related to diet and fitness. Your readers will know what you're talking about and may even form relationships with the brands you mention!

Writing about diets or exercises that are outside of your niche could also backfire and hurt your brand name. Why? Because they are not in your industry, so people cannot relate.

Be consistent

how to write a marketing strategy example

Writing marketing strategies is not a quick process, it takes time to hone your writing skills and create strong messages that move the needle for your business.

It’s easy to start writing and then stop, especially when you’re first getting into the rhythm of creating content for social media or website campaigns. But unless you keep at it, your hard work will be wasted!

You must invest in quality content consistently if you want your strategy to pay off.

And I mean really invest in it — write several paragraphs each week without fail, hire someone to edit and proofread your copy, and dedicate an hour every few weeks to do creative brainstorming and editing.

Once you have all those components down, re-write and review! Repeat as needed until you are happy with the final product.

Be careful though, don’t overdo it and give up too soon! It’s important to know when to call it quits because no one else will take care of this task for you! You can never have enough knowledge about your field, so continue to educate yourself and refresh your skills whenever possible.

Set goals

how to write a marketing strategy example

A strong marketing strategy is one that has clearly defined, measurable goals. Yours should be at least the size of a sentence!

Your goal can be anything from increasing website traffic, growing your follower base on social media, or improving your branding image.

Most importantly, you must know what you are trying to achieve before you can measure success.

Without this, it’s impossible to tell whether or not you succeeded. You would need to redefine your goals every time you make a new effort, which would be frustrating at best.

Develop a plan

how to write a marketing strategy example

A well-written marketing strategy begins with a clearly defined goal. Yours can be anything from increasing website traffic, capturing more leads, or promoting your company’s products and services.

Your goal should be clear and simple, but also ambitious – nothing short of achieving what you set out to achieve will satisfy.

After your goal, you need to determine the things that can help you reach it. Are you planning to increase your social media followers? Then, how about finding new ways to market via Facebook ads?

You get the idea – developing a solid strategic framework starts with asking yourself some tough questions and then making decisions based on the answers.

Once those are done, you can move onto creating your strategy!

How to write a marketing strategy

There are two main types of strategies – direct and indirect. Direct strategies aim to directly promote a product or service, whereas indirect ones focus on positioning your organization as an authority so people will want to connect with you.

Direct strategies usually involve publishing articles, running advertisements, or giving talks about your product or service. Indirect strategies typically include establishing your brand as a go-to source through collaborations and content that aligns with yours.

When writing a marketing strategy, there is an important rule to remember: use language and bullets that make sense.

Why? Because these are copy formats that people read for a reason, which helps motivate them to action.

Create a marketing plan

how to write a marketing strategy example

A well-written marketing strategy is made up of two main components, both of which should be done in detail. The first component is creating a goal or objective for your business. This can be as simple as wanting to increase sales by X percent.

The second part is defining what steps you will take to achieve that goal. For example, if your company wants to increase sales, then it must offer products that people want to buy. So, their marketing strategies may include advertising on social media sites, changing how they respond to calls and messages, etc.

After these two parts, there are some additional tips about timing and repetition.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

how to write a marketing strategy example

As you know, marketing strategies are focused on achieving a goal or outcome. They can be creating an audience for a product or service, growing your online presence, finding new ways to promote your company, etc.

The first step in developing your own strategy is to understand what parts of the market work and don’t work for your company. You need to evaluate whether your department (marketing, advertising, sales, PR) is doing its job and how it could be improved, as well as what products and services your company needs.

You may also want to consider what types of customers your company has and if they are loyal or if there exist any opportunities to develop relationships with them.

When thinking about what steps should be taken next, remember that every business is different so do not assume anything will work for others. What works for one company might not work for yours. Your best bet is to test out theories on yourself by performing small experiments.

Create a marketing schedule

how to write a marketing strategy example

A well-written strategy begins with an explanation of what your business is and what it will do to achieve its goal. It then lays out a timeline consisting of specific dates for each step in the process, and ends with a final date where the plan comes to a close.

Your marketing strategy should be bifurcated into four main sections according to importance: planning, implementation, evaluation, and revision.

Planning includes defining your goals and determining how you can reach them through different strategies. This also means figuring out what types of media you’ll use to promote yourself and your product/service.

Implementation covers actually carrying out these strategies. This may include creating content or advertisements, finding people to help you spread the word about your company, etc.

Evaluation looks at whether your strategies are working! You can track engagement from social media sites, traffic to your website, sales, feedback from potential customers, and more.

Revision determines if your current strategies are effective and new ones emerge as needed.

There is no wrong way to organize this information, so feel free to go back and edit or add to any section as needed. Just make sure you have enough details within those parts to describe clearly what happens next.

Write down your marketing objectives

how to write a marketing strategy example

A well-written business strategy should have three main sections: objective, strategies, and budget.

The first part of any strategic plan is an understanding of where you want to take your company. This can be as basic as wanting more customers or as complex as offering unique products that no one else has before.

It’s important to know what you want out of this investment. Is it for short term gains, long term growth, or both?

Once you have that clear, the next step is to determine how you will achieve those goals. These are called strategies.

For example, if your goal is to increase sales, then coming up with new ideas to promote your product is a starting place. Creating a social media account isn’t a strategy, but promoting yourself through social media IS!

Strategies can be developing a strong brand, improving customer service, creating interactive content, etc.

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