How To Write Articles With An AI Article Generator

Find your favorite topics

How to write articles with an ai article generator

Finding interesting topics to write about is one of the most important things you can do when starting out into writing article content. You will need to have a topic that will attract readers and interest them enough to get them to read the entire piece.

You can use yourself as a subject in some cases, but it is more often than not, difficult to draw in your audience with personal anecdotes.

That is why you should find another way to discuss these topics that has relevance to the reader. You can check online for popular articles. You can also look at how other authors approach similar topics.

Topics may include: current events, life stories, rumors, what’s trending now?

These are all interesting topics that you could talk about on the phone or via email. And they are all nice transitions into talking about health benefits and recipes.

There are many different ways to skin this cat, just choose the way that feels the most natural to you. And since you’re already building trust with your audience, there’s no better time to break away from the pack and try something new.

Pick any random article from millions of articles online

How to write articles with an ai article generator

By using this tool, you will easily find out how different writers structure their articles.

You can see which parts of an article are more popular (the title with most views) and which sections have less traffic (the subtitle or sub-title).

By having multiple choices, you can choose what fits best for your topic and writing style.

There are many article templates you can use by scrolling down. And if there is no template that suits exactly the kind of article you want to write, you can create your own.

Using existing topics is one of the best ways to test the popularity of your content.

Change and modify original article

How to write articles with an ai article generator

You can take any existing written piece and make it better by applying the right keywords and phrases to promote your content while matching what other people are looking for in their browsing.

For example, if you have a piece that talks about home renovations, then you can try modifying the article to talk about “tips for making your next renovation more affordable” or “expert insights on how to improve your house’s efficiency”.

The important thing is to keep it focused and short. If you need to include additional information like this, then do so but still stay within the page limit.

You will want to preview both the full version and the edited version before publishing, of course!

Build your own article

How to write articles with an ai article generator

There are many ways to create original content with the use of an article spinning tool. You can give it an image or turn one into something funny.

There are numerous things you can do, but for this demonstration, we’ll be using Imageresize - The Original Picture Resizer.

This is because it allows us to resize images without losing quality, which is important when you want your image to look nice and sharp.

You can also add text and music if you like. These additions will make the article more complete, as they will help tell the story.

Image resizing takes only a few minutes to learn how to do and there are countless articles and videos online to guide you.

All you have to do is enter some information along with the picture you want to transform. Most tools allow you to adjust several settings, so you can modify the image to your liking.

That way you can shorten the width or height by default, or change the position of the image on the page, among other options. Each option produces a different result, making choice easy.

Publish your own magazine

How to write articles with an ai article generator

Another excellent way to make money online is by creating and publishing your own print or digital magazine. You can create magazines about most anything, from hobby topics to business-related issues.

If you are good with words and ideas, writing is very rewarding. And once you learn how to publish yourself, it’s almost as easy to do again.

There are many ways to go about finding subscribers and readers. It is important to find one that works for you.

You can try making listings of prices for services and products, then asking people if they are willing to pay that price.Or you can search through sites that offer free listing articles.But no matter what route you choose, the thing everyone will have in common is their desire to get better information about the subject at hand.

Sell your content

How to write articles with an ai article generator

There are many ways to sell content, including selling advertising space within your own site (see below). You can also charge for articles and products that you have written and maintained yourself.

Most publishers will only accept articles that are submitted or reviewed before being published. Reviewers who want to be accepted into this program must submit articles previously published or well-written copies of their works.

You can use websites like Slideshare or Speakerbahn to generate ideas for content sessions.

Optimize your website for search engines

How to write articles with an ai article generator

Although it may seem like you need to know coding to optimize your site, all you have to do is use some original content and create a topic that will interest readers.

When creating a topic, don’t worry about keywords or how often you write, instead focus on telling a story.

What makes your article unique and relevant is your content. You want people to read what you wrote and feel a certain way after they finish.

There are many free tools available that can help you produce high-quality content quickly. The best way to see these tools are in action is by signing up for (the website made from the software featured in this video).

You can also sign up for a Google account or Facebook page to make writing articles easier. Between taking screenshots, putting together tags and adding photos, going through these takes away much of the effort of editing work.

Make money with ads

How to write articles with an ai article generator

There are many ways to make money with articles on your topic, but one of the most popular is advertising.

You can place advertisements or links to websites that sell products or services directly inside your article.

Some of the common forms of advertising included in your article will be linked to sales pages. While these offer no obligation to buy anything at all, if someone does end up making a purchase as a result of seeing those links they may consider doing so because it is easy and there is no added cost.

Other types of advertising include Google Ads or Bing Ads, which you can put into the search engine website for your topic. You can also advertise in blogs or forums for this same purpose.

Place targeted ads based on previous knowledge of what topics interest people most. Because content marketing takes time to produce results, ads promoting particular products or services often have shorter lifetimes than traditional ads.

Aranel Technologies has designed Evo along with several other useful tools that incorporate AI technology to create effective promotional materials without human intervention.

These tools take out the need to write ad copy or article headlines. Using hyperlinks instead, they train their algorithms on how things connect between pages (backlink optimization).

Evohour provides digital marketers with the ability to generate quality leads by linking them to pre-written content such as eBooks, reviews, recipes, tips, etc.

Promote other sites through paid advertising

There are many ways to promote your site with paid advertising. The most obvious way is to run ads for your own website. You can pay google or bing web search providers to list your site in their results.

You can also advertise by running sponsored posts. For example, if you know an awesome new recipe site then you could ask the company that makes the recipt software to write a post about their tool and how people can use it.

These are more opportunities to directly connect with potential visitors and sell them product services or ideas. They’re great ways to get exposed to all kinds of targeted traffic.

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