How To Write Up A Marketing Strategy

Writing a marketing strategy is not an easy task, nor does it have a clear formula. It’s not like writing an article where you start with your topic and then work backwards towards making a conclusion. With that said, there are some general guidelines that can help make yours more effective.

This article will go into detail about how to write a marketing strategy, the types of strategies, and what items should be included in each.

Make it your goal to understand your customers

how to write up a marketing strategy

As we mentioned before, knowing your audience is the key to successful marketing. But beyond just knowing who you are targeting, what they want, and when you should offer them products or services, there’s another important factor: why they need your product or service.

This is referred to as understanding their core values. Core values determine how much of a person’s income you will earn if you meet that person after she/he has lost all hope for their financial life; they determine how hard you will push people to buy from you; and they make sure you do not take advantage of someone else’s trust.

If you ever feel like people don’t believe in you or your company because you aren’t clear about your own beliefs, ask yourself whether those beliefs match yours. And if not, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your strategy.

Develop your marketing strategy

how to write up a marketing strategy

Now that you have an idea of what types of marketing you want to do, it is time to develop your own unique marketing strategy or plan.

You can start by thinking about how you could position yourself as an expert in your field. What products and services do you use? What works for you? What doesn’t work?

By being aware of these things, you will know where to direct your expertise to help promote others’ products and services. You may also find other experts in your area who are able to help you spread the word even more effectively!

Your marketing strategy should include both internal and external components.

Internal components refer to those activities done solely by you – creating content, designing advertisements, etc. External components involve interacting with people outside of your business through different mediums like social media, blogs, and conversations.

Create content that your customers find engaging

how to write up a marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier, creating effective marketing strategies is more than just having fun with writing. It’s about producing quality content that people are willing to read!

Your potential readers will quickly tune out boring or poorly written material.

So, how do you make sure your content is engaging? By sticking to your strengths and developing skills in areas like:

Topic research

Writing introductions and conclusions


Spelling and grammar

You get the idea!

By practicing these basic writers’ tools, you’ll improve your writing efficiency which can then be applied to other areas of business such as setting up meetings, drafting emails, and so forth.

Businesses that produce solid content seem to have it down pretty well. They’re not too flashy, they don’t include many pictures or references to products (unless its related to the topic), but their content always seems to ‘speak for itself.’

That is what makes them successful. So, why not aim to create content that is just plain good?

Good content leaves an impression and encourages action.

Distribute your content using all of the different media platforms

how to write up a marketing strategy

Media is one of the most important parts of any successful marketing campaign. There are many ways to use media in your business, from distributing posts on social media sites, to creating advertising campaigns, filming commercials or videos and putting them up for viewing or streaming, producing web pages and/or blogs to share information, etc.

All of these things require you to have a source of income to finance the production of the material. This could be through selling products, charging fees for services, or both!

Having an understanding of how to write up a marketing strategy is also very important. As you grow as a marketer, you will need to know what materials to create and where to distribute them so that you do not waste money.

There are several free resources available to anyone who would like to start writing about businesses and marketing.

Connect with your customers on the internet

how to write up a marketing strategy

With the explosion of digital technology, there are now ways to connect directly with your audience at virtually any time and anywhere. Online forums, social media sites, and chat apps can all serve as mediums for you to communicate and be heard.

People use these websites to talk about things they care about, so why wouldn’t you try to tap into that market? By creating content that is oriented towards something people are already looking for, you will gain some attention and maybe even new followers or subscribers.

Your marketing strategy should include using online platforms to promote your business. There are many free ones that anyone can use, which leaves little to no overhead!

There are also paid services where you get more functionality or additional features, such as being able to upload videos and photos, create blogs, run advertising campaigns, etc.

Offer a trial period

how to write up a marketing strategy

A quick way to start writing your marketing strategy is by doing an introductory write-up about how you can run your business. This introduction should include what products or services you offer, as well as what makes them special or different from others like them.

It’s not enough just to say that you do things and hope people believe you. You have to prove it to be effective. So try offering some service free for a week or two to see if anyone comes looking for yours. If they do, great! But even if no one does, at least you proved your concept and are more prepared next time around.

Encourage your customers to go to your website

how to write up a marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important parts of having successful marketing strategies is encouraging people to visit your site!

This can be difficult when they already have a site that seems like it is doing well. You will need to make sure you are not only motivating them to visit your site, but also to change their current sites.

It is very common for online businesses to use direct advertisements or sponsored posts on social media sites to draw attention to themselves. This is not a bad thing, but it may look spammy.

Try instead to find ways to help promote your business using non-commercial sources. For example, do an article review about this company’s product or service. Or maybe write a brief case study or article about something related to your field that benefits from their products.

I know some of you may feel reluctant to do this because you don’t want to seem too promotional, but I would suggest trying to be more neutral and educational. People will notice if you are hawking for sales, and there is no reason to risk damaging relationships by promoting too much.

How to Write Your Strategic Plan

Now that you have determined what areas of marketing work for your business and what types of messages appeal to your audience, you can start writing your strategic plan.

First, determine how many pages you will require. A page is usually made up of around 500 words so that makes about five thousand words per document.

Offering a promotion

A marketing strategy is always focused on something called promotional efforts. These are activities or events that your business will carry out to gain attention for it self, increase sales, or both.

Most businesses have a promotional event at some point in time. This could be an anniversary celebration, a seasonal sale, or even just because you wanted to do one!

Marketing strategies often include offering a discount, giving away products, holding an open house, and so on. Each of these activities directly impacts the sales of your product or service.

Some experts say that having a sale is the best way to promote your company. By providing discounts or special offers, people will come to you instead of searching for what goods and services they can find elsewhere.

This article will talk about how to write up a marketing strategy with examples.

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