How To Write Up A Simple Business Proposal

Writing a business proposal can be tricky, especially if you are not used to it yet. It is easy to get stuck when trying to organize your thoughts and put them into proper form.

That is why having a template or framework of proposals that have been successful done before helps! Using a good business proposal template will help you pull your ideas together and ensure they are organized properly.

This article will go over one such example proposal template with tips for writing your own. So, let’s dive in and learn how to write an effective business proposal!

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Business proposal templates are very common tools in anyone's toolbox. They seem to help people create their own proposals quickly and effectively.

Provide a list of services

how to write up a simple business proposal

As mentioned before, your proposal should include a clear and concise service listing. These can be done in two ways: as an attached document or via inline content.

For the first option, you will need to find a way to easily upload this document. Most good word processing software has an easy tool for creating documents so that you do not have to use the browser version.

Alternatively, you can type out all of the services within the body of the text article and then reference them using bold, underlined, or italic style. This method takes more writing but does not require additional software.

Both are excellent methods to include service listings in your business proposals.

Identify your target market

how to write up a simple business proposal

As mentioned before, writing a business proposal doesn’t have to be complicated or flashy. In fact, sometimes less is more! When you write a business proposal, keep it simple, direct, and practical.

Don’t try to be too fancy with your vocabulary or use of grammar unless you are very professional in what you do. Use straightforward language that people can understand without getting too technical.

Your potential customers will read your proposal so they can get the full picture of who you are and what you offer. They will also want to believe that you know what you're talking about!

Avoid using cliché phrases like “we should strive to make the world a better place” or "keep yourself busy" if those things don't really apply to how you spend your time.

Write your proposal

how to write up a simple business proposal

Now that you have done some of the work for your business, it is time to actually write up your proposal!

Writing a business proposal can be tricky because you want to make sure you sound professional but at the same time, you do not over-exaggerate or undersell what your product or service is. You also need to include enough details about the other party so they do not think you are trying to conceal information or go into less detail than needed.

When writing your proposal, try to use bullets to help organize the content. Use these bullet points as cues to create more content. Make the first bullet point emphasize why the company should do business with you, and then move onto talking about how you will handle their goods or services.

Your second bullet point can talk about supporting documents or proofs you will provide, and then close with asking them to back out now is the best time.

Test your proposal

how to write up a simple business proposal

Now that you have written an impressive introduction, gathered some important information, and fleshed out the main body of your proposal, it is time to test your proposal!

You can do this by presenting it to someone or something else for feedback. For example, you could present your business proposal to a friend or colleague, or submit your proposal online where other people will read it.

By testing your proposal, you will find out if anyone had trouble understanding what you were trying to say, and whether there are any parts of the proposal that seem overly wordy or complicated.

This will help you fix any mistakes you may have made, as well as determine whether or not your proposal needs to be revised or improved.

Present your proposal

how to write up a simple business proposal

Before you begin writing, it is important to make sure that you have done all of the necessary preparation. This includes making sure that you have done your research, picked your timing, and gathered any needed materials or tools.

When preparing for this proposal, make sure to do some brainstorming and thinking about the potential recipient of the proposal.

You want to be clear on what they like and don’t like, as well as determine if there are ever changes that need to be made before you start working. All of these things help you craft an effective proposal!

Once everything is ready, then it is time to present your business proposal. Start by introducing yourself and the other party, and then state your proposition clearly.

Some tips: When stating your proposition, use natural language and keep it focused. Don’t get too wordy unless you have proof-read your proposal several times. Use simple, direct wording to ensure the message gets across.

Your tone should be professional, but not overly formal. If possible, try to write at a casual conversational level to better connect with your audience.

Get your contract

how to write up a simple business proposal

Before you begin writing up this proposal, you will need to get yourself a formal written contract that contains all of the necessary information. This includes who is being contracted with, what services they are getting, when and where the service is happening, how much money there will be for payment, and your contact information.

It is very common to use pre-existing contracts as a source for ideas for making your own business proposal. It is also good to make sure your proposed contract is legal in both content and format.

Once everything is done, then you can start putting together your proposal!

Plan out the main points of your proposal using bullets

As mentioned before, the first step in writing up a business proposal is to plan out the main points. These should include what the other party’s responsibilities are, what yours are, an outline of the services to be provided, and how much money each person is going to receive.

When writing these things up, try to keep them short and simple. The more complicated you become, the harder it will be to read through and understand.

Finish writing your proposal

how to write up a simple business proposal

Now that you have written your proposal, it is time to edit it and add some final touches. This includes editing your business title, adding photos or pictures to represent yourself as the offering, and making sure everything in the proposal makes sense and is clear.

Once you have done that, you can now either print out the proposal or save it as an PDF file so you do not need internet access to send it.

You will then need to take this paper document and put it through a printer, which should process and print the documents quickly. If you are using a computer program like Microsoft Word, you can easily use the ‘Print’ option to get things printed.

Provide a firm contract

how to write up a simple business proposal

As mentioned before, your proposal is not a sentence but rather a well-written argument or discussion of factors. Therefore, it makes sense to make sure you include important components in that argument.

One of the most basic things to include in any business proposal is the contract itself. This should be clearly written and very formal so there are no doubts about what rights either party has.

This way, when negotiations come around to other points such as paychecks or benefits, none of the parties feel like they’re being taken advantage of.

Also, having this initial agreement can help avoid any potential lawsuits later.

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