How Ways To Make Passive Income

As we already mentioned, investing is an excellent way to make passive income. With every investment you have, you are giving up some of your time in exchange for a small amount of money that grows over time.

The great thing about this type of income is that it does not require too much effort or action on your part other than choosing which investments to make. You can simply spend your free time doing something you love, and still earn enough revenue to survive on.

There are many different types of investments that can be done at any stage in life, so even if you are working full-time now, you do not need to worry about putting in extra hours to reap the benefits of investing.

Many people begin investing as soon as they start earning significant amounts of money. By investing early, you will benefit from our second tip!

Tip: Invest Wisely

You do not need to invest into expensive, flashy stocks unless you feel that is what your money should go towards. It is okay to keep your portfolio modest at first until you learn more about investing.

It is always better to have a few less expensive assets rather than lots of pricey ones! Renting a house using the dividend method is a good example of this.

Start a blog

Starting your own business is an incredible way to make passive income. With a blogging platform, you can create blogs and earn money through advertising, affiliates, and donations.

Running your own website comes with its own set of problems though- how do I market my site? What keywords should I target?

The solution to both of these questions is marketing. You will need to find ways to spread word about yourself and your site to draw in new visitors.

This is where social media becomes important. By sharing your online life all over the place, you’ll get exposure and hopefully some followers or friends who enjoy what you have to say!

By starting a successful blog, you are already well on your way to creating a source of steady income. Read more…

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Publish a book

how ways to make passive income

Being an author is a great way to make passive income. With it, you can publish anywhere from short stories to novellas or even books!

Writing a book is a productive way to make money because you do not need much of a budget to get started. You do not have to invest in expensive publishing tools or equipment to produce your book.

In fact, most of the resources needed to write a book are already available to you- just take them somewhere where you can access them easily. Technology has made producing a book easy.

There are many ways to earn royalties through writing a book. Some of these ways include giving away copies of your book for free, selling printed versions, and using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing as mentioned above.

Another way to earn more revenue is to use your social media accounts to promote your book. By doing this, you will be creating content that helps boost engagement and traffic for your site which can lead to more sales.

And lastly, you can start working with other authors to create collaborations or introductions into products or services related to yours.

Offer your services as a tutor

how ways to make passive income

Tutoring is a great way to make passive income. There are many kids in schools that need help learning different skills or you can pick an area of expertise and teach students about it. You could even go one step further and create your own lesson plan and teaching material and offer your service via YouTube or Facebook.

Tutors are paid per hour depending on what subject and number of students they have, so there is never a short time period when you are not getting paid. Some tutors develop relationships with their students which helps them work more efficiently and longer hours, creating more money for them.

There are several ways to start making extra money as a private tutor, but being able to connect with other people through sharing knowledge and experience is a good place to begin. Plus, tutoring gives you the opportunity to help others and achieve success.

Start a business

how ways to make passive income

Starting your own business is one of the best ways to make passive income. All types of businesses can be done passively, which means you will not have to monitor or oversee the process that it takes place.

Business owners spend their time focused on other things: running the company, marketing for new clients, talking with potential customers, and keeping up with all of the demands in the workplace.

They are paid professionals while they focus on these other things. By having a business that pays its owner for working less, and investing the money needed to run the business, this system works well for many people.

The type of business that can be done passively varies from person to person, but there are three main areas that most successful business owners invest in: technology, health/wellness, and entertainment.

Technology-focused businesses use software or gadgets to help accomplish tasks. For example, someone who has a computer business purchases software to manage and update her business’s website. Health and wellness-related businesses offer services to others or products containing natural remedies or supplements.

Entertainment is an easy way to make passive income as a business owner. You can pick any genre of movie or show and sell tickets to the movie or purchase merchandise related to the show.

No matter what kind of business you want to start, do some research and determine if this concept makes sense for you! There are plenty of online resources available to get helpful information.

Invest your money

how ways to make passive income

A lot of people get overwhelmed with all of the ways they think they should make money. They feel that if it is seen in the media or even spoken about openly, then it must be easy to do.

But being able to retire well takes effort. It will not happen overnight, nor does it occur by having a ton of skills and experiences.

It takes investment. In time, resources, energy and money. Becoming wealthy requires us to invest in things we know are good for us, things that help us grow mentally and physically, and things that give us inspiration and motivation.

These are our investments. We can’t expect to reap benefits without them.

The key word here is ‘investment’. You have to put in something valuable before you can hope to gain from it.

And what better thing to invest in than yourself? By investing in yourself, you are creating an experience for yourself.

This is an important part of growing as a person. You are teaching yourself life lessons and how to motivate yourself.

You are educating your mind so that you can achieve your goals more effectively.

Consider the tax implications

how ways to make passive income

As with any form of income, how you manage your passive income depends heavily on what level of taxes you are willing to pay. It’s important to be aware of all of the different types of passive income so that you can choose the least expensive routes for paying taxes.

Income sources that generate recurring revenue typically carry less risk of being audited than one time only transactions. For example, Amazon is a great way to make money through the sale of products but they also offer Amazon Prime which gives you free shipping!

By adding this item as an additional membership fee, Amazon has created more potential income opportunities for their members. Because it is a recurring expense, it is easier to ignore when there is not much left over after other monthly bills. This makes it a lower risk source of income.

Another option would be to contribute to an investment fund or retirement account such as a 401k. By doing this in the right amount and proportion, you can easily save several thousand dollars per year in fees!

This article does not contain any studies or research done by either of the authors.

Set up a website

how ways to make passive income

A domain name is like your online business account number. It allows you to create an easy-to-remember URL for your site. Because it will be searchable, this is very important to pick a good one!

Most people start their internet businesses with free domains such as or You can also go through sites that charge per year to use their services (think of them as the Netflix of websites – they are expensive but worth it!).

There are many ways to make money beyond just selling products via Amazon and/or Etsy. These additional income opportunities are called affiliate programs. By signing up for these, you get paid a small amount per sale referred by the company who sponsors you.

The most popular way to earn extra cash via affiliate marketing is by sharing a service or product you already use via another platform. For example, if you used Google as your search engine, you could share your experience by putting in links to other trustworthy search engines.

By doing this, you receive a small payment every time someone clicks on your link and goes to your chosen service. Some prefer to refer to this as ‘referral’ revenue because you don't actually sell anything yourself.

Start a Pinterest or Instagram account

how ways to make passive income

Starting an online business is not for the faint of heart, nor are all strategies needed to succeed at it. But one thing that every small business owner needs to know how to do is promote their products via social media.

Running your own business means being out there constantly promoting what you have to offer, so this is essential to success.

By having your own website and sharing information about your business through various sites and forums, you will be giving people exposure for your business.

But another way to spread your message and generate traffic and sales for your site and business is by creating an online profile. This can be done through websites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

By creating an account here, you get free access to the software and tools they provide to help you grow your image-based business. These apps allow you to create and design images and set them aside for users to find and comment on.

Some examples of these types of businesses are taking pictures of things and putting them up on Pinterest, designing clothes and selling them on Amazon, or making food recipes and posting them on FoodPinterest or similar sites.

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