How Would The Values Of The Organization Influence The Marketing Strategy?

A strong organizational culture will influence how your marketing team approaches their jobs. If your organization has moral high ethics, for example, then you can be certain that team members will stick around longer than they would at another company with less ethical standards.

A strong internal communication system will help keep teams together as well. Your marketing department may work independently, so it is important to have clear systems in place to stay organized and accountable.

Your marketing staff will also need to know who their colleagues are outside of the workplace. An organizational culture that fosters teamwork and collaboration will ensure that everyone’s needs are met after hours.

If your organization doesn’t quite fit into this description, consider what changes could be made to create an environment like this. Perhaps there isn’t enough accountability within the departments, or people don’t interact much beyond the office. These things can easily be changed!

Big companies sometimes struggle to emphasize teamwork due to their very structured structure. You might not enjoy working in such an environment, but you can use these lessons to produce your own successful business startup.

Commercial awareness

A commercial awareness strategy focuses on educating the public about the functions, benefits, and uses of your organization or product. This is different from a promotional strategies that focus more heavily on marketing products or services.

A commercial awareness campaign could look like an advertisement, a video, a brochure, or even just people talking about your organization or product on social media sites.

Commercial awareness campaigns are usually funded through advertising, sponsorships, or donations. Advertisements and videos can be made by you (or someone hired to help promote your organization) or bgowned as part of a sponsored event or celebration. Brochures and articles can be paid advertisements in targeted magazines or newspapers.

The main goal of a commercial awareness campaign is to create conversations about what it is that your organization does and why those things matter.

Understanding your audience

how would the values of the organization influence the marketing strategy

The second part of defining your marketing strategy is understanding who your audience is. Who you are targeting and what they need or want from you is determined by two things: your organization’s values and how you can apply those values to strengthen your community connection.

The value of honesty should be evident when thinking about how to market your product. Your products and services should speak for themselves, and people will know if you are trying to oversell them or simply don’t believe in yours truly.

By this principle, I would never go into a restaurant and give my opinion on whether their food was good or not. Sure, as an outsider, I could tell you what I ordered and what I thought about the service, but that doesn’t mean anything!

People who eat there probably already have their opinions, so why would they listen to me? By staying out of the conversation, I assume they have made up their mind and decided either way if I am hungry enough to come back then it must have been okay.

This applies to marketers too. You cannot expect anyone else to take your word unless you have first done some research and validation of your product/service.

Marketing know-how

how would the values of the organization influence the marketing strategy

Another important part of any successful marketing strategy is knowing how to market. This includes things like what types of messages will work for your company, how you can use social media to promote your product or service, and effective advertising methods such as billboards, TV advertisements, and magazine ads.

Companies that are able to connect with their target audience are more likely to experience success than those who do not. Messages should be clear, concise, and meaningful – something your company could benefit from.

The values of your organization should directly influence which messages you choose to use. For example, if your company believes in humanitarianism, then using words like “save the world” or “change the world” would be appropriate slogans. On the other hand, if your company promotes violence and hatred towards others, then using these type of phrases would be misguided.

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