Jack in the Box Spooks Customers with Halloween-Themed Marketing Blitz

**Jack in the Box Turns Tacos into Terror: Breaking Down a Monstrously Successful Marketing Strategy**

Once again, it seems Halloween has more up its sleeve than just ghosts and pumpkins. As the spooky season looms, nothing pairs better with this eerie holiday than the release of spine-chilling ads. American fast-food restaurant chain Jack in the Box is diving headfirst into the fright-night fervor with a hair-raising marketing campaign centered around their Monster Tacos and new Angry Monster Tacos.

The campaign, conceptualized by TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, introduces the brand's first-ever horror short film called “Feeding Time,” which is a sinister nod to the chain’s renewed Monster Tacos lineup. Couple this with other short-form spots set to run on linear, streaming, and digital video platforms, and the outcome is a formidable multi-channel marketing beast that is truly bone-chilling. Just when we thought this couldn't get spookier, an Angry Monster Truck promised to haunt the streets of Los Angeles on October 21, offering party-goers a delightfully ghoulish experience.

This immersive digital and experiential campaign showcases how Jack in the Box has leveled up from simple Halloween gags to delivering an authentic cultural offering, showing respect to fans' intelligence while ensuring the brand's product seamlessly fits into the narrative.

Moreover, these ads will extend their spectral reach across various channels, including a 30-second live-action spot on Hulu and food-focused ads on premium streaming platforms such as YouTube, Paramount, and Twitch. Also, adding to the bone-tingling excitement, consumers can use a hidden code in the short film to avail offers on the brand's app, marking an innovative bonus for Jack Pack loyalty program members.

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