Japanese Candy Brand Hi-Chew Sweeps US Market with Nostalgic Advertising Strategy


Are you riding the wave of changing tastes in sweet treats? Hi-Chew is a Japanese fruit candy that’s been tickling taste buds in the Land of the Rising Sun for decades but only started making a splash in the U.S. in the past decade. A strategic marketing push centered on Major League Baseball has grown their sales from a humble $8 million in 2012 to over $100 million this year. And now, Hi-Chew is entering the chat with the young, voracious millennial and Gen Z markets.

Let me unwrap this chewy news for you – with a penchant for discussing and discovering new products, these younger consumers are a lucrative market segment. Morinaga, the brains behind this soft, fruity delight, observed a striking similarity between its brand and Gen Z. "[Gen Z] all wanted to be part of a community, but they also wanted to be unique… We believe that uniqueness is the mutual language where we can build that emotional connection", said Joanne Hsu, senior brand marketing manager at Morinaga America, Inc.

Their first attempt to get cosy with these younger consumers is a 30-second spot launched last month running across digital channels. The ad invites viewers into the magical land of Hi-Chew, replete with giant fruit swooping through the sky, butterflies donning candy wrappers and skateboards exploding into treats.

Gigasavvy, the agency behind the campaign, went the extra mile to ensure this ad was as unique, chewy and fruity as Hi-Chew itself. The ad captures the undeniable joy of eating candy as a child, bringing a nostalgia-laden joyride to connect with the Gen Z experience. But rather than just being a trip down memory lane, the ad also mirrors the formats and content that these young consumers are seeking out.

So, you might ask, what's the juicy takeaway from this fruitful foray into creative marketing?

For starters, every brand needs to forge an emotional connection with its customers. The product alone does not make the brand; the experience does. Moreover, tailoring the messaging to resonate with the target demographic can yield fruitful results, or in this case, chewy delights.

But here’s the real secret weapon: a dash of nostalgia with a modern twist can create a sticky To ensure brand recall, the messaging should weave the product within a shared, resonant narrative.

Now, let's get to the crux of the matter – where does Juice.ai fit into all this sweetness?

One word: simplification. Juice.ai helps to streamline digital marketing strategies by creating a steady flow of fresh content that can leverage the same sense of nostalgia and connection Hi-Chew has employed so effectively.

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From aiding you to dominate your niche with effective SEO content to automating your keyword research with advanced analysis, Juice.ai is a one-stop solution instrumental to your success in digital marketing. And much like Hi-Chew, we believe in making a difference by being different.

As we take a bite out of the future of digital marketing, we're anticipating a shift towards more personalized and narrative-centric advertising across platforms and media. And undoubtedly, Juice.ai promises to be a key player in this dynamic, adaptable, and, let's not forget, tasty world of digital marketing.

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Co-founder of Juice.ai, CEO of Panda
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