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The term “wellness” has grown in popularity over the past few years, with people adopting more holistic approaches to health and wellness. This includes diet changes that emphasize eating fruits and vegetables, whole foods that promote health, and reducing sugar intake.

Many large corporations have adopted this healthier approach by offering rewards for employees who practice these habits while at work. These companies typically call it Employee Wellbeing or Work Life Balance.

A growing number of employers offer money or prizes for achieving milestones such as lowering your cholesterol or weight, or practicing yoga. Some even give out cash bonuses for quitting smoking!

These incentives are not limited to just healthcare professionals and fitness facilities- they are available to anyone at any time. It does not matter if you are an employee working full time or part time, or self employed looking to improve your wellbeing- there are ways to earn points towards reward dollars online.

This article will discuss some easy ways to win virtual rewards through social media sites, shopping from the internet, and keeping yourself motivated.

K Health revenue

k health revenue

A recent trend in health and wellness is called keto or ketogenic diets. What makes this diet unique is that it requires you to go into ketosis, an elevated state of glucose deprivation, to achieve weight loss and overall health benefits.

Ketones are one of several important hormones in your body that help regulate blood sugar levels. When we eat foods high in carbohydrates (like most Western diets), your body must use insulin to process the glucose. As people who follow a keto diet know, at night time when we sleep, our bodies will store all of the excess glucose as fat.

This stored energy comes from ingesting too many carbs during the day. This occurs because your liver uses up its stores of glucose before it can burn through them for fuel. These extra calories become stored as adipose tissue (aka “fat”) which then re-emerge as triglycerides (or fats) circulating in the blood.

Studies show that eating a keto diet helps reduce body mass index (BMI) and improve metabolic health markers such as cholesterol and blood pressure. Many find that symptoms related to inflammation, like those seen with autoimmune diseases, also improve while on a keto diet.

Since starting my keto journey two years ago, I have noticed my appetite has been stable, I feel more energetic, and I lose about 1–2 pounds per week.

How is K Health doing?

k health revenue

As mentioned earlier, I have been compensated through the sale of my own products for writing this article and promoting these apps. However, I will only promote services or tools that I use myself or think are good enough to write about with full integrity.

That being said, here we go!

K Health has just over 2,000 total reviews at the time of publishing. The average review is around 5 stars which is excellent considering how new it was when I reviewed it two months ago!

The number one complaint by users seems to be the cost which can run upwards of $100 per year depending on your plan choice and how much you use the service.

I personally have never experienced any downtime due to poor server performance while using the app and its corresponding service. If anything, I experience better speed than before.

Given the price tag, I would say that K Health has succeeded in their goal to become popular!

If you are looking to try out Kiara, you can get her starter pack for free until September 30th 2018 if you enter our link into the cart.

What is K Health all about?

k health revenue

K Health is an app that allows you to create a personal wellness profile where you can track your overall health, sleep, exercise, nutrition, and more. Using this data, K Health helps you develop strategies to improve your health and keep up with the trends in healthcare.

By using technology as a tool to help you be healthier, K Health creates an incentive for you to stay engaged with it because it gives you information you need to make decisions about your health.

K Health also acts as an educational resource by giving you information about different aspects of health and how to maintain them. The app is free to use but there are paid features that give you additional tools to enhance your health.

There is one important thing to note about K Health – it does not have any nutritional advice or diet recommendations. That is something individuals must do themselves via other resources and/or interviews with their doctor.

However, K Health does offer “wellness check-ups” which look at various parameters such as blood pressure, glucose levels, and weight.

What is the company doing to boost revenue?

k health revenue

Companies that grow large make an emphasis spending money to promote their product or service. This can include advertising on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and even online ads.

By using media to spread your message, you are able to reach more people which could increase sales. The best way to use advertisements is by investing in tools that are cost-effective but still effective.

There are many ways to advertise so do not feel like you have to spend a lot of money to get results! Many things such as posting on social media sites, answering questions and comments on forums, and giving presentations are all cheap ways to market a product.

Running a contest or offering special discounts may also be done during winter to draw in new customers.

What are consumers paying for?

k health revenue

Recent studies show that even with cost-effective, low-risk solutions like vitamin D supplements, most people are not taking them as prescribed. This is particularly concerning because adequate levels of Vitamin D are needed to help your body regulate its own internal systems, including calcium metabolism.

Many individuals struggle to achieve their recommended daily dose due to factors such as poor diet, limited sun exposure, or insufficient water intake. Others may forget or never realize they need it until they don’t find it any more.

When you lack enough vitamin D, your bones can become thin or brittle which increases your risk of fracture. Also, without enough vitamin D, your body cannot process all the other minerals in your blood, leading to symptoms similar to those of chronic kidney disease. These include frequent headaches, muscle pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, and vomiting.

You also may have elevated liver enzymes, which would indicate possible inflammation. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your vitamin D level through food or supplementation, or both.

Has the price gone up for the products?

k health revenue

Recent trends in health and wellness have shifted how we approach our overall health and fitness. Due to the growing popularity of yoga, people are exploring the benefits of doing poses that were previously unknown.

One such pose is called the plank. The plank position requires you to lay on your stomach and feet parallel together. Your elbows must be bent so that your arms are supporting the weight of your body as you push yourself up.

The plank can help strengthen your back, abdominals, and shoulders and it’s easier done than thought. Most people are able to do a partial plank with their hands and/or feet close to the floor, but trying to complete one demands that you go all-out!

I know this because I tried to do my own planks several times before writing this article. It is very hard to get the balance needed to maintain the position without collapsing or breaking down.

Luckily, there are some great exercise videos online that show easy ways to improve your planking skills. By practicing these moves, you will learn how to achieve the perfect plank every time.

What products does K Health sell?

k health revenue

K Health only sells two types of health supplements – keto alternatives and weight loss aids. The first includes specialised nutrition bars and drinks, such as Nutri-Biotic Bars which are a perfect source of protein and carbohydrates.

Keto alternatives are also known as ‘ketone supplements’ because they help users use ketones to burn fat. Ketones can be found in your body when you eat enough carbs or fats.

We have linked KHR with a company that produces a coffee drink that contains acetyl l-carnitine, which is an essential amino acid that helps fuel your workouts. This product has been clinically shown to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation, both of which aid in muscle growth and recovery.

The second type of supplement sold by K Health is for general wellness. These include probiotics, herbal extracts, and vitamin drops like Vitamin D. Probiotics are live bacteria that can either be consumed directly or administered via a gel capsule or liquid supplementation.

By introducing new strains into the gut microbiome, balance and stability is achieved. Herbal extracts contain naturally occurring compounds that work together to promote overall wellbeing.

Vitamin drops come in various forms but all contain just one active ingredient. At very low dosages, these vitamins boost activity of existing substances and facilitate chemical reactions needed for healthy function.

Who are their competitors?

k health revenue

There are many companies that offer similar services as yours, but what makes you better than the rest is how your company markets themselves. You can test this out by doing some research and comparing notes with other wellness facilities to see which ones seem more professional and effective.

There’s no need to worry about competition when it comes to health revenue generation because there’s only one winner!

By offering value-based products and services, along with socially responsible business practices, you will always be in front of the game. Your competitors may want to take credit for helping people feel better, but they don’t have your backing.

You get paid not for creating feelings, but for changing behaviors and habits, which make it easier for others to feel good. This benefits them directly through improved moods and self-esteem, and indirectly via increased productivity at work and reduced stress at home.

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