Keyword Explorer — What It Is and How To Use It

We've just launched the Keyword Explorer which is the ultimate tool for getting the golden keywords that will drive traffic to your site.

What is our keyword explorer?

Juice's Keyword Explorer is a tool used to fetch low competition high value KWs.

You input a seed word (a 2-4 phrase related to your niche) and we'll find the best long tail keywords to base your content off of.

How to use the keyword explorer?

  • Click 'Add seed word' next to your My Seed Words box.
  • Enter in a 2 - 4 word phrase that is related to your websites niche.
  • Wait for Juice to find your long tail keywords (it can take up to 10 minutes to find keywords. Note: if you don't see progress bar, delete the seed word and run it again.)
  • Use the Long Tail Keywords box to see all the keywords related to your niche. Keywords are rated on a scaled from 0-100 with 100 being the ultra low competition and high value keywords.

About The Author

Ben Heckler
A former professional musician who played in some of Europe’s top venues, Ben recognized his true calling after starting a music blog built on some of Juice's early technology. Leveraging SEO best practices and analyzing traffic trends Ben now employs his skills to help other businesses grow their monthly traffic and increase their revenue. Ben is responsible for managing Juice's technical and operational teams.
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