Kraft Heinz Heats Up Snack Market with New Grilled Cheesies Campaign

Hello, juicy marketers! Ready for a hot serving of digital marketing insights? Circle around the campfire because today we're discussing Kraft Heinz's fresh-off-the-grill campaign for their new Grilled Cheesies line, and what this means for digital marketing - and of course, for

Kraft Heinz has brought the sizzle and the smell of grilled cheese right to your doorstep. They recently launched the Grilled Cheesies line under their Lunchables brand, exploiting their proprietary 360 Crisp technology that promises a crispy, pan-fried-like texture in seconds. Kraft has really outdone themselves here, heating things up in the snack market!

Supplied by insights from Marketing Dive, we know they’ve rolled out two advertisements, stirring the creative pot with "Dr. Crispy” and “Paradise". With childlike imagination, the ads explore what really goes on inside your microwave when these cheery Cheesies romp around. Goodby Silverstein & Partners sadled up with Starcom's Publicis 57 to handle the U.S. media, working in harmony to light the kindle of this cheesy campaign.

This comes after the launch of Oscar Mayer’s Scramblers, yet amidst criticism surrounding how Kraft markets its packaged foods to children. Yet with every challenge, there lies an opportunity. Let's pivot this marketing mashup towards the digital landscape and to you, dear marketers.

The key ingredient in Kraft’s campaign lies in their determination to revolutionize the meal table through food and technology - a concoction that delivers real value for families worldwide. They've blended creativity, innovation and market understanding to introduce a product that’s sure to make noise in their market segment.

Shadowing this strategy, helps you create content that sizzles. Our intelligent Autopilot feature identifies topics relevant to your company, automating your content production. Relax, we've got your back! Our digital marketing Sous Chefs whip up a content strategy that is unique, engaging and efficient with on-point SEO strategy sprinkled on top to deliver a perfect dish!

Kraft Heinz’s campaign resonates with their audience through childlike wonder, clever ad campaigns and a unique product. This mirrors’s ethos - we believe in bringing fresh perspectives to digital marketing, using cutting-edge technology to help you stand out in your own unique way. Just as Kraft used 360Crisp technology to revolutionize a snack-time staple, we use state-of-the-art AI to revolutionize your content strategy, and like Kraft is sitting at the intersection of food and technology, is perched at the crossroads of brilliant content and proprietary technology.

Looking forward, we could say that the future of digital marketing seems as toasty as a grilled cheese sandwhich! With companies like Kraft Heinz embracing disruptive technologies to improve their products and marketing, it's becoming crucial for all marketers to adopt digital-first strategies. Digital marketing is no longer just a slice of the marketing pie, it now is the pie; it's a whole meal just like Kraft's new Grilled Cheesies.

So, dear marketers, it's time to get those creative juices flowing and let your ideas sizzle, just like a Grilled Cheesie in the microwave. is here to take your content to the next level - and together, we can make your website traffic-crispy. To a future as bright (and tasty) as a Kraft Heinz’s Grilled Cheesie – Cheers!

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Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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