L'oréal Marketing Strategy 2020

L’Oreal has been around for over a century, making it one of the most well-known cosmetic brands in the world. Since its founding, the company has marketed their products with creative strategies that are still used today.

By incorporating clever marketing into their business model, they have remained popular since World War II. While some may consider their current tactics as “overblown” or “gimmicky,” they work!

In this article, we will discuss three of L’Oreal’s main marketing strategies from the past few years. These include Product Re-Introductions (PRes), Flash Sales, and Blowouts. Let’s take a look at what these mean for you as an entrepreneur and marketer!

Product re-introductions (PReS)

Product re-introduction (or PRes for short) is when a brand revamps an old product line by changing the formula or packaging. This gives new life to the product while introducing it to a new audience.

L’Oral does this routinely with many of their products. For example, back in May 2018, they launched The Perfecting Foundation in America. It was once again time to tell women all about the power of foundations!

Flash sales

A flash sale is when a seller drops the price of something very quickly. This is typically done during a limited time period such as 24 hours or 72 hours.

They are creating their own images

l'oréal marketing strategy 2020

In recent years, social media has become one of the most powerful tools in marketing. Companies have learned how to leverage it for their benefit as a way to connect with your loyal customers, promote new products, and advertise for services.

One such company is L’Oreal, an international beauty brand that is always looking to improve its business strategies. Their latest effort includes what they call “Created-Worlds,” or fake accounts that look like someone else but represent their product line.

These fake accounts are used to flaunt, inspire, and motivate others about self care, beauty treatments, and overall wellness. Some use them to talk about specific brands or products while also giving helpful tips and tricks.

By having these conversations across different platforms, L’Oral is bringing attention to themselves while at the same time promoting their products and service offerings.

They are investing in their appearance

l'oréal marketing strategy 2020

As we enter an era of constant media consumption, people’s attention spans have become shorter and they are becoming more conscious about how they look. In fact, according to research conducted by Appearance Health Management, 70 percent of respondents said that making changes to improve their personal grooming is one of the top reasons for changing job positions.

By offering premium quality beauty products, l’Oreal is able to win over those consumers who are looking to invest in their appearance. The company can also use this information to determine which brands are needed at a given time, and what types of products are wanted at a certain stage in someone’s beauty journey.

As mentioned before, most individuals begin spending money on makeup around age 15-18, and so there is a drop off after that. It is therefore important for companies like l’Oreal to find ways to appeal to young adults and get them back into the beauty market.

They are trying to be more natural

l'oréal marketing strategy 2020

For many years, cosmetic brands have focused heavily on offering “the most beautiful looks you can find”. More often than not, this means emphasizing features like rich colours or very high levels of coverage.

But with changing trends, beauty has become less about looking spectacular and more about being natural and reflective of who you are.

This is why some of the biggest names in cosmetics now offer products that are categorized as ‘nourishing’ or ‘sensitive skin’ formulations. And it seems to be catching on!

A growing number of people appreciate light washes because they feel refreshed after using them. This includes having a lower risk of developing dry or sensitive skin due to their lighter effect.

Some experts even suggest that regular use of makeup may improve your overall health and wellness. This is because antioxidants found in certain foundations and concealers help protect your skin from oxidative damage.

They are choosing luxury

l'oréal marketing strategy 2020

L’Oreal has always marketed their products as high-end, luxurious experiences. This is what makes them unique! Many companies try to be like “the others” by copying this style but it does not work for they want to be consistently recognized for being rich and well-designed.

Theirs is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. It represents opulence, extravagance and sophistication. People love this logo and design because of these qualities.

This isn’t to say that other brands cannot or should not do things that are extravagant and over-the-top, but theirs goes beyond that.

They use lavish amounts of glamour and beauty to promote their product; therefore, they get attention. Attention is what marketing is all about!

There are many ways that L’Oreal uses prestige to increase sales including advertising, media appearances, etc. A popular way to advertise is through TV commercials.

These ads can be making a claim such as “The best hair day starts with luscious locks” or “Discover your inner child with our new color crayons”, just to name a few.

By investing in television advertisements, L’Oral creates awareness of their brand while also promoting themselves.

They are choosing unique products

l'oréal marketing strategy 2020

A recent l’Oreal marketing strategy includes using different product formats to tell their stories. This is called innovation marketing or intelligent marketing.

l’Oreal has come up with new ways to use its products to promote themselves and find success. These include beauty bar treatments, educational seminars, and of course, advertisements!

Their advertising campaigns focus more on telling interesting stories about their products than just listing features. This is because people want to know how these products work and what benefits they have.

By incorporating other forms of marketing, like education and advertisement, l’Oral is bringing in new customers and keeping current ones.

They are choosing to try products

l'oréal marketing strategy 2020

A growing number of brands are deciding to go beyond just selling cosmetic products by offering their own lines or trying out new types of marketing strategies. This is especially true for large corporations that have various product lines they want to promote, or launch new ones!

Many major beauty companies have launched their own lines in recent years, including Lancôme with its Teint Miracle line and Dr. Hauschka’s Rejuvenation Cream. Both of these products received significant praise for their quality so it makes sense to expand your brand portfolio with similar products.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing- having additional product lines can help you stay competitive as more and more people adopt your products into their personal skincare routines. Having your own range can also give you some extra income as you run your business and grow it.

They are highlighting their beauty products

l'oréal marketing strategy 2020

L’Oreal has always focused more on educating people about how to use its products than promoting them directly. But, with technology moving at light speed, educating people is now very difficult. So, they made the decision to go straight into marketing by creating advertisements that appeal to everyone.

Their latest campaign features several different pictures of beautiful women showing off various L’Oralue products. The setting, the pose, and the expression all contribute to making the woman look her best while using one of their cosmetic products.

This market strategy seems obvious once you think about it, but not many other companies have done it before. It makes sense for L’Oreal as they want to get rid of any barriers to people buying their products, which is what most people need help with.

They also wanted to promote their brands beyond just looking good, but also improving your self-confidence by using their products. This way, people will be more likely to buy their product because it helps them feel better about themselves.

They are advertising on social media

l'oréal marketing strategy 2020

As we mentioned before, digital marketing is very popular these days. Brands are constantly looking for ways to promote their products through different channels.

One of the most common channels used in online marketing is social media. Businesses use it to advertise for themselves as well as get exposure for what they offer.

By investing in l’Oreal’s Instagram account, for example, you will be telling the world about all of the great brands that L’Oreal has available. Their followers can then spread the word and connect with other accounts to start talking about beauty!

It’s also an excellent way to show off the product line and improve customer engagement. By adding pictures and descriptions, potential customers can find out more information and perhaps even purchase something new from the brand.

This article will talk more about how successful companies use social media to grow their business and what types of content work best.

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