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Most people are familiar with the term marketing, but not everyone is clear about what it means. Many believe that it only refers to advertising, or spending money to gain profit, but this isn’t quite right!

Marketing can be defined as “the process of creating awareness for your product/service by interacting with potential customers through different media". The three main components of any successful marketing campaign are message, channel, and target audience.

Having these four pieces in place will create success for you and your business. Messages, channels, and audiences can be printed, broadcasted, spoken, or typed, so use them to convey your messages and achieve your goals!

This article will go into more detail about each one of these components and how to implement them into your own marketing strategies.

Definition of marketing

m marketing solutions

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of “marketing” is “the business of promoting products or services by influencing consumers to purchase them.” A more in depth definition includes describing it as an advertising strategy that creates demand for a product or service.

That first part about creating influence is really important because it underscores the importance of how well you market a product before actually buying it. You wouldn’t buy something if you didn’t believe there was a need for it, right?

So why would you try to promote someone else’s product if you don’t think their product solves a problem? If you already have what they are offering, your job just got easier!

But I get it – we all like to feel like we're not being taken advantage of. We want to believe our money doesn't count, that we'll get our rightful share after paying for everything, etc. It's hard to let go of that feeling sometimes.

And while that instinct is natural, it needs to be outweighed by how much potential your company has to help other people solve problems and earn money.

What is a marketing manager?

A marketing manager oversees the marketings of an organization- from creating messaging and advertising strategies, to picking your niche and brand names, and investing in media to promote them!

Their job also includes keeping up with new technology and shaping internal marketing processes and strategies. They oversee all aspects of marketing, not just what gets invested in directly (ads, social media posts, etc.).

The more advanced a position becomes, the higher the level of leadership needed. For example, a senior marketing leader will coordinate the work of lower level managers, directors, or executives within their department or area.

There are many ways to be a successful marketing manager. Some hold an MBA degree, while some don’t. It doesn’t matter either way as long as you have a passion for marketing and can communicate well.

At the very least, you should have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or communication.

Definition of marketing manager

m marketing solutions

A marketing manager is an integral part of your business that helps create strategies to increase sales. They look at all parts of the company’s advertising, marketing, and promotional efforts and determine what changes should be made in order to achieve success.

The main goal of a marketing manager is to spread word about how well your product or service benefits others, and then get people to choose it over the one that is competition.

Their influence comes from talking with other members of the team, such as marketers, production employees, executives, and anyone else involved in creating and executing business plans.

They make sure everything related to the company aligns together for successful outcomes. For example, a marketing manager might talk to the engineers about finding new ways to improve manufacturing processes.

After doing so, they can come up with ideas like using computer-aided design (CAD) software to produce more efficient products. This saves time and money for the company, which aids in their mission to keep growing.

Creating a marketing strategy

m marketing solutions

Developing your marketing strategy is an important part of running any business. Whether you are trying to boost sales, increase exposure, or both, knowing what strategies will work for your company and how to implement them properly are key.

As we mentioned before, creating a marketing strategy isn’t limited only to using social media, developing websites, and producing advertisements. There are many ways that businesses use to gain attention in the market place!

Businesses develop their own unique strategies that work for them. Some keep it simple, while others have very elaborate ones. It all depends on what types of results you want to see.

There is no one right way to do things when it comes to marketing.

Marketing processes

m marketing solutions

A few of the terms used for marketing include market research, advertising, promotional strategies, communication, influence, perception, perception management, and persuasion.

All of these terms describe different aspects of creating an emotional connection with your audience.

When it comes to business, someone else’s money is being spent, which makes people feel protective. It is their hard-earned cash that you are taking for products or services.

This is why influencers are so powerful. They are in a position to connect with other people about your product or service. Their prestige can create trust, and when they speak highly of your company, others will as well.

By having them use your product or talk about you, off-the-record reviews can be done. These informal conversations give you important information about the effectiveness of your product and how comfortable people are using it.

These types of exposures are very cost effective way to get quality insights.

Developing your brand

m marketing solutions

As we mentioned before, branding is an ever-evolving process that shifts with time and trends.

In fact, new technologies and strategies for marketing brands every year make it difficult to define what makes up a “traditional” way to market.

That's why there are never really set rules for what constitutes branded content. It changes constantly!

And since brands now include everything from how you dress to which car company you prefer, developing and keeping up with your personal branding is important in ensuring the success of your business.

Designing your website

m marketing solutions

When you start your search for a new business owner, or someone to take over their site, make sure you have done all of your research first!

Ask about their past experiences, if they are willing to share them, and whether or not they use online tools like SEOs use to monitor their sites. This way, you can get an idea of how much control they have over their websites and what strategies work well for them.

Offering more content

m marketing solutions

Being seen as an authority in your field is one of the most powerful ways to boost your profile. People will trust you more if you keep sharing information that people can benefit from, so start creating content today!

There are many easy ways to begin producing content. You can create a YouTube channel or set up a blogging site using WordPress or another platform. Or you can pick a niche and run with it – everyone has their favorite foods, so why not make yours known?

Whatever method you choose, be REAL! Don’t pretend to know something when you don’t, even for a little while. Your reputation will eventually catch up to you.

Running a social media account is a great way to produce content.

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