Marketing Blogs To Follow

A marketing blog is like having your own little website that can spread helpful information via posting articles, promoting products, and engaging in conversations with other bloggers and/or brands.

Most big companies have an internal blogging team that creates content for their site and for their social media accounts.

These teams are made up of content creators or writers that bring new posts into existence. They may also promote existing posts of others to increase exposure.

On the other hand, some people start a personal blog using free blogging software such as WordPress or Medium to share experiences, thoughts, and things they know.

Seth Shaylin

marketing blogs to follow

There are many ways to market your business, but some work better than others depending on what you want to achieve with your marketing. For example, if you want to gather more followers then there is nothing wrong with using flashy advertisements or buying expensive ads on social media sites.

However, if your goal is to spread your message beyond the confines of the platform, then creating a successful blog can be very helpful.

A well-written blog gives your audience a chance to read about you and who you are as a person. It also provides an easy way to contact you for questions or comments. Many people start their own blogs to generate interest in their products or services or to share experiences with other users.

It is not too late to begin writing a blog! Starting up a blog takes time so do not get discouraged. When it does not receive much traffic initially, keep posting quality content and promoting your blog via social media.

Interactive posts such as asking and responding to question and answers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great ways to draw attention to yourself and your product/service. Using tools like YouTube to create videos or making your own video tutorials are other ways to promote your brand.

Michael Hyatt

marketing blogs to follow

A popular blogger, marketer, and entrepreneur in the past few years is his online persona name Mikey Likes Burger. He has over 1 million followers on his various social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube.

He started his career working for Procter & Gamble before launching his own business and helping others run theirs. Since then he has solidified himself as an authority in marketing, leadership, and self-development.

Mikey’s style of writing and speaking comes across as casual and approachable without being simple or boring. He writes about difficult topics that other people may not necessarily agree with, but which they can take away something from.

He will sometimes write very passionately about a topic, making it seem more intense than it actually is. This is because he writes with his whole heart – he loves this industry and what it has done for him, so he wants everyone else to enjoy it too.

Darren Rowse

marketing blogs to follow

As mentioned earlier, starting your business does not guarantee success- but having a strong online presence is important for most businesses’ survival. You can create this presence through writing an article or video marketing website like yours.

There are many different blogs with content that you could contribute to and promote about your industry and services. Writing about things related to your field will help build your image and credibility as well as generate some income.

You should always strive to make your posts educational, interesting, and of value to your readers. Your goal should be to inspire action, or at least provide inspiration so they feel better about themselves and their career.

Reading other people’s blogs can give you ideas and tips for your own site. Many bloggers do giveaways and contests which helps them gain exposure.

Giveaways are a nice way to reward those who read your site and have done something to invest in your company. It creates a bond between you and your audience which is very valuable.

Brian Clark

marketing blogs to follow

A well-respected marketer, blogger, and entrepreneur, Brian is constantly sharing his knowledge through his various blogs and social media accounts. He covers everything from entrepreneurship to finance to psychology in his content.

He started blogging back in 2008, when he only had 5k followers on Instagram. Since then, his follower count has grown substantially, with over 2 million on both sites!

His blogs have also received significant attention, with many of them reaching the top 1% of all websites’ traffic every month. His consistently excellent content has won him almost 100K loyal fans across the board.

Clark is famous for being very honest and down-to-earth – something that most people can relate to. This quality is what makes his writing so powerful, as it touches upon important topics while still keeping an accessible level.

Many people know Brian now not just because of his vast knowledge but also due to his open communication style.

David Haight

marketing blogs to follow

A well-respected marketer, speaker, and blogger of all things marketing related, David Haigh has spent more than 20 years in digital media sales and marketing. He is currently part of a team that manages over 1 million social profiles for some of the biggest brands in the world!

David’s goal is to help you master your online presence by giving you smart tips and tricks you can use to improve your profile pictures, manage your accounts, promote yourself, and increase engagement and followers.

He also shares his expertise in blogging with us – he’s made several successful blogs and now teaches others how to do it!

We had a chance to ask him about his favorite blogs, why they are important, and what readers can get from reading them.

Angela Hauwert

marketing blogs to follow

As seen with our top five marketing blogs, there are many great marketer-focused resources available anywhere you look online. But how do you know which ones are worth your time?

That’s where we come in! Here at The Rich People Habit, we have gathered an exhaustive list of helpful marketing blogs that can help you stay informed on all things marketing (yes, even the tricky bits like psychology).

Many of these sites offer free content as well, so it’s never expensive to gain knowledge.

Owen Deveney

marketing blogs to follow

As seen with our top five marketing blogs, having an online presence is important for any business. With the explosion of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, it’s easy to see how powerful they are in promoting your company.

But creating a conversation isn’t just about posting pictures or videos- you have to actually write something!

Marketing blogs offer valuable content that can help educate readers on products and services, boost traffic and interest in your product/service, and provide inspiration and motivation for marketers like yourself.

They also give you a platform to promote your own product or service. By actively participating in the community, you increase your exposure while enhancing your image and brand.

So what type of marketer wouldn’t want to be involved in this? Obviously, you!

It’s not always necessary to have a large budget to start engaging in blogging. You don’t need fancy software, nor do you have to have tons of ideas before you get started. In fact, sometimes writing down things you already know will produce some great insights and tips.

In this article, I will go over three different types of blogs and why you should add them to your collection.

Lisa Hogan

marketing blogs to follow

As seen with our market research, not every business has a social media account. This is very common in companies that do not have much of a marketing budget. For these businesses, it can be tricky finding ways to gain exposure for their brand.

That is where you come in as an influencer! Influencers are people with large followings on various online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. They typically use this influence to advertise products or services by talking about and promoting them.

Their followers trust them because they believe they will tell me what product I should buy, how much my purchase is worth, and if it is good or bad, so I can decide for myself. Because of this, they tend to spend money on the product or service being advertised.

With all of this buying potential, most advertisers want to get into contact with influencers to promote their product. This is why there are many brands creating accounts specifically to connect with influential users.

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