Marketing Strategies On YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel is free, but investing in marketing strategies is not! Luckily, you can use your video platform to spread your messaging and influence more of the world to know who you are and what you have to offer.

By creating a YouTube channel, you get access to all of the features and tools that YouTube offers. These include being able to create and edit videos, upload original content, promote yourself, and much more.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve gathered 50 of our favorite businessYoutube channels, along with their main messages and market insights. In this article, you will learn about these top brands and how they use YouTube to grow their businesses.

We’d love for you to pick one or two tips from each channel to add to your own campaign. For more information about each channel, visit their respective pages here-

Pick a topic

marketing strategies youtube

The first step to creating engaging videos is deciding on a topic. Your potential audience will not be interested in your video if it does not relate to something they are looking for!

Running a YouTube channel is a lot of work, which is why most people start with only one or two videos. It is easy to create your video about any topic you want, but this is very limited in scope.

Your viewers will grow tired of watching content that you pick because it is vague and unrelated to what they look for.

You should try to pick a topic that fits into your business model or offers services related to your field.

Create a YouTube video

marketing strategies youtube

After you create your account, you will need to pick your niche or area of business to focus on. Choose a topic that you have some knowledge about so that you can produce quality content!

Now that you have your channel set up, it is time to start creating videos. The first thing you should do is make yourself- the producer of your content.

As you gear up to make your debut, think about what things you want to include in your video. Are you going to tell people how to wash their hair with coconut oil? Then add some drops of olive oil into the mix!

Or maybe you will talk about why dogs are cute. Add in some pups for effect!

Your followers and watchers will enjoy watching your videos if they see themselves as the artist. You would say this more clearly being self-produced and done by you.

You can also use software to edit your videos (most major companies offer this free or low cost). Adobe’s most popular one is called Photoshop which many people know.

Other ones such as Indesiv’s ProCreate and Canva’s Power Pack contain all of the features needed to look professional.

Buy products to put in your video

marketing strategies youtube

As mentioned before, you do not need a large budget to have successful marketing videos. Even if you are limited to only our source of income, YOU! as an entrepreneur or business person, you can spruce up your social media presence by investing in some products and putting them into use during filming.

You can buy yourself or create a small talk topic for your video with a product launch or announcement. Or even better, it can be a sponsored content video where the company pays you to promote their product.

The best way to identify whether your audience will relate to a specific product is through research and testing. Create a piece of content that features the product while incorporating your own style and voice and see what responses you get.

You might also find more people who are interested in the product online and add them as a fan or follower to spread the word.

Connect with your audience

marketing strategies youtube

A lot of people make the mistake thinking that talking about yourself is the way to go when marketing online. It is not! Doing so will only get you stressed out and overwhelmed. Your followers, watchers, and subscribers should be making their own content, not you!

Content marketing is an effective tool in promoting your business. You can create engaging videos or articles that focus on who you are as a person or what products and services you offer. This is referred to as advertising.

However, there is another type of marketing that doesn’t involve advertisements. I refer to it as engagement marketing. This is creating content designed to connect with and inspire your audience.

Your followers and potential clients will watch your videos and read your articles with a purpose. What do they want from you? To inform them? Or to gain their trust and loyalty for your business?

You must know what you are trying to achieve before you begin producing content.

Encourage commenting and sharing

marketing strategies youtube

This is one of the most powerful ways to market your product or service via YouTube. All you need to do is create content people are interested in, and then encourage them to comment on it and share it with their friends.

Your audience can easily contribute to your channel by creating comments and shares. You get exposure for your videos as well because all users will see your video feed.

By adding these functions to your account, the platform will connect you to other users who have left comments and/or shared your video. These interactions can bring in new viewers, which is what you want for your channel!

YouTube gives you the option to moderate comments and removes inappropriate ones, so make sure to look after your reputation here.

Link your video with other marketing campaigns

marketing strategies youtube

One of the most effective ways to promote a new product or service is by linking it to another item that people are already familiar with. By adding value to the existing item, you can draw in new customers who are interested in the additional feature.

By integrating your product into something else, your audience will connect the two together and perceive the company as trustworthy and professional.

This is called link-affiliation marketing and it’s powerful because it creates an easy transition for your viewers. They may not know what you're offering, but they'll probably recognize the brand name.

Your potential clients might be looking at YouTube videos about how to do thing A, so why don't you include tip B? It makes sense, right?

Here's some more proof that link-affiliation works: Many big brands like Walmart and Amazon use this theory to launch their own products.

In fact, I would say that most large corporations start off as small businesses before getting popular and rich. People who knew of and trusted the brand helped bring its success.

Distribute your video

marketing strategies youtube

Now that you have prepared your piece, it’s time to actually distribute it! Luckily, there are plenty of free channels where you can upload your video and get some feedback.

Most online platforms allow you to create an account free of cost, which is great because you will not need to spend any money to promote your content. Some of these sites offer other features, such as adding friends or creating groups, but even just posting a link to your video is good enough.

Some sites may ask for more information form you (like your email address) in order to use their service, so be sure to check out each site individually before giving away your details.

As mentioned earlier, do not worry about what else people has done with marketing videos – this is definitely not a way to gain inspiration. What works for one person does not work for another. There is no standard way to market videos, so pick a strategy that fits you and your business.

Join YouTube videos with your brand

marketing strategies youtube

Another way to use YouTube for marketing is to create an account that features you, your product or service, and some type of educational content. For example, if you sell yoga pants, you could make an account dedicated to teaching beginner yoga poses. You can then include vlogs (video blogs) where you teach new moves or things about your products.

This is particularly effective because it gives your audience a more intimate setting. You get to see what you look like when talking about yourself, which adds humanization. Your followers will also have the chance to watch you in action as you perform exercises with your clothes on!

Your follower base will grow exponentially due to this exposure, making your channel even more valuable. Not only that, but you’ll make money from ads while you're spending time creating content for your channel.

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