Marketing Strategy How To Video

Creating a video marketing campaign is much like running a business. You will need to have an idea of what kind of videos you want to make before you can start producing them.

Your first step should be to determine your goal for creating content. Is it to generate more traffic to your site, increase engagement on social media sites, or both?

Once you know your goal, you can move onto determining the mediums that will help you achieve those goals. This article will talk about some different types of videos that can be used in your marketing strategy.

There are three main types of videos used in marketing: short films, longer documentaries, and interactive experiences. All three of these styles of videos can be made using computer software such as Adobe Creative Suite or other similar applications.

This article will discuss how to create each type of video, along with tips and tricks for improving your video production quality.

Choose the right video marketing platform

marketing strategy how to video

Choosing a video marketing platform is like choosing a website domain name or deciding where you’ll live your life- you want it to be unique, efficient, and effective for your business!

There are several free option firstly, which can sometimes seem appealing, but investing in a paid plan is worth looking into because many of the success of a Business Vlog comes down to how much money they use to produce their videos.

The most common ones are YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Each one has their own pros and cons depending on what you’re trying to achieve with your channel.

For example, creating an account on YouTube is free, but then you will need to pay per view fees, which can get expensive if you have lots of views. On the other hand, there are less settings and features than some of the more advanced software.

Instagram does not allow you to add advertisers or sponsors, so making sure your budget includes that is important. The same goes for Twitter, although you can create a sponsored tweet instead.

Facebook is by far the most popular way to start a vlog, and it is very cost-effective. There are however, limitations to what you can include in advertisements. These include: links to websites, calls to action such as buy products, and references to brands.

Plan your video marketing campaign

marketing strategy how to video

After you have determined the purpose of your videos, you will next need to determine how to use videos as part of your marketing strategy. It is important to know that not every business should use videos as part of their marketing mix.

Only those businesses that can create engaging content should consider using videos for this.

Another way to use videos in marketing is creating a live stream or online event. This could be an open house for your products or services, an interactive Q&A, or even an exercise session or yoga class.

You can also do testimonials or interviews with members of the community who work for or are related to your target audience.

Develop your content strategy

marketing strategy how to video

A content marketing strategy is more than just deciding what type of content you will create and posting it, it’s about creating an algorithm for producing content consistently. It’s about having variety in your content so that your audience does not get bored.

It’s about establishing patterns and routines to produce high-quality content every time.

By doing this, your business will have consistent content people can access anywhere, which helps with engagement and sharing. Your followers and fans will feel like they know you and trust you more as the creator of this content.

Your social media accounts are a great place to develop your content style – start using them to do that!

What we look at when it comes to content marketing strategies is how well each element of the system works separately. So whether it be blogging, vlogging, Instagram stories, or listening to podcasts, how effectively these components work together makes a big difference in how successful your marketing campaign becomes.

Create engaging videos

marketing strategy how to video

The second way to use video in marketing is creating short, entertaining videos that focus on educating or inspiring your audience. This is not only great for content production, but also a good way to connect with other groups through YouTube.

You can make your videos about anything – business services, health tips, how to do things, you name it!

Your followers will enjoy these videos and hopefully want to buy what you are offering if they like them enough. Your followers will spread word-of-mouth advertising of your products and services by sharing their own experiences using yours.

Running a YouTube channel is an excellent way to promote your company, product, or service. It’s free to create a channel, which means there is no up-front cost to start promoting yourself.

However, YouTube takes time to update its algorithms and grow your audience so it’s important to invest time into developing your channel now. But once you have invested this money in your channel, you will get return on investment (ROI) very quickly.

Encourage social media engagement

marketing strategy how to video

After you have done all of your research, gathered feedback, and determined what people are talking about, it is time to start creating content!

The first step in marketing any product or service is to gain attention for their message. This means establishing an online presence that includes different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

By doing this, you are letting other individuals know who you are and what you offer. It also creates exposure which can lead to more clients or sales down the line.

But how do you make sure they listen? You use video!

Most people spend most of their time watching videos on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. The average person watches around three hours per week of TV related content. That’s over twenty-five thousand minutes per year!

That’s enough time to create some buzz if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Distribute your videos

marketing strategy how to video

The second way to use video in marketing is distributing a video or series of videos that you create and distribute yourself. This can be done through YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, advertising websites, etc.

You could make an introductory video about how to do something. Or you could make a separate video for each step of doing something.

This is very effective form of marketing as it does not cost a lot of money unless you are creating a really long movie. You can also test different ways of conveying information with your movies!

The hardest part about this method is choosing what type of video to make and when to release them. If you have a product or service that is unique, make a tutorial video explaining everything about it.

If there are many competitors out there that offer the same thing, make a quick review or comparison of the products.

Create a website

marketing strategy how to video

A well-marketed product or service will have an interactive web presence that includes a website, social media accounts, and sometimes a mobile app. Creating these assets is time consuming, however! Luckily, you can pick up where we left off with all three of those element in this space.

We are sharing our step by step process for creating a free WordPress site here so you can start building your online business right away. Plus, this article has some great tips as well!

Bonus: Check out my quick review of two of Mykal’s Product Creation Tools here.

Create a blog

marketing strategy how to video

A good way to begin marketing your business is by creating an easy-to-access online presence that you control. This can be done through creating a website, developing a strong social media profile, or both!

To start off with a site is great as you do not need internet access to use it. You can simply use Google Chrome to create yourself an account and then design and update the content yourself.

By having your own space to spread out, you will also have greater motivation to put in more effort into posting and linking to other sources. It also helps promote engagement – people love reading blogs so they will definitely want to read yours!

Having a site comes with its own set of tools which help connect you with others around the world. These include free blogging platforms like WordPress or paid ones such as Squarespace or Shopify.

These sites give you different ways to organize and edit your content, interactive features to gain followers, and even track how many views and comments you get on each article. They also offer basic software for editing pictures and videos.

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