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A well-marketed new business has good marketing strategies to draw in new customers. They know how to market their product or service through different channels, use appropriate media to promote their services, and are careful about how they advertise so it does not feel forced.

The same goes for an established business that is trying to grow! It would be easy to say “we’ve got this” when you look at the success of your favorite brands, but what if I told you that those companies were not always successful?

It takes time to build trust, and even more time to earn people's confidence. That is why being authentic is important. If someone ever had a bad experience with your company then chances are they will never do business with you.

That is why being consistent is so crucial. Once word gets around that your company doesn’t keep its promises, people won’t deal with you.

What about negative reviews? Even though there are clear negatives, some people may still believe that your business will help them meet their goals. Unfortunately, they might be wrong, and leaving negative feedback can have long term effects on your business.

You must figure out how to manage all of these factors to ensure that your business stays strong. When done correctly, no one will give you kudos for things that cost you money.

Buy a domain name

marketing your blog

If you want to start creating content that leads to money, then you must have your own domain name. This is like having an online business website that people can visit to learn more about you and what you offer.

It’s also important to note that most good web hosting companies will be able to help you find and purchase your new domain name free of charge.

This way you won’t need to spend any money at all! They will take care of it for you.

So how do you pick out your domain name?

Pick something that represents your field or area of expertise very well. It should clearly state who you are and give someone looking online some sort of idea of what you offer. Make sure it is easy to type too!

I would recommend using ___________ (insert your chosen field here) as your domain name. That way you become part of that community and their site will direct users to yours.

Publish your blog on the website

marketing your blog

When you start your own business, it is very important to know what kind of online presence you will have. Will you make yourself known as an expert in the field? Or will you remain anonymous, developing your reputation over time?

Having a well-managed blog is one way to establish your brand and get some exposure. By creating an individual profile on blogs that are connected to yours, you can increase your visibility even more!

By optimizing your profile on these sites, linking to their pages, and adding content to your own site, this will all contribute to your success. Many people begin blogging by writing about things they love, so starting from there is a good idea.

Choose a theme

marketing your blog

Choosing a topic or area to write about is an integral part of having a successful blog. You want to make sure your audience is well-fed, so start with choosing a them!

The hardest thing about blogging is deciding what genre you will fall under. Is your style more business oriented or personal? Will it be educational or just entertaining? There are many ways to do it, but one of our best tips for you is to choose a theme.

A theme is like a livery for your blog – it sets its tone and immediately tells people something about what content you plan to provide. Themes can be general (blogging) or specific (food writing, fitness, etc.). It’s up to you, but most bloggers pick a genre and then create content within that framework.

Your readers will quickly know what to expect from you, which helps in building trust and confidence. Plus, they will easily recognize the value of your content since there’t been much like it before.

Start building your blog

marketing your blog

Starting a business is always tricky, but running a successful blogging site can be even more difficult! Luckily, you have us to help you out as professional bloggers. We will take all of the legwork out of starting a new website or revamping an old one.

The most important thing to know about blogs is that they are not about what you want them to be about. They are about what type of person you are and what kind of content you are passionate about. Your blog should reflect these things.

Your audience will pick up on this if you don’t put in much effort into yours. You would never tell someone who was interested in cooking how to stay healthy, so why would people read your blog if it seems like you aren’t very invested in it?

Think about it – when you start reading our own blogs, we talk a lot about ourselves and our experiences, but none of us ever say “my biggest challenge today was figuring out whether to buy brand-name or generic food” or “I struggled with my motivation this week because I could only find one recipe for such-and-such cuisine.”

We love food, and we're pretty creative, so we write about it and cook it, but we never really discuss what we enjoy eating and why. We may mention some recipes here and there, but we never really get too deep.

Buy advertising space

marketing your blog

Advertising on your own website is great, but it’s not very cost-effective unless you have a large budget. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since most blogs don’t carry as much weight with their readers as larger sites like Facebook or Google.

To mitigate this problem, you can buy advertising spaces on third party websites to promote your blog. There are many ways to do this, so be sure to check out some of them!

Some common places where people advertise online include:

Social media – You can pay to put your business’s name in someone else’s feed, or create an account for your business and use that. For example, if you owned a baking company, you could purchase ads on Pinterest or Instagram to feature recipes or tips for baking.

You can also find lots of web hosting companies and service providers who will let you add a banner or logo to showcase their product. Websites such as offer advertisements at no additional cost!

Blogs – Many bloggers make money through advertising, by offering sponsorship opportunities or revenue sharing via affiliate links. By promoting the products or services they believe in, they get compensation for it.

There are several different types of advertising spots on a blog, including:

* Product reviews – Companies send free items to bloggers which they must review honestly.

Create engaging videos

marketing your blog

A video is a medium that has exploded in popularity over the past few years. With the ability to be shared via many platforms, it has become one of the most effective ways to market your business!

Making a marketing video isn’t very difficult, but it does take some time to produce something good. Take your own advice and don’t rush through it; instead, make sure you have planned out each part thoroughly before writing a word.

The first step in creating an interesting YouTube video is to decide what type of content you want to create. This could be an introduction to your business or product, testimonials, how-to guides, etc. Next, pick a genre and search for material within that field to see if there are any examples you can use as inspiration.

After choosing a topic and gathering needed information, the next thing to do is to prepare ahead by filming and editing yourself.

Create engaging blog posts

marketing your blog

Starting your own business comes with lots of responsibilities, one of which is marketing yourself and your services. You will be doing it for others so you need to make sure that you are giving them what they want or else they may not stick around very long!

Your first step in marketing yourself as an entrepreneur is creating content for your website and then promoting those websites via social media, chat groups, forums and advertisements.

By providing valuable information to your readers through well written articles they will form a opinion about who you are as a person and if they like what they see, they will likely do business with you.

You can also use your writing skills to create new blogs related to yours to gain more followers.

Link your blog with other services

marketing your blog

One of the first ways to market your blog is by linking it to other sites and platforms. This can be done through anrdership, reciprocal links, or paid advertisements.

Through membership programs such as Yoast’s KWYD (Keep Writing Everyday) community, you can create a writing challenge and invite others to join you for your own personal development. You can then keep track of everyone’s progress in a shared online notebook or even have group chats where people share their work.

Reciprocal link systems are great way to connect with new blogs that may offer you a discount or special deal if you read their article. If you write about fashion, for example, you could ask another lifestyle related site to feature an article you wrote about finding cheap dresses at secondhand stores.

Paid advertising is one of the most expensive types of marketing, but it is very targeted so it will not waste your hard-earned money. By and large, the more exposure your website gets, the more traffic it will draw, which is what really matters in the end.

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Tiara Joan Ogabang is a talented content writer and marketing expert, currently working for the innovative company With a passion for writing and a keen eye for detail, Tiara has quickly become an integral part of the team, helping to drive engagement and build brand awareness through her creative and engaging content.
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