MLB's New Ad Strategy Hits Home Run, Revenue Climbs 23% to $1.5 Billion

With baseball bats cracking and gloves popping, the MLB’s recent restructuring has seen not only exciting gameplay changes but a major shift in advertising strategies. Far from getting thrown a curveball, data shows new marketing initiatives are hitting it right out of the park, with team sponsorship revenue climbing a remarkable 23% this season to a whopping $1.5 billion.

This isn't just a simple base hit! 500 new sponsors have dived into the game plan, driving the deal volume past that of the NHL and NFL. So, while the games might be shorter, it turns out that when it comes to advertising, it's the quality of the pitch that counts!

Moreover, these changes seem to have been welcomed by the audience as the league viewership has passed top prime-time shows by an impressive 125%. So, despite the worries about shorter games and less exposure time for ads, it seems like public interest is soaring like a home run.

The pathway to victory isn’t just through grand slams. Fresh talent has also stepped up to the plate, with newcomers like Corbin Carroll and Gunnar Henderson seeing their social media presence skyrocket by 327% and 97%, respectively. These rising stars are attracting advertisers like homers attract cheers. Julio Rodriguez, for instance, pulled in 20 endorsements in the past year alone—a clear indication that brands are rushing to have their names associated with promising players.

Interestingly, financial services solidify their position as the MVP of advertisers, contributing $200 million in revenue with a 38% increase in investment from 2022. The tech industry, too, is stepping up to take a swing at advertising with a surging 53% increase from last year.

Beverage advertisements have met some interesting stats, though. Beer, we had a good run, but it's time to move to the dugout. This all-American beverage has seen its deal share fall by 10% to a 45% share this season, on par with ready-to-drinks and spirits.

Overall, these changes seem to be a hit with fans and have rejuvenated the brand presence in MLB. As Bob Lynch, CEO of SponsorUnited, indicated, focusing on improving the fans' experiences while accommodating brand presence seems to have knocked it out of the park.

Let me put on my guru hat and look into the crystal ball of digital marketing: Considering the success of MLB's recent advertising strategy shift, we are likely to see more brands utilizing emerging talent and platforms, and seeking organic engagement.

Enter, an artificial intelligence-powered platform. It empowers businesses to tap into targeted demographics by predicting high-value, low competition topics and generating well-structured content around them—an ideal seventh-inning stretch for businesses struggling to keep up with the fluctuating marketing landscape.

MLB's journey is a testament to the power of adapting to change, of hitting fastballs out of the park, and with's AI capabilities, businesses can adapt and grow in any marketing ballpark, batter's box, or broadcast booth. Let's put it this way: With in the dugout, businesses are never in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and no runners on base.

In the future, as MLB continues to evolve and change, so too will marketing strategies. Adapting to these changes will be easier with After all, as the old saying goes, adapt or strike out. And with, the chances of striking out are as low as a perfect game in the World Series. But what do I know? I'm just a master marketing guru from Portland, Oregon. Play ball and let's see how this game turns out!

About The Author

Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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