Modelo Overtakes Bud Light as America's Favorite Beer Amid Controversy

The Chug of Change: Bud Light Dethroned, A Sobering Reminder for All

Just when we thought nothing would come of Bud Light's newly found affinity for social media stirring, recent data reports a seismic shakeup in the beer industry. For years, Bud Light confidently held the crown as America’s favorite beer—until now. According to recent NielsenIQ data, Mexican beer behemoth Modelo Especial has dethroned Bud Light, seemingly cashing in on the furore surrounding Bud Light’s controversial partnership with controversial TikTok personality, Dylan Mulvaney.

Now, before you pour out a solemn "pour one out" for Bud Light, let's be clear: it isn't exactly going flat. During a four-week period ending the week of June 10, Bud Light posted a 7.2% dollar share in the beer category, a dip from its year-to-date (YTD) of 8.9%. In contrast, Modelo's dollar share bloomed to 8.4%. It seems the Mexican lager has been steady pacing, not sprinting, toward this accolade, giving brands a masterclass in the power of slow and steady growth.

Modelo, a product of Constellation Brands in the U.S., and AB InBev globally, spent years cultivating a thriving customer base that helped them bypass Bud Light, further showing the importance of creating sustainable growth and bonding with a reliable consumer base.

Rumors of Light's Downfall May Have Been Exaggerated

Despite Bud Light's standing, don't write off its recovery just yet! According to Dave Williams, VP of Analytics at Bump Williams Consulting, Bud Light's huge volume advantage and 20-year history as America's beer of choice are strong pillars of resolve that could see the beer bounce back in the future.

It seems the AB InBev brand and its stakeholders are betting on marketing wizardry to put Bud Light back in the spotlight. The brand's push includes expanding its "Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy” campaign, along with a new media spot. A campaign, titled "That’s Who We Are," is also in the works, which features people involved in the beer-making process at every step.

So, What's the Angle?

With this sudsy scenario as a blueprint, we can see how scandals and missteps—especially in marketing—can leave a bitter aftertaste. On the other hand, there's Modelo. With smart, consistent marketing, they were able to eclipse a larger, higher-performing competitor.

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Now, let's pour a pint of future-gazing! As digital marketing evolves, providing personalized and quality content to customers will become increasingly important. More than ever, interacting directly and honestly with consumers is seen as a critical success factor for brands—just ask Bud Light!

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All in all, whether it's brewing a successful marketing strategy or avoiding a Bud Light-sized blunder, is here to help. Now sit back, grab a cold one—whatever your preference may be—and let us work our digital marketing magic for your brand. Cheers to that!

News article (verbatim): “The Fall of Bud Light: The Impact of Scandal and the Rise of New Champions” Marketing Dive, June 30, 2023.

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