Most Common Passive Income Options

As we already mentioned, creating and selling products is one of the most straightforward ways to make money online. With us so far?

Now let’s talk about another way to make money online beyond selling products or offering services. This other strategy is referred to as passive income.

With passive income, you don’t have to do anything to make money but sit back and wait for it to come to you. The thing that makes this different from normal job hunting is that there isn’t always someone else doing the work and getting paid for it.

With these types of businesses, all the work is done for you – the hard part has been taken care of! You are simply waiting to receive your paychecks now.

The term “passive income” was coined in the 1980s when computer entrepreneur Brent J. Koble started donating his time to various websites he owned by writing content and managing their social media pages. He made enough off advertising revenue and donations to cover his expenses, making him a passive recipient of web traffic and advertisements.

Since then, many people have experimented with different strategies and systems for achieving this goal. Some succeed quickly, while others take longer to start generating a healthy income.

What matters most is that you're keeping yourself motivated and going after what you want. We'll discuss some examples of how professional internet marketers achieve this later in this article.

Appreciating assets

most common passive income

A less popular way to make passive income is to invest in stocks or other assets that will gain in value over time. While this can be very exciting, investing heavily in such assets isn’t necessarily the best strategy if you want to retire wealthy.

By spending your money now on investments that may not generate much income, you are actually wasting your wealth. This doesn’t make sense once we get into more detail about what it means to spend, and why putting away savings is so important.

When you enjoy what you have, you save more effectively. By being aware of how much money you have, you also know how much you need to save for your dreams and goals. You don’t keep going out to eat because it feels good, you do it because you need to stay healthy!

Investing in assets requires you to hold onto those resources until they increase in price. This is difficult when times are not quite as stable as them at the height of the economic boom. When economies are performing well, people tend to spend more, which increases the price of most things.

It becomes increasingly hard to find great deals on many products due to high demand. It is easy to put off buying something expensive if there are no really good discounts, but investing requires you to buy enough to make a difference.

The thing about investing though, is that even if you are losing money, you are still laying the groundwork for future success.

Online businesses

most common passive income

Starting an online business is one of the most common ways to make passive income. There are several reasons why this is such a popular way to earn money. First, you don’t need a lot of capital to get started with many of these products. You can start with very little money up front and still have a successful business.

Second, some of these services give you the opportunity to create your own product or service and sell it as part of their platform. This helps you to hone your craft and provides more opportunities for growth.

Third, many of these services offer both free and paid versions, which means you can start small and add onto it if needed. Some only require a small monthly fee so there is no expensive starting place!

Fourth, many of these services generate revenue through advertising or sponsorships. This removes the need to rely solely on sales to keep the business running.

Fifth, many of these services reward you for doing something else- creating content, responding to messages, etc.- by paying you for that activity. For example, if you were hired to write a book, you would be paid for writing it, not buying all of the equipment used for production.

Sixth, many of these services compensate you in different ways; frequent travelers pay per diem to spend time working from wherever they happen to be, for instance. Or someone who has a lot of experience could get paid more because of that expertise.

Low-risk debt

most common passive income

Recent trends in income for most people is not from investing, but instead is coming from credit cards. It’s all too easy to get into bad debt due to overspending, so it makes sense to look at ways to make money without investing or taking risks.

Debt has a way of offering passive income if you are careful about how much you spend and what type of credit card rewards you use. Many people have their highest income period during the winter when they ski or snowboard, so why not capitalize on those downtime days?

If you read our article on best personal loans online, there are several great loan providers that offer very competitive rates.

Equity investments

most common passive income

One of the most common types of passive income is investing in an equity investment. This is when you invest in a business or group of businesses, either through buying a share of the company or by becoming employees at the companies.

You as an investor take ownership of part of the company’s stock, thus sharing in some of the profits the company makes while you sit back and collect your dividends!

A very successful entrepreneur I will mention later in this article has done just that with his dividend paying stocks. His website teaches how to pick great dividend stocks for high monthly returns.

His sites also include lots of tools and tips to help you start building a stable retirement fund. All are free resources he doesn’t get paid from advertising so they are truely valuable assets to learn more about him and his site.

That guy knows what he is talking about and it has nothing to do with being rich. He grows wealthy via giving away his knowledge so people can succeed in the way he has.

His method isn’t for everyone but if you love to research things then it may be something worth looking into.

Convert your business into a business ownership program

most common passive income

As we mentioned, you do not need to have a large income or a lot of money to start investing. Many people make their income off of investments, so it is definitely possible! Becoming an owner of a business is one of the best ways to do this.

Business owners typically use profits from their company to invest in more businesses. This is called diversifying your investment portfolio.

By owning a small percentage of a larger business, you get the benefit of being part of a team with other individuals, as well as access to the resources and finance of the company.

This is how most rich people are – they invested in lots of companies that contribute to their wealth. By having a little bit of control over these companies, his or her net worth increases.

There are many different types of business structures, which determine what portions of the company belong to whom. Some examples include:

Sole proprietorship -owner/employee- You work for yourself and pay self-employment taxes accordingly.

Partnership - equal investor partners- Each partner owns a piece of the company

LLC (Limited Liability Company)– Similar to a partnership, except no IRS formalities apply (no taxation, liability limited).

Buy a restaurant

most common passive income

Starting your own business is a great way to make money. But not every person has a knack for running a restaurant or eating food, so it’s smart to look at businesses that you can buy and revamp to suit yours.

By buying a successful restaurant, you get the opportunity to test run their system and see how they manage their operations — something most people are not able to do unless they have worked in the industry before.

This is an excellent way to begin investing as an entrepreneur, and there are many types of restaurants you can purchase. You don’t need to spend lots of cash to start generating income!

Here are five ways to make big bucks by owning a restaurant.

Start a bar business

most common passive income

Starting your own bar business can be an expensive proposition, but it is definitely one of the most common passive income strategies out there! Bars are great sources of revenue for any city, which is why there are so many successful owners in the alcohol industry.

The cost to start a bar service includes licenses, permits, insurance, furniture, decorations, liquor, and employees. Bar services typically have at least one employee, usually two. Employees that work as bartenders or mixologists make the best money because they get to interact with guests while also mixing drinks and using culinary skills to prepare food.

Drinks always account for around half of what bars earn, so professionals get paid more than someone who has their own personal favorite drink. Beverage sales help cover some of this overhead, but never enough!

Most people are familiar with drinking at restaurants, but there’s another way to enjoy alcoholic beverages without having to go through a waiter or waitress – by running your own bar. You could do this from home, or even outside!

Running your own bar takes time and effort to succeed, but not too much time or energy. There are plenty of ways to make extra money just by opening your mouth when surrounded by drinkers.

Start a tutoring business

most common passive income

Starting a tutoring business is one of the most common ways to make passive income. Tutors are professionals that teach students how to learn or improve their knowledge in various subjects, ranging from elementary school through college level.

By teaching others, you get paid for helping people develop their skills, which makes tutor jobs very lucrative.

There are many sites where individuals and companies offer tutoring services, so it’s easy to start making money as a tutor. Some of the more well-known tutoring site providers include Varsity, TestPrepUSA, and Academic Coach.

Tutor positions at these websites can earn you anywhere from $15 per hour up to an estimated $25-$30 per hour depending on your grade level and area of expertise. And like any other job, there are always extras such as classroom supplies and snacks.

This article will talk about some simple strategies to become a successful tutoring service provider without too much investment.

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