NYC Advertising Week Highlights Brand Loyalty Strategies by DoorDash and Taco Bell

#Teaming Up to Taste Test Brand Loyalty

Greetings, juicy marketers! The city that never sleeps – New York – hosted this year's Advertising Week Conference, and loyalty was on the menu. Yep, you've guessed it, fancy execs in logo-clad t-shirts descended upon the Big Apple to discuss how the heck to lure and love customers in this fickle, fleeting digital age.

The lure of the chase came in the form of DoorDash's CMO, Kofi Amoo-Gottfried. No, he wasn't delivering tacos to the session (though we wouldn't have refused). Instead, he dished out a hefty serving of food for thought: "Gaining consumer trust and loyalty is "a highfalutin notion" and — hold onto your napkins — he used relationships as an analogy.

Food, trust, relationships, and marketing all in one go stumbled into the conversation, drenching us in saucy insights and strategic flavors. 

##Pass The Guac, Trust, and Loyalty, Please!

On this panel of industry insiders, Kofi was joined by Taco Bell's Chief Digital Officer, Dane Mathews. Both powerhouses emphasized how tough the battle can be in the trenches of Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) marketing.

Even for a brand as beloved as Taco Bell, it's a fight to retain that consumer preference. Mathews noted many entities competing to whittle away at customer devotion. Brands need to keep up the hustle, optimizing their strategies, cooking up fresh tactics, and serving sizzling new methods of engaging patrons - all while maintaining their core purpose.

So, how can brands like DoorDash and Taco Bell drive engagement? With taco-subscription services, naturally! The dashing duo described their foray into subscription-based services, unveiling the 'DashPass' and 'Taco Lover's Pass'. These initiatives provide the seasoned marketers with an in-depth understanding of customer engagement habits.

##No Sour Cream, More Data Please!

The successful subscription plans allow DoorDash to taste-test the engagement habits of its most loyal users, and Taco Bell to drive frequent visits from an audience that, let's be honest, can never have enough tacos. Mathews explained how critical it is to link product innovation to specific audiences to guide and shape customer behavior.

DoorDash measures loyalty through retention and frequency, while Taco Bell taps into consumer behavior. Mathews even spoke about the brand's most passionate fans - the 'Purple Knights' - who spread the news about new Taco Bell products on social media. How do they evaluate their feisty brand ambassadors? Not by purchases alone but by how they represent the brand online.

##Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle: Making Tuesdays More Tangy

The partnership between Taco Bell and DoorDash formally sizzled into existence back in November 2022 when the duo added delivery to its mobile app. Primarily transactional in its early stages, the businesses sought to deepen their relationship by fostering more robust engagement, building mutual trust, and becoming invested in each other's growth.

As they say, the meat in a taco is the most crucial part – the recent 'liberating Taco Tuesday' campaign is what solidified this delicious partnership. Think cheesy social media campaigns, an online petition, an alliance with LeBron James, and even stepping over 'cease-and-desist' boundaries. Talk about guac-full audacity!

The epic 'liberation' even led to the trademark ditch by Taco John's in July! In response, they started their marketing push called DoorDash's $5 million comp on taco orders on September 12.

##Serving Up Some Spice

So, that's a wrap! The fun and collaborative effort between Taco Bell and DoorDash emphasized the importance of stepping beyond traditional marketing boundaries and Mr. Tresvant's #TombstoneGoals - important initiatives that are forever etched into the brand's history.

The digital marketing industry, ever innovative and bustling, is incredibly competitive - not unlike the QSR landscape. Ensuring brand loyalty and consumer trust is crucial in any environment. stands ready to provide data-driven strategies that can captivate your audience, amplify your brand, and increase customer loyalty. We're ready to sprinkle some of our flavor to your marketing approach.

In this age of fleeting attention spans and constant innovation, my best guess is that the future of digital marketing will likely place even more value on the seamless integration of AI tools into marketing strategies. As for, we aim to be the consumer's preferred choice in every scenario, just as Taco Bell is in the QSR landscape.

Who knows? Maybe we'll also have a "JuicePass" for marketers someday! *chuckles in the text*

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Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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