Pandemic Drives Surge in Social Media Usage, Brands Turn to AI for Enhanced Consumer Engagement

As the post-pandemic world slowly begins to regain some semblance of normality, social media usage is still on the up and up, with a whopping 53% of consumers reporting heightened activity over the previous two years on these platforms. This shift in consumer behavior has transformed the social media landscape, necessitating a change in how brands engage their customers via this medium, as gleaned in the recent report by Sprout Social.

A stunning 68% of consumers confess that they mainly engage with social media to stay abreast of new products and services, underscoring this platform's immense potential for brands. Ranked a close second was consumers' thirst for accessing exclusive promotions or deals. "This shows why it’s vital for social media teams to sync with product, sales, and customer service teams," shares Sprout Social’s CMO, Jamie Gilpin.

The report sheds light on consumers’ growing palate for detailed, personal interactions with brands. One may argue that brands can win over consumers by championing causes dear to their hearts, but the study indicates that only a quarter of consumers find this approach captivating. For brands to truly engage their consumers, 51% of respondents recommend simply responding to customers on social platforms. Brands need to leverage social media’s unique ability to cater to consumers individually, contends Gilpin.

Personalized responses remain a top expectation for 70% of consumers. Quick resolution of concerns and prioritization of customer service resonated with 76% of individuals surveyed. Here, timing proved crucial, with 30% expecting a same-day response, and 16% demanding a reply within minutes.

The ripples of AI's influence have encroached the marketing world, with 81% of marketers acknowledging its positive impact on their operations. Automation appears to be marketers’ most sought-after trait of AI, with over half of the respondents (54%) intending to integrate AI in self-service customer tools such as chatbots. However, marketers ought to tread lightly as public sentiment towards AI is a mixed bag, with 42% expressing slight or substantial apprehension. Balancing technology adoption and consumer trust remains the golden ideal.

Now, while the above insights set the stage for the evolving dynamics of social media marketing, how does play into this equation? Well, it's actually quite simple.'s cutting-edge suite of tools and algorithms enables brands to tap into the pulse of customer behavior, respond swiftly and meaningfully to customer queries, and navigate the complexities of the digital marketing landscape.

Here's where’s Autopilot feature comes into play. Not only can it help brands identify powerful and highly competitive keywords specific to their niche, but the platform also generates clutch, media-rich content for blog posts. The result is an upsurge in customer engagement and sales, all while freeing up valuable time for the brand.

In an era of constant digital evolution, brands can't afford to overlook the power of AI and a well-crafted social media strategy. provides the perfect blend, marrying advanced technology with top-notch content marketing techniques.

So, what does the future hold for digital marketing? With consumer expectations evolving at a rapid pace and AI ready to step in to keep up, brands that master the art of forging strong, personalized connections with their customers, all while riding the AI wave, will be the ones that stay ahead of the curve. So, in this digital marketing play, the enthusiast’s guess is as good as mine!

About The Author

Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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