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Recurring revenue is one of the most important income sources for savvy business owners. It’s an easy way to make money, especially if you have a lot of things to do that don’t require too much time or energy. You can simply wait for your products to earn their keep and then enjoy them!

With recurring revenue, you receive a fixed amount of money each month (or even weekly) with no risk beyond what you invest in creating content and promoting it. The hard part is sometimes figuring out how to create content people are going to want to buy and promote!

At PayChex, our goal is to help small businesses manage their payroll processes more efficiently, which means helping them avoid fees as much as possible. That’s why we devote ourselves to finding ways to offer free services to our customers.

One of the ways we've done this is by offering a FreePay service, where employers can test-run our paid product without spending a dime. We call it "FreePay" because it's always been completely free to use, and now you can get up to $1,000 per year per employee (per company) to use it!

We also run special promotions throughout the year to give away additional FreeCredits, so check back here often to learn about those.

Examples of recurring revenue

paychex recurring revenue

Systems with recurring revenues have what we refer to as “continuous” revenue streams. This is because they are always in place, even when there is no sale or conversion at this particular time.

For example, let's say that you write an article for a magazine that has 100,000 readers every month. Your monthly income comes from the fee it pays you per article written (monetary reward) plus the membership fees users pay to access additional features on its website.

This isn't necessarily continuous revenue since you can go months without writing an article or users may not want to pay to see your extra content yet. But overall, it adds up!

Recurring revenues are important because they keep the business running like a machine. They don't work efficiently during times of low productivity, but once you're able to produce quality content, you get paid very well.

How to create recurring revenue

paychex recurring revenue

The easiest way to create new streams of income is to keep your skills in-demand and increase your productivity through efficient time management. As we discussed, this includes improving your personal efficiency and learning how to manage your money more efficiently.

Running your own business allows you to implement these strategies at no cost except for what you spend on marketing materials and legal documents. Starting your own business also gives you control over most aspects of the company including how it’s run!

The hardest part about creating and running a successful business is not picking the idea that will work, but knowing when to stop investing in that idea. You have to be able to evaluate yourself and say “This isn’t working, I need to try something else.”

There are many ways to achieve success as an entrepreneur, so don’t get stuck trying to figure out which one is right for you. Many people make their journey towards self-employment look very complicated, but there are some universal principles that can help anyone launch into action.

Keep reading to learn more about how to start your own business and become a successful entrepreneur.

Relationship management

paychex recurring revenue

Another way to describe recurring revenue is relationship marketing or, as some like to say, relationship business. This term can be tricky because it implies that your company profits off of others’ spending habits, which isn't always the case!

Recurring revenue models are typically one-to-one relationships; you work with one customer at a time, but your employer doesn’t disappear after the sale. Because there's an understanding between you and this specific individual, there is more opportunity to build long-term trust and credibility.

With every purchase, these individuals place their faith in you by giving you their money. In turn, you prove yourself by delivering quality products and services and fostering a dependable environment.

This article will discuss how technology makes it easier to maintain recurring relationships, and why this is important for small businesses.

Pricing your product or service

paychex recurring revenue

As we mentioned before, the second way to make money with Amazon is through its affiliate program. This is an excellent source of income for anyone who loves shopping! By offering products that you would like to buy, you get paid a small commission (usually around 2-5% depending on the product) every time someone purchases the item from the seller by your referral.

Most online sellers offer their affiliates a sales platform where they can manage all of their accounts. This includes things such as creating an account to purchase items yourself, setting up payment methods, etc. Some even let you create an affiliate store so you can start selling immediately without having to go via another site’s system first.

There are several great sites that can help you run your Amazon business effectively, some free and others that cost a little bit to keep track of everything. The best way to find one that works for you is by doing a quick Google search or reading reviews on them.

Marketing your product or service

paychex recurring revenue

A successful entrepreneur is someone who knows how to market their products and services. They know what tools work for them, so they use those tools to promote their business.

For example, an entrepreneur may research digital marketing strategies and put time into developing his or her own website. They then spend time actively promoting that site by using social media, sharing blogs, and hosting giveaways.

By investing in these promotional activities, the entrepreneurs will get more traffic to their site, which could lead to more sales.

Marketing does not stop after you launch your business either. You must continually invest in promotions every day, even if it’s just for five minutes. This constant investment will help you keep up with the pace of the marketplace.

Designing your website

paychex recurring revenue

After you have designed your site, it is time to launch! While most online shops start with an empty cart or shopping basket, this does not apply for business owners. Starting from scratch can be quite cost-consuming as you need to create a store, pick products, design your shop, and connect all of these pieces.

Most entrepreneurs begin by buying a domain name, then installing an ecommerce platform like Shopify that allows them to upload their own product pages and manage their sales. Some even hire freelancers or professionals to help design their sites due to limited web development experience.

The key thing to remember when launching your site is to go slow. You do not need to put up expensive decorations and graphics immediately, so hold off until you are sure everything works well. Check out some successful stores’s websites to get inspiration and learn how they built theirs.

Identifying your target market

paychex recurring revenue

A key part of creating recurring revenue is knowing who you aim to serve with your service or product. Who are your ideal customers? What types of services do most of these people need?

For example, someone running their own business probably doesn’t need an accounting software system that offers free trial accounts, since they already have one. They might also not need paid online courses because they can learn how to do things remotely by searching YouTube.

But if you had a service that allowed its users to create and run surveys via website visits, then this information would be extremely helpful for them in their job.

Creating a promotional plan

paychex recurring revenue

A promotional plan is an ongoing campaign or series of activities to promote your product or service. It typically includes creating content to share about your product, recruiting others to spread the word for you, and generating revenue through advertising or giving away products to showcase your product.

By having recurring income sources, you have a way to keep producing content and sharing tips even when there are no extra funds coming in.

This helps you stay consistent while still offering valuable information that your followers want to read!

Running a promotional campaign takes time and effort but will eventually pay off as it creates continuous flow of traffic and sales for your business.

You will need to think about what types of content to create and how to advertise your product or service, but this doesn’t mean you can’t focus more on the other parts of your promotion.

Interpersonal relationships are one of the most powerful tools we have as humans. By adding value to those around us, they will help market your product for you.

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