Peet's Coffee Brews Up Bold New Marketing Campaign with Mischief Agency

## Peet's Coffee Gets a Fresh Cup of Marketing Tactics

There's a latte going on in Peet’s Coffee Camp as they recently brewed a flavorful, high-octane marketing campaign that introduces its latest brand vision, “Coffee for Coffee People,” and trust me, it's brewing up some real goodness! This little fruity nugget of news was served fresh to us here at Marketing Dive.

Peet’s new marketer-in-chief is Mischief @ No Fixed Address, and this cheeky, creative agency is perking up the brand's marketing efforts with a grande concoction of six spots, some robust social media elements, and pre-grounded digital bits. They're even spicing up the beans with some outdoor advertisements in key markets.

Wake up and smell the java — Peet's has also entrusted its media agency needs to No Fixed Address Media, sparking excitement as it sets forth on its largest ever marketing push.

## Why the Buzz Over These Beans, Anyway?

Well, as your neighborhood marketing guru, I'd love to fill you in! Peet's new campaign gives a full-bodied aroma, focusing squarely on coffee in its purest form — a refreshing step away from blended and foamy inventions that coffee houses typically parade.

One of the ads hilariously mocks drink orders like "one non-fat, extra dry cinnamon triple-cherry chai latte with sweet persimmon fizzer, hold the foam," and instead emphasizes the brand's commitment to quality, authentic coffee

Peet's brand executive brewmaster, Jessica Buttimer, delivered a steaming statement proclaiming that many companies seem to have forgotten the essence of the bean: pure, quality coffee. It's time for Peet's to remind everyone, and that's just what they intend to do.

Interestingly, a study by Peet's found that Americans gulp down an average of 3.3 cups of coffee daily—often consuming more coffee than water! Among coffee gurglers, almost 75% admit that having a cup of joe is the highlight of their day, with nearly 90% being able to distinguish good coffee from the bad. It seems we have a nation of self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs!

The campaign also boasts placements in markets such as San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, with paid digital elements across major platforms like Hulu, Amazon, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and Spotify.

## What's Brewing at

Like Peet's, knows how to heat up a good marketing campaign. However, our cup is filled with a top-notch blend made of artificial intelligence and automation, designed to brew revolutionary marketing tactics.

How does that aroma waft into the Peet's campaign? Well, we specialize in locating high-potential yet low-competition keywords related to our clients' niches. With our help, Peet's could target those self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs, utilizing powerful long-tail keywords and content that satisfies their search for the perfect blend—naturally leading them to Peet's "Coffee for Coffee People."

Our AI does more than just generate keyword-rich textual content: it can suggest engaging headings, helpful visuals and graphics, popular video content, and more—making the content experience enjoyable as savoring that perfect cup of joe!

In addition to top-tier keyword analysis, our Autopilot feature lightens the load for busy marketers, fully automating the content marketing process, giving them more time to enjoy their Peet's brew, I suppose.

As the marketing landscape evolves, I predict a future where digital marketing incorporates more AI and automation—betting my last coffee bean on it. Companies like will be filling cups with quality, results-oriented content, while brands like Peet's continue serving us our daily java fix. Just remember: No matter how our tastes may differ, we can all appreciate a good brew. Whether it’s a hearty cup of marketing strategy or a richly aromatic mug of Peet’s Coffee—there's a blend for everyone!

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Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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