Personalization and AI: How Mailchimp's 'Clustomer' Campaign Reimagines Marketing Strategy

## Turn Clustomers into Customers with Personalization

Just picture one enormous, tangled ball of humanity all clamoring for your product at once - a daunting sight, isn't it? That's pretty much what customers look like from a marketer's perspective when businesses fail to apply personalization in their marketing strategy. So let’s dive into the marketing leap onto personalization taken by Mailchimp's in-house agency Wink Creative.

Customers want to feel heard and not just another dollar sign in the business fast lane. By providing a personalized experience, businesses can spark not just transactions but also an emotional connection, elevating customers from mere cogs in a brand wheel to valued participants in its journey. Consequently, this results in increased customer loyalty, repeated business, and improved brand reputation.

But, without the right tools, many businesses grapple with applying this personalization, ending up spamming their customer base instead. Mailchimp acknowledges this conundrum and launched a recent campaign, hand-crafted by Wink Creative, titled "Turn Clustomers into Customers".

## Meet 'The Clustomer'

This campaign introduces the concept of 'Clustomer': a cluster of diverse people bunched together as one entity. Through personalized emails, each person separates from this collective, converting back to an individual entity, highlighting how Mailchimp allows businesses to scale personalization, irrespective of whether their customer base is 10 or 10,000 strong.

Wink Creative harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to conceptualize this 'Clustomer', journeying down the AI rabbit hole to identify a visually impactful representation of a customer.

## AI Embellished Human Element

While AI took center stage in marketing discourse across 2021, Wink Creative emphasized that the human element is still a vital cog in the wheel. Automated systems are not designed to replace human roles entirely and still require human assistance in tasks: identifying various customer emotional states, writing dialogues, and setting scenarios for social media clips.

The outcome of this blend of AI and human creativity was evident in the Clustomer itself, a complex concoction of traditional actors and contortionists. The shoot resulted in not just a successful campaign but also meaningful connections between cast members, demonstrating the human touch in marketing.

## Home Advantage

Wink Creative, established in 2020 as Mailchimp's in-house agency and named Ad Age's in-house agency of the year, distinctly attributes their success to a closer understanding of the product. Insiders' knowledge and casual, inclusive conversations amongst colleagues, minimized misunderstandings common in traditional agency-client relationships.

## Connecting the Dots with

Throwing back to the Clustomer: All businesses strive to streamline and simplify their marketing process without compromising personalization. Here's where plays a crucial role. Its advanced AI technology can totally revolutionize your content marketing strategies, targeting high-value, low competition keywords in your specific niche. With robust SEO content and our Autopilot technology, watch your online traffic multiply.

In short, is like your personalized, tech-savvy marketing assistant, handling the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business.

## A Crystal Ball into the Future

Personalization and AI are crafting the future of digital marketing. Soon, every Clustomer will split into individual customers, each experiencing a masterfully personalized journey with businesses that get it right. In this evolving marketing landscape, intelligent tools like are your ticket to staying ahead of the curve.

Want to experience this marketing evolution first-hand? Board the ship and watch your business sail towards unparalleled growth.

About The Author

Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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