Robotics Marketing Strategy

Robotics has become a popular field in recent years, with many new professionals and career seekers entering the market each year.

With robotics companies booming, marketing strategies for robotics are becoming more important. Companies are demanding more sophisticated marketing strategies to promote their products.

Marketing robots is no easy task, however. Companies need to invest significant funds into creative campaigns and initiatives that expose their product to the right audiences.

Given the complexity of marketing robots, there are several different ways to market your robot product. Some cost less than others, some are more effective than others, but all can be effective if done properly.

Create marketing campaigns

robotics marketing strategy

Whilst marketing campaigns for traditional businesses are usually centered around creating brand awareness and sales, marketing campaigns for robotics companies should also emphasize education.

People are curious about robotics and what it can do, so use that to your company’s advantage! Make sure to include examples of how your product works and how people can use it.

Put out blog posts about new technologies used in production or applications of the device. Create videos showing how it works or how to use it. Give people a reason to look up your company and invest in it.

Marketing campaigns for robotics should also focus on targeting several audiences. Depending on the purpose or application of the robot, some people may be more interested than others. Make sure to target all of these groups to increase awareness and interest.

Promoting your robot early on can also help with promoting your company- if people know about the robot, they may go and look at other products you offer.

Select promotional products

robotics marketing strategy

Now that you have decided to use promotional products in your robotics marketing strategy, you will need to pick some!

The first step is to decide what type of product you want to give away. If your group provides a service such as educating about robotics or teaching how to code, then a sturdy case or bag would be an appropriate gift.

If your group manufactures robots, then a custom-made pen with your company name or logo and your robot model name would make a great giveaway. For both types of groups, printed t-shirts could also be used as giveaways.

Your group can also provide little goodies such as pens, pencils, keychains, or magnets. These are inexpensive and can still have an effect on your audience.

If you are looking for more stealthy ways to promote your group, then giving away tees with hidden messages or giving away cases for phones that double as protective gear is an option.

Determine target markets

robotics marketing strategy

Once you’ve decided to enter the robotics field, you’ll need to decide which type of robotics you want to focus on.

If you want to work with robotics software, then you’ll need to find jobs where you can program different types of robots. If you want to work with robotic hardware, then you’ll need to find jobs where you can assemble robots or repair them.

Since robots are being used in so many different industries, your target market is wide. You can market yourself to industrial companies, retailers, or other businesses that may use robotics.

Industrial companies typically pay high wages, so if you are a robot engineer who specializes in industrial robotics, then you will likely earn a good salary. Retailers may not pay as much, but the potential for advancement and raises is higher.

To further market yourself as a professional robot engineer, try getting more education through online courses or by pursuing degrees at the college level.

Create a website

robotics marketing strategy

A crucial part of marketing your robotics business is to have a website. A website showcases your business, your products or services, and how people can get in touch with you.

Having a website is also important due to the growth of search engines. More and more people are searching online rather than using newspaper ads or word of mouth.

Since search engines like Google are free, it is easy to add a site listing. By having a website with good content, you will gain traffic from search engines which will lead to sales or contacts.

With so many free website builders available, there is no excuse for not having one. Some options include,, and InvisionFree.

Incorporate robots into marketing campaigns

robotics marketing strategy

A smart marketing strategy for companies looking to invest in robotics is to integrate robots into their existing marketing strategies.

By doing so, companies can promote their products and services while developing new opportunities. For example, a car company could use a robot to demonstrate the safety features of its next model.

Companies can use social media ads, demonstrations at events and expos, and online advertising to spread the word about their new robot. By promoting the robot as a feature of its product or service, companies can gain new followers and fans.

Startups that create robots can also use demonstrators at events or expos to draw attention to their products. By incorporating robotics into marketing strategies, startups can boost awareness of their brand and attract new customers.

Offer discounts or coupons

robotics marketing strategy

One of the best ways to promote your robotics marketing strategy is to offer coupons and discounts. You can create coupons for your business or offer discounts on your services.

People love saving money and using coupons. They feel like they got something for free, which makes them feel good and obligated to return the favor by returning to your business or referring others to you.

Offering discounts on services can be done in exchange for referrals. If someone comes to you for a service and likes what they get, then they will most likely return or refer others due to the fact that they liked what they received.

Giving people things for free makes them feel good, and they may tell others about the good experience they had at your business. This will spread the word of mouth advertising and increase traffic on your website or at your place of business.

Distribute advertising materials

robotics marketing strategy

One way to introduce people to your robot is to distribute advertising materials about it. You can do this by making stickers and putting them on the robot, giving people cards with information, or creating a website for the robot with info.

By placing these in places where people can learn about new technologies or robotics, you are spreading the knowledge of your creation. You can also put these materials out at events related to technology or robotics where people can learn more about your creation.

Putting up signs at shows or events where your robot will be performing also helps draw in crowds and spectators who may learn more about it.

Using social media is also a good way to spread the word about your robot. Making posts that show off features or performances may get friends and family interested in coming out to see it. It may even attract new members for the club that own robots so they can come out and play with yours.

Host events with celebrities or experts

robotics marketing strategy

Celebrities and expert influencers in your sector are great people to network with. Not only do they bring audience attention, but they also add value to your business.

By bringing them into your business, they can try out your products or services and promote them to their audience, bringing you sales.

They can also share their experience with your business on social media, further promoting your brand. By hosting events at your place of business, more people will find out about you and come through the door.

By giving celebrities and influencers free rein to use the facility or service, they will likely post about it on social media, reinforcing the brand recognition of your company.

Celebrities have a large following so inviting them to events is an effective way to gain exposure for your organization. Giving them an opportunity to share what they enjoyed about your organization or product may also result in more exposure.

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