Samsonite Harnesses Power of Nostalgia in New 'Travel Like Your Parents' Campaign

In a world that seems to be spinning faster with each passing day, it's no surprise that nostalgia is rapidly becoming a powerful tool for marketers. It turns out, we're all suckers for the good old days, hence the rise of marketing campaigns capitalizing on our fondness for yesterday. Enter: "Travel Like Your Parents", a summer campaign from luggage brand Samsonite that's hitting all the right nostalgic chords.

Impeccably crafted in collaboration with global advertising agency Iris, this campaign twines the thread of nostalgia through the loom of summer travel. One of the campaign's highlights is a 30-second hero spot featuring a young woman coming across an old Polaroid snapshot of her parents’ travel adventure, tucked inside a classic Samsonite luggage piece. Ah, the crispy crinkling sound of Polaroids – a soothing lullaby to the ears of yesteryears.

Drawing inspiration from the line - "Around and around and back home again, to a place where we know we are loved," from Don Draper's iconic 'Carousel' pitch in "Mad Men," this campaign seeks to let us travel through time, like a child travels, back home to where we know we are loved.

Samsonite, armed with a stellar team and an impressive marketing strategy, has put in meticulous effort for this campaign, deploying first-party data, secondary, and qualitative research to bring the campaign to life. The aim? Connecting with their consumer base and making their 113-year legacy relevant to today’s travelers.

"We [wanted to] reposition our relevance within the marketplace, modernize the retro feel of our brand, and tell original travel stories," explained Nicole Adriance, Senior Director of Brand Marketing at Samsonite. As for my two cents? I raise my glass to this savvy move.

However, this isn't just about romanticizing the past. It's about looking at the future through the lens of the past, hence bringing forth a strategic platform, "Travel Back to Now". Samsonite delves into the trend of nostalgia travel, where consumers seek to experience simpler, distraction-free times.

Now, how does this 113-year-old legacy align with the digital marketing industry and, specifically, with Brace yourselves for some time-traveling of our own.

At, we stand at the crossroads of past, present, and future marketing strategies. Our AI-led digital marketing tools, content creation, and enhanced SEO fuel are designed with a perceptive understanding of the marketing space, integrating classic marketing practices with cutting-edge tech. Nostalgia marketing, such as Samsonite’s awe-inspired campaign, sets a precedent we can learn from, reminding us to appreciate the power of emotive connections.

Looking ahead, it seems inevitable that digital marketing will become more intuitive and personalized. We'll see more technologies that understand consumer behavior on a deeper level and harness the power of the past to craft compelling narratives. And for this journey, will be your guide. After all, the secret to marketing is like a well-worn suitcase – pack well, travel light, and always remember where you came from.

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Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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